Monday, October 17, 2011

Quilting and More Quilting!

What a wonderful place for a retreat!

Here we all are, on our last morning….trying to gather for a group photo! The weather was not as cooperative as it looks, it was windy and cold and we were huddled together trying to brace our smiles on while poor Dan had the job of taking pictures with 17 different cameras.

Hard to believe that after being together Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning ---filling the space up with the sounds of machines running and talking, laughing and even singing….that this wonderful space would once again revert to being completely empty.

This is a glimpse of what it looked like before the onslaught:

Maine_Oct2011 086

Look at all these great windows! Lots of natural light…..plenty of ample space for everyone to sew and visit!

Maine_Oct2011 087

20 Quilters, plus Carol and myself! Can you see where my spot was? Hint --- look for the hot magenta featherweight!


When the weather cooperates, this is the view from the back deck!

Maine_Oct2011 132

When it doesn’t, you get fog, and rain, and a whole nuther kind of beautiful! Besides, if it’s raining, there is no guilt about staying inside and sewing!

Little by little the retreaters arrived, many of them eager to see each other since they haven’t been together since the same time last year.

Maine_Oct2011 098

We started sewing at 2pm….and everyone was eager to get working on their projects!

Maine_Oct2011 099

The quilters had their choice of which quilt to make, either Star Struck, or Texas Braid…and they came with strips and pieces cut and ready to go! This was my first time teaching two classes at once, and the juggling act was a bit of a challenge, but soon all were headed in the right direction with pedal to the metal!

Maine_Oct2011 100

At 6pm we were called to the dining room for a wonderful meal! Our sewing went on into the late evening hours…but I have to confess that I was pooped out and in bed by 10:30pm each night. I have become a total wimp when it comes to burning the midnight oil. If I don’t get a decent sleep I just don’t do well the next day! So off to bed I went…

Maine_Oct2011 084

A glmpse of my cozy room! It was right off of the sewing area, and very convenient! We also used the bed as a place to lay some of the larger quilt pieces out. I pity the maid who has to get the thread bits off of that white coverlet bedspread! LOL!

Take a wander through the slide show and see what we had going on! There are over 50 photos in the album, not all of them show in the thumbnails below. I was tickled at the variations that people were coming up with, and enthralled with the mini version of the Texas Braid quilt that someone was making in 50% scale..her pieces were 1” X 2.5”!!

I’m on my way home today! We’re leaving Rangeley around 11:30am and making our way toward Portland where we will meet up with “cityquilter” Grace for a shopping spree at Mardens! I’ve never been there before, but I’ve been told it is a Maine Must See, so we will! Anything I acquire will have to be shipped home as the luggage is already at maximum weight capacity!

As fun as this has been, it’s time to get this girl HOME!!


  1. I'm glad you have enjoyed your time in Maine. Rangely is a gorgeous area, as your pictures show! Perhaps if this becomes an annual event, I can be in Maine for the next one!!

  2. You will love Mardens. I get most of my fabric there and guess what at those prices I have a lot of fabric. Glad you enjoyed Maine it is an awesome state!

  3. Anonymous8:08 AM EDT

    We had such fun with you, Bonnie and all the other quilters. Leslie and I will probably see you in VT next year, I will drag her out of the County just for that purpose. Have a good time at Marden's, we usually do. Be safe.
    Faye Bushey

  4. Anonymous8:32 AM EDT

    Oh such memories we all have and new friends we've met. The whole experience was wonderful and I shall cherish it. Thanks Bonnie, Carol, Dan and the staff at CC Inn. So organized from start to finish.

  5. Fun pictures. I haven't made either of those quilts yet. I'd love to make BOTH! The list goes on and on....

  6. lovely!! thanks for sharing!! :>)

  7. Wow! that looks like a beautiful retreat spot!

  8. How wonderful this retreat must be! Enjoy..it sure looks lovely.

  9. Oh, what a beautiful spot for a retreat. I could love it even without the fun of quilting thrown in, by why not quilt and get double the fun!
    There are some beautiful quilts coming out of this workshop--yikes--more patterns to add to the bucket list.
    I am so glad you are going to be able to meet up with Grace! She hadn't said anything on her blog--but then I haven't caught up on reading the last couple of days. Maybe it is there. Enjoy!

  10. Anonymous11:45 AM EDT

    Seeing all the pictures has helped me decide which way to go on the Texas Braid I am planning. Beautiful location and beautiful quilts. Thanks.


  11. Looks like it was a beautiful place to retreat. You get to go to the most amazing places!!! Love the pictures!

  12. Loved the slideshow - looked like it was a very productive time!

  13. Definitely want to do your Texas Braid quilt.

  14. Ohhh we love Mardens! No trip to Maine is complete without stopping there. We have our Proper Bostonians Quilt camp in Kennebunk two or three times a year. We visit Mardens in Sanford Maine before during and after camp. :-))

  15. Glad you got to visit Marden's, I haven't been to the Scarborough one, I think that is the one with the best fabric collection! Of course with you and Grace visiting yesterday not sure what's left for me to see, LOL!

    Wonderful photos of the quilt "camp"!

  16. You got some great pictures of the retreat in Maine, as usual. I have a question about the Star Struck one that is in blues, purples and greens and looks like it has black strips between each color. How is that done? It looks like stained glass and is just gorgeous!


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