Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Night Edition! Free Kindle Book!

So ---- This is a bit delayed because I am in Mountain Time Zone here in Albuquerque, not in Eastern Time in North Carolina, so as I post this, some of the eastie coastie folks have probably already gone to bed and may miss this!

I just got back to my hotel room after a MAHVELOUS dinner of New Mexican food…..red and green chile on the side please! I am so stuffed, I’m ditching my belt and undoing that top button the jeans!

Anyhow….just downloaded this one:

Raphaela’s Gift by Sydney Allan is free today from the Amazon Kindle store, and has received an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 4 customer reviews.

Category: Contemporary Fiction

Book Description:

One desperate father.
One determined therapist.
A very special little girl.
And the gift that will change their lives.

Dr. Garret Damiani, a master at denying his feelings, is determined to heal his daughter. When he arrives at Mountain Rise, a camp for autistic children, he is cold, distant and uncomfortable. But Garret’s self-protective tactic is difficult to maintain when he confronts Faith LeFeuvre, their art therapist. She is secretly fighting her own battle, yet when she meets Garret and his daughter, an instant and potent bond draws her to them. With steadfast determination, she sets out to heal the Damiani family and force Garret from his spiney shell…not knowing in the process she will also heal herself.

Can a love forged in the heat of a sultry summer survive the pressure of adversity and past tragedy or will it shatter into fragments?

Not sure if it is free on Nook yet, but it might be so check there. I have a friend with an autistic son and I’ve seen what she’s gone through fighting every day in raising him, so this is a story I am greatly interested in, I thought you might be too!

Tomorrow is going to be my busy day. I’m headed to Santa Fe in the morning for a morning guild meeting—That’s about an hours drive from Albuquerque --- and then headed BACK to Albuquerque for an evening guild meeting here. Busy Busy Busy! But should be great for some beautiful New Mexico scenery too!

Tuesday I’m back up to Santa Fe for a workshop there, and Wednesday..it’s pack it all up and head back home again! It’s my LAST guild teaching gig of the year! This year has flown SO fast, hasn’t it?

And then…it’s count down to cruise time! YEAH BABY!!


  1. Thanks, Bonnie. Free for Nook tonite.

    Isn't New Mexico the most beautiful place????


  2. Bonnie - I'm considering ordering the Kindle Fire for my xmas present - any thoughts about how you like the Kindle???

  3. Well, I am in the same time zone with you for a change, at least! Wish I was there for all the fun. Safe travels!!

  4. Better Take it easy..so bronchitis won't reappear! Take lots of pictures and have fun!


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