Monday, October 24, 2011

Workshop Day in Albuquerque!

Of course I had to spell out Albuquerque just because I love spelling that word!'

Yesterday was our Oklahoma Backroads workshop with the New Mexico Quilting Association ---and we had a full class!

It was a full day of digging in the scraps, playing with value and color placement and trying new things. Push the color boundaries, go for the clash, enlarge the comfort zone, and dare to admit what the ugliest piece in your scraps is…..hold it up….and tell us what it is from, and why it is still IN your stash! And then SEW it into something!

It was amazing to see how one person’s ugly was NOT deemed ugly by the person sitting next to them, and the stories of the fabrics were so varied.

One quilter was gifted a scrap bag of mostly tropical/island type fabrics and batiks by a friend and was being challenged to use them.

Another quilter was making a commissioned quilt for a friend who had lost her husband….the quilt was being made from his clothes and included everything from denim to plaid to stripes, and even solids. A true memory maker!

Some quilters found that what they THOUGHT they liked as their palette just paled in comparison when they left the more “clashy” fabrics out, and they were bound and determined to go back to the stash when they got home and throw some more wild things back IN to their quilts to give them more life!

There was something to learn for everyone….even me! It was great to get to know these ladies, who they are, how long they’ve lived here, how long they’ve been quilting, what they do for a living, and how they have made New Mexico their home.

albuquerqueNM_2011 111

Our room was great, though we were close quarters, everyone had ample space and we had terrific daylight from the bank of windows in the back. I kinda liked the semi-circle set up, it made me feel like I could get around to everyone as needed!

albuquerqueNM_2011 117

I took pictures from both ends of the room hoping to get everyone in here at some point!

Take a stroll through the pictures in the slide show below. You can’t really see the color and detail just by the thumbnail photos alone!

I’m off to spend the day in Santa Fe, but I”ll be back in Albuquerque by evening for an evening lecture/trunkshow here…..I hope to get LOTS Of pics!!


  1. I love NM. Wish I was there with you!!


  2. Make sure to see the Loredo (spelling) chapel with its wonderful staircase...and you may find an "I was here" at the St. Francious Hotel which had wonderful desserts....

  3. The semi circle tables seems to work really well.

  4. Just want to say thank you for posting the workshop pics. I always enjoy those and learn so much from seeing what others have put together. Like what you said about adding some bright, crazy fabrics that you don't otherwise care for and how that adds so much to your blocks. Looking at blocks others have put together I can see what I really like (and want to try) and what is "pretty" but less exciting. I also love to see what kind of machines everyone uses, especially when they are older machines (not just featherweights but also 70s/80s vintage).Needless to say, I enjoy your blog!

  5. I just love seeing other peoples scraps and all the combinations of colors that they come up with. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gee, too bad you can't fill a room, Bonnie! ;)
    The class samples are wonderfully vibrant; well done, teacher! I love spelling Albuquerque too!

  7. Just looks like a boatload of fun--no wait, that would be one of your workshops on a cruise. Well, this looks like a bunch of fun, too. I love seeing all of the different fabric combos in the quilts. Inspiring.

  8. they all sparkle - so pretty!

  9. Anonymous4:12 PM EDT

    I love looking @ everyone's blocks and spotting fabrics that I have in my own stash. What fun!

    Sherri in AZ

  10. Anonymous4:31 PM EDT

    Only one more week of torture by Bonnie everyone. Then we get to pick fabrics for the mystery, then more waiting!

  11. Love all of the pictures!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  12. I SO wanted to make the trip up for this, but a 3+ hours drive, a MIL with a bad case of kidney stones so I went to help, and DH needing me on the ranch, it just didn't work out this time. Looks like everyone is well on their way to making amazing quilts!


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