Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hike to the Beach!

Monday was a bit of a reprieve with some time to do some sight seeing and some sewing during the day hours as I didn’t have to meet up with the guild board until 4:45 so we could grab a bite to eat and run on over to set up before the evening guild meeting started.

Almost a WHOLE day for ME!!

I woke up, spent a few hours cutting, kitting and sewing, and around 11am found that my mind was wandering --- it was GORGEOUS outside and the trails were beckoning!

My hostess, Julia, had explained to me that if I go right back out through their back yard, take a left..follow the pipeline area….it joins to the trails of Calvert Cliffs State Park!

A State Park right in your back yard?! WONDERFUL! And the trails in this park go all the way to the Chesapeake Bay! EVEN BETTER!

I pulled on shorts and a tshirt and my running shoes. Julia followed me out onto the back deck and sprayed me down heavily ((cough cough!!)) with bug spray, and pointed my way through the trees, being sure to tell me which landmarks to look for so I could find my way back to the house.

MD_Oct2011 054

I set out on the trail, my ear buds plugged into my ears and my ipod playing something peppy to quicken my step and get my heart rate elevated. ((Yes, the previous night’s feast of crab and everything-else-under-the-sun-deep-fried was telling me I need to BURN some calories!)) Isn’t the sun dappled forest floor so pretty?

MD_Oct2011 073

And look! My first VISUAL clue that Autumn is REALLY here. From the rest of the trees you really can’t see it yet…..but look at those reds! BEAUTIFUL!

MD_Oct2011 058

I found myself following trails up and down hills, over little wooden bridges and walkways, crossing streams and rivulets, just listening to the birds and the sounds of small “plops” from frogs jumping into the water as I passed. This pond was FULL of lily pads!

MD_Oct2011 060

A wooden board walk took me past the really mushy marshy area…..this must mean I am getting closer to the beach! I can “ALMOST” smell that sea air!

MD_Oct2011 061

And there it is….I can see water just over the crest of the trail ahead! I’d reached it! It was close to 2 miles from Julia’s house at this point….

MD_Oct2011 062

And there it is! The beautiful Chesapeake Bay! Hurricane Irene had quite an impact on this area, causing lots of downed and uprooted trees and severe land erosion.

MD_Oct2011 064

This was as close as I could get to the Calvert Cliffs --- they are all taped off as a danger zone, lots of roots from trees are visible along the top ledge, the land from waves just washed right out from under them….click the photo to enlarge to see better.

MD_Oct2011 071

I wasn’t the only one enjoying the beautiful October day! As I walke3d farther down the beach I turned to take this picture of folks just enjoying the day also. Love those horse tail clouds in the background! Can you feel the sunshine? It just might be the LAST of Indian Summer we get around here!

MD_Oct2011 067

I love to watch the waves lap at the shore!

MD_Oct2011 063

There was a family with young sons just a digging away in the rocks and shells at the edge of the waves, and they were whooping after finding some “treasure.” I had to be nosey and go see what all the fuss was about!

MD_Oct2011 070

The father and sons had been digging for sharks teeth --- and they found some! What an awesome treasure hunt to be on with the day so beautiful. Get AWAY from the TV and computer games and enjoy some nature….they’ll go home with quite a tale to tell!

MD_Oct2011 066

I still had another 2 miles to hike back to Julia’s house, but I was reluctant to turn my back on this beautiful remote little beach and walk away from it. I just wanted to stay there and stop time. I hope I get a chance to make this hike again!

On my way back, I caught a glimpse of a tree root in a sunny spot on the trail…..but wait! That is no root! It started moving! It was a fairly LONG black snake ---I’m not crazy about snakes, but this one was harmless…and headed AWAY from me ((Which was a good thing.)) It was off and into the brush before I could even get my camera out of my pocket. Just as well, little snake! I’m sure it was enjoying the last hint of warm weather before it hibernates under ground too!

This little jaunt took less than 2 hours of my time. It took my joy meter from empty to full, just that fast! Next time you have some time….get out there. Visit a park, a stream, a beach, a pond, ANYWHERE. Get out and notice changes in your own neighborhood…what a beautiful world we live in!

As this posts, I’m on a plane to Portland, Maine! I’m teaching at a retreat in Rangeley, and I have no idea what my connectivity will be while there. I’ll try to keep you updated, but if this blog is quiet for a few days, you’ll know why!


  1. Fun, fun, fun! I am enjoying the hike vicariously through you :-) What a lovely day for you. I'm glad you got some cutting and kitting in, as well as your lovely hike. Enjoy Maine. I'm sure you will find some more seafood while you are there :-P

  2. Ah Bonnie! You inspire me, you really do!!!! I feel as if I've had a wonderfully relaxing visit to the beach this morning - thanks!!!

  3. Oh, what a feast for the soul!

  4. Bonnie I have so enjoyed your recounting of this trip! I have jars of little shark teeth collected from that very place. I have wonderful childhood memories of being there with my family and my Pop-pop and Grandma Willie! I'm glad you are having such a marvelous time in places that have meant so much to me!! :)

  5. I never thought to look for shark's teeth....we always search for sea glass! When we lived in Massachusetts, the beaches were loaded with it....we always had full pockets on our morning walks on the beach!

  6. Those cliffs are loaded with fossils. After a storm is the bet time to "hunt" for them! I have a couple of sharks teeth from a trip down there...didn't you see the tree with my name carved on it?!

  7. Nice walk! I know first hand what it is like t live with national land in your backyard... In Georgia our house backs up to Kennesaw National Battlefield Park and in the summer we 'migrate' as my son puts it to a cabin on land in the Pike National Forest. It is excellent for walking and hiking! Sounds like you had a great place to stay.


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