Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quiltmaker Magazine’s Goings-On!

Just a heads up post for things to look for!

First off…The November/December issue of Quiltmaker is OUT! It’s a great issue with gorgeous quilts!

Click HERE to get a preview of what you will find in the issue….I am in LOVE with the red feathered “Infinite Stars” quilt! Definitely a must-do on my Quilt-Bucket-List!

I’ve also got a really FUN Addicted To Scraps block in there for you!

QMNov_Dec2011 mothinthwindow_200

I call this block “Moth in the Window” and it is GREAT made with scraps from your recycled shirts, plaids, stripes, etc! Grab those pre-cut strip bins, your easy angle ruler, and get to piecing!

Quiltmaker has drawn up this layout inspiration for you as well:


((I tried to biggie-size it, but it got blurry…but I think you can get the idea here!)) I love the 4 patch cornerstones….those could all be made from your leaders and enders while you are piecing the blocks!

And that’s not ALL that is going on!


The next edition of 100 blocks by 100 designers is about to be released! Check out the link for some sneak previews and more information! This is Volume 4, and is the 3rd issue I’ve had a block in, and all the issues have been great. If you’ve missed any of the previous issues, they can be ordered here.

My block even made the COVER! Woot! Can you guess which one it is? Look close!

I will be participating on the blog tour, which runs November 7 – 11!

This means there will be a GIVEAWAY here on MY blog! And the fun part is --- it takes place while I am at sea on the cruise with Pat Sloan and 55 or so other quilters! ((My guess is those 55 people will be too busy and without net access to leave a comment and enter, so your chances of winning just went up a few notches.. ;c) ))

Just be watching for more info…I’ll keep you clued in, and just like last cruise, stuff will be written ahead of time ready to auto-post so you won’t miss a thing!


  1. These issues all looks so great! Can't wait to get my copy! I'm guessing your block of the 100 is the top right hand corner....scrappy with lots of cheddar and red, right!?! Or maybe it's the bottom right strings block? Hmmmmmm. Do tell!

  2. I just got my quilt maker in the mail today haven't even cracked it open yet

  3. Looks like a great issue. Love that 'stringy' block in the bottom, right corner.

  4. ok, I just gotta say - that the cover photo... you block on there lines up nearly side by side with your facebook gidget on the right hand side bar... you know your last year's 100 blocks as your fb quiltville profile pic... and I gotta say that these two blocks look like sisters! :) could be used in the same finished quilt! :)

    la,la,love your block Bonnie - as I do all of your stuff. Scrappy is right up my alley and that's why I'm forever your fan! ...and forever your namesake too :P

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

  5. I like the little Moth in the Window block!

  6. can't wait to get my copies! we are already started on testing for the next one.

  7. I think your block is on the row above the bottom row.. it is too small for me to really see the colors well, but it is 3rd from the right?????

  8. Anonymous9:14 PM EDT

    I think your block, Bonnie, is the one with green in the left row, bottom, next to Camille...through And More. My other guesses would be the upper right corner with the cheddar and the string.

    How fun is that?!

    I like the moth block, too.

    Sandi (sandhill57 at sbcglobal dot net)

  9. My guess is that your block is the bottom right, the one that looks like your Virginia Bound block from your first book. Am I right?

  10. Congrats on making the cover! Lots of fun blocks on there--but I'm guessing the string pieced one on the lower right. Those pinks and browns seem like leftovers you corraled into this beauty!


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