Sunday, March 06, 2016

Talkin’ Turkey, Cincy Style!

Gimme a Q-U-I-L-T!!!!

I am in Cincinnati with the Ohio Valley Quilters guild, along with many visiting friends from surrounding states and we are having an absolute ball, can you tell?

42 happy quilters all piecing away!

Yesterday’s workshop was Talkin’ Turkey from String Fling, one of my absolute favorites to teach as there are so many who have never tried their hand at string piecing before.

Or maybe they have tried it by sewing strings to muslin or other leave-in foundation only to find that their blocks were warped, or twisted, or they had bubbles they couldn’t release because of the extra fabric layer.

We spent our morning piecing strings, oh so varied!  The afternoon is focused on all of the precision piecing of the flying geese that surround our centers to turn these blocks into something really fun.

Veritable piles of strings!

Squaring, slicing and dicing!

Cutters UP, ladies!

Even the mascots got into the action!

Centers start coming together!

And then – there are WHOLE blocks!

Sisters who Quilt together, Stay together!

I am often asked if the traveling to teach ever gets to me because it seems so grueling.  But let me tell you, what you see in this picture is what it is ALL about.  Quilting is much more about relationships than it is about the fabric or the machines or the finished quilt itself.  And when I can be here to witness the relationships between quilters who come class, be they friends, mothers & daughters, or sisters..my heart just swells. 

I get to be here.  I get to meet new people all the time.  My life is so enriched by these wonderful women and men I meet along the way.  The travel part can be a bit tiring, but when I surround myself with this kind of love, I am so grateful to participate this way! 

Aren’t these two cute?  20 years between them in age, but they as close as two sisters can get and how wonderful to share this passion together!  Loved meeting you girls!

Show us your stuff, Ladies!

Turkeys UP!

Thank you for an AWESOME Day!

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Talkin' Turkey, Cincinnati, OH 2016


Last night’s stitching!

Sherry, Irene and I unwound at the end of our busy day with our trio of machines piecing away while watching and singing along to MAMA MIA! Oh how fun ---what a great feel good movie!  I was able to add another row of tumbler pieces to the section I brought with me while working on it between other things.


Irene, getting her Talkin’ Turkey blocks sewn into rows!


Quiltville Quote of the Day

Nothing will ever change if we keep focusing on our problems. Look for brand new opportunities, they are around every corner!

Vintage trip around the world quilt found in Louisville, Kentucky.

I’m off for a repeat day of 42 students with at Cathedral Stars workshop!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. I watched "Mama Mia" last weekend and I've been humming all the tunes since then. So much fun! it is one of the movies my sister's and I love to watch together. I'm enjoying your daily quotations and continue working, bit by bit, on Allietare.

  2. I,'m always happy and singing along when Mama Mia comes up on my playlist. Haven't seen the movie in a few years, probably should add it to my Netflix liist.

  3. DH, the kids and I just cleaned the house this Saturday while blasting a Pandora Mama Mia/ABBA station. Lots of fun and dancing may have happened.

  4. So fun being in class with you and learning new techniques and tips. I always come away with so much after attending a class. Looking forward to more fun with everyone tomorrow morning.

  5. Anonymous6:24 AM EST

    hope you had a chance to have some chili. My favorite was GoldStar all the way.

  6. Irene is a real Quiltvillian! She follows you to lots of places. I tested the Talking Turkey block back when it was in QM's 100 Blocks. Have fun. Wish I was going to Chicago this year again. I loved going last year. The Iron Quilter Challenge would be fun with you in it!


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