Friday, October 14, 2011

Threads Galore & Quilt Inn!

I’m in love!

I’m in love with this whole area and the adorable quilt shop and retreat house that Carol and Dan have so lovingly and painstakingly put together in this idyllic setting in the mountains of Maine.

Who says that a little town of 1200 is too small for a fabulous quilt shop?

The picture to the left is what you see when you drive up this picturesque tree-lined street just dotted with vintage homes spilling over with New England charm!

Carol and Dan’s shop is part of their home. And Homey is the perfect adjective to describe it. But don’t let the “small town” part fool you! This is a very well stocked quilt shop with gorgeous fabrics, lots of notions, and OH the sample quilts!

We pulled in a bit after 5pm, and Carol explained to me that I would be staying next door at Quilt Inn, the retreat house!

A whole retreat house to myself?! Whoopie!

Maine_Oct2011 055

Carol’s house and this house were both built in the 1890s. Carol’s hubby is quite the talented contractor, and fully gutted and remodeled the retreat house into the perfect Quilting getaway for groups up to 9 people.

Maine_Oct2011 054

My first glimpse upon entering via the back porch….quilts and a treadle! I’m in heaven!

Maine_Oct2011 057

Here’s my pile of luggage in the cozy sitting room! More quilts everywhere, comfy furnishings.

Maine_Oct2011 058

Last night at dinner, Dan told the story of how the previous owner’s daughter remembers her dad collecting each stone that went into the fireplace chimney.

Maine_Oct2011 059

Off the sitting rom is a large cozy kitchen….fully loaded with everything you’d need to make yourself at home with your group! I love the tall windows and plaid curtains!

Maine_Oct2011 060

Another view shows the nice counter area for preparing group meals and taking turns at doing the dishes! This is a kitchen I would LOVE to have in my own home!

But wait until you see the sewing area!

Maine_Oct2011 062

Walls were knocked out and moved to include what was the former front porch to add to the size of the sewing room! Isn’t this awesome?! Lots of windows and great light fixtures over head mean that everyone has a perfect spot for retreating! There are lots of design walls every where for laying stuff out.

Maine_Oct2011 063

Another view. These shots were taken in the evening after dinner, so if they look grainy that is why. Isn’t this awesome? I also love the wood floors throughout the entire house, many of them original to the structure.

Maine_Oct2011 064

More design wall space, and a wonderful new cutting island..THIS I want too!

But the real cozy charm comes from the 4 bedrooms up stairs!

Maine_Oct2011 065

Staircase with original bannister --- up we go!

Maine_Oct2011 072

Quilts at every turn! This cute little vignette is at the top landing of the stairs. Love it!

Maine_Oct2011 066

I adore upstairs rooms with slanting ceilings! This is the room I chose to stay in. The blue walls are so calming! Love the bear paw quilts on the beds!

Maine_Oct2011 067

This larger room sleeps 3….and the beds are covered with Log Cabin quilts in different layouts!

Maine_Oct2011 068

Love the tall boy dresser with the round mirror --- everything is just SO inviting! Can you imagine the late night giggles as 3 quilt friends whisper late into the wee small hours in here? This is a place where fun Quilters memories are made, that’s for sure!

Maine_Oct2011 069

Yet another room with a Flying Geese theme…..Sweet dreams to be had in here!

Maine_Oct2011 070

Lovely oak dresser!

Maine_Oct2011 071

Lovely pastel 30’s quilts in the 4th bedroom for the girly girl in you! Wouldn’t you love to come “Quilt Inn” with 8 of your closest quilting buds? I’m sure Carol and Dan will take good care of all of your needs!

Yesterday around 11am we left this little perfect getaway for ANOTHER perfect getaway! Quilt Camp is held up at the lodge, and there are 20 of us spending the weekend! We’ve got two classes running, Star Struck and Texas braid, as well as a full fledged lecture and trunk show happening after lunch on one of the days while here. Knowing that quilters love to sew into the evening hours while on retreat, we are doing the trunk show mid day so we can take advantage of the natural light from the windows and leave the evenings free for sewing.

That means that *I* get to sew in the evenings too! YAY!


  1. Carol and Dan have a great set up there with the quilt shop and retreat house. What a good idea, wish I lived close by, not (lol), the winter weather there would be too much for me. It would be a fun getaway though.

  2. Oh wow, that is absolutely beautiful! I want to go on retreat, there. I wish I lived closer so I could take advantage of the beautiful setting. If I ever get nearby, I'll have to look into it!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a good time at camp!

  3. That sounds totally awesome. Going to a retreat is now on my must do list.

  4. Wow, I'd love to spend the rest of my life there, do they provide meals? ;) Do they need any live-in help?

  5. What a great retreat location!

  6. That looks like the perfect place to stay!
    I'd love to be able to retire and have a place like that!

  7. This looks like quilter heaven! Love the retreat house rooms! Don't quilts on beds just make a room?

  8. That truly looks like heaven! How beautiful :) I'm partial to those 30s girly quilts!

  9. Being a quilter is a rough life :*)

  10. WoW!! What a perfect place to go and get away from most of it all, and do what we love to do best.......... sew and quilt. And when the back or neck get sore, a great stretch and a contemplation of the view out the windows of that sewing room would fix it right quick.

  11. Now I want to move to Maine. Are Dan and Carol up for adopting me?

  12. I recognize this place as I live in Maine. It does look lovely and I have been thinking about attending a retreat there. Nice pictures!

  13. Maine in October, you lucky duck!!!! Many years ago i made this trip in October, wonderful memories. red and yellow leaves,little white churches and crisp air.very peaceful. :>)

  14. Oooh so lovely, it really looks like a step back in time with all the fun things we have today. Have fun and happy stitching.

  15. I want to BE there!!! Lovely!

  16. Anonymous5:57 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I love Rangeley, ME and Threads Galore. We have been going there for over 35 yrs as we have a "camp" down the road in Oquossoc. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that Threads Galore (a real quilt shop) had opened many years ago. Previous to that I had to buy my backing and batting at Rangeley Hardware Store--yes they carried everything back them. I remember Carol making those quilts for the Retreat house beds. There is nothing better than sitting in Rangeley on a crisp fall day and looking out over Rangeley Lake as you quilt. If you visit again, check out the Red ONion Restaurant pizza and if traveling thru Turner, ME the Chickadee Restaurant. The best fried ME shrimp and FFs around. Also lobstah stew--YUM !!! I wish I were there.
    Sherry Meyer in Chattanooga

  17. I'm thinking that would be a great place to escape the summer heat here down south...maybe an August retreat?

  18. I am drooling! That is the neatest coolest place for a retreat I've ever seen. I bet it is booked year round (weather permitting).

  19. looks completely fantastic! I would love to get there one day. With 8 of my quilty friends. LOL

  20. that is soooooo beautiful
    bonnie, wow......what a great place...I want one..lol

  21. When can I check in???? looks awesome!

  22. Looks like a wonderful place. I'll have to check it out next time I'm 'home' - next month for Thanksgiving!!

  23. Bonnie, so glad you made your first trip to Maine, especially this time of year.Welcome to my state.

    I live in Maine, near the airport you flew in to now, but my hometown is near Rangeley, I must get up to the quilt shop next time I'm in the area.

  24. What a wonderful and inspiring place to retreat!


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