Saturday, October 29, 2011

Star Struck in Santa Fe!

I had a great day yesterday with son Jason --- and our big adventure to IKEA! I’m not sure HOW we made it out of there in one piece…….but then actually, our purchases were in several pieces….what an experience to go to the furniture pick up department with a list and pick up 5 legs here, a desk top here, a frame there, an end cap here…..all in flat boxes!

He took it all back to his apartment yesterday afternoon and I can tell he could hardly wait to get it all put together and set up….he started texting pics of his new desk and how he has now turned his humble little dining nook area into a workable office space for school-studying. So PROUD of him for taking this tough step at life.

A little picture came along and I posted it to him as well….I think it is SO important to look at things with KINDSIGHT!


I love that last line! Instead of slapping your forehead and asking..”What was I thinking?” Breathe and ask yourself the kinder question: “WHAT WAS I LEARNING?”

And every day --- EVERY DAY--- is full of such little lessons, isn’t it? I am learning courage through watching my nearly 28 yr old son start life anew out on his own. Focusing on school. Keeping a job. Holding it together. In the midst of a huge heartbreak and a life change.

And with all this going on, I didn’t even get a chance to go through my Tuesday Star Struck Class photos with the Santa Fe guild! I did that this morning, and oh, we did have SUCH a great time. The picture you see at the TOP of this post, is the red sky in the morning --which brought to mind that old saying of "Red Sky in the morning, sailor take warning!" We had a bit of rain on Tuesday, and boy doesn't the desert smell good after a rain!

This was one of the NICEST facilities for a workshop I’ve had--- Large and roomy, plenty of space to move around, and full kitchen facilities --- It’s the Santa Fe Woman’s Club! And what’s even neater, when I went to link the club into this post…one of the pictures is of someone displaying and talking about a beautiful quilt! YAY!

NewMexico_Oct2011 159

I am in love with the deep southwest colors…the reds, oranges, blacks, turquoise, purples, greens…look at this great rug displayed on the wall!

The Santa Fe guild is SO SO busy with Quilts of Valor – and it touches my heart so deeply! Several ladies were working on quilts of valor projects as their class projects…..there will be a whole LOTTA Star Struck QOVs in the future---

We had our lunch delivered from a local deli! Have you ever heard of a New Mexico BLT?! Well, think of a wonderful BLT…with enough bacon for FOUR BLTs! And then add avocado to it! I think it also had pepper jack cheese…whatever….I was in heaven, but I think I had more than a month’s worth of bacon on that one sandwich, and it sure was GOOD!

NewMexico_Oct2011 147

I want to express my thanks to the quilters of Santa Fe, for their warm welcome, their generous spirits and for inviting me to come spend this wonderful time with them!

Today? Lisa and Shelby are coming over!! Woot! I told her last night I was pretty much basement-bound getting the kits finished up for the Cruise this week ((We leave for Baltimore on WEDNESDAY!??! HOLY COW!!)) but she is going to come keep me company and work on stuff while I work on stuff. That’s a true friend!

Leftover chicken soup is going back in the crock pot for our lunch…..it’s a sew day in the Basment! Boy, is it good to be HOME! ((For a little while at least!))


  1. Love that Indian rug on the wall.....a row of hexies....Yay!

  2. I'm so glad that you got to spend some quality time with your son, and that he is doing OK and moving on with life. It is hard to watch those we love go through painful situations, but we all get through it eventually.

    Enjoy time with your friend while getting ready for next week...what fun you will have!

  3. So glad that you had a great time with Jason! I'm sure that being with you helped him tremendously!

    Have fun working on those kits for the cruise! I'm counting down the days to the release of the fabric for the new mystery!! 2.5 days to go....are you sure you don't want to give it to us just a little early? VBG!!!

  4. Nothing better than working on sewing/quilt-y stuff in the basement with a good friend! Esp on a cold dreary day...

    I'm glad your son is looking forward and I'm sure his time with you made a big difference.

  5. Thank you for all of your wonderful slideshows of the various workshops. They are such a delight; I always feel privileged to see everybody's colors and fabrics, and when I see one that I own, I squeal with happiness. Your blog is always uplifting! Thanks!

  6. Love that thought you posted to Jason. Kindsight--great term!
    Lovely Starstruck projects going on there.
    I am just getting started on a Smokey Mountain Stars quilt in red and green plaid shirts for Christmas.
    Sometimes it is nice to have someone just to work alongside you, even when you aren't doing anything "together". You and Lisa, and Shelby, have fun!!

  7. Have a great trip! So good you got to spend time with your son. As hard as it is to have to go thru the pit falls of life... there are some wonderful things to see/learn as we are digging ourselves back out again!
    Hope that your trip in a nice warm one!

  8. Sometimes we need those times with our kids. Brings our own lives back to reality!

    The star struck colors are all georgous.


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