Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maryland Crab Feed!

Yes, I know, it’s another foodie post!

What can I say --- I love food, and if you haven’t experienced a Maryland Crab Pickin’ there is nothing like it!


And as Carol told us, when she treated us to this delectable feast, “The dirtier your hands get, the better the crab tastes!”

The reason being is that the crabs are steamed, and then sprinkled heavily on the outside with Old Bay seasoning, so all the flavoring bits are on the shell. If you don’t dig in there and get the seasoning on your fingers, you won’t get any on the crab meat itself!

lexingtonparkmd_2011 059

One dozen crabs ready to be shared by the 6 of us! Tables covered with brown paper, and plenty of napkins near by!

lexingtonparkmd_2011 060

Other required equipment? A Bucket-O’-Mallets, and some little sharp knives!

lexingtonparkmd_2011 061

Carol showed us how to hold the crab so we could pop off the “top” of the shell and clean out the parts we didn’t want…..she made such quick work of it! And boy are those little morsels of meat tasty!

lexingtonparkmd_2011 062

Here I am, ready to give it a go! And crab picking is such a social thing….since to get enough meat to fill you, you could sit there for hours picking at little bits of meat from the legs and the claws. It’s a perfect time for great conversation and lots of laughter! And as we learned, not ONLY are you sure to get some flying bits on yourself….but on your neighbor as well!

I had to laugh at the sounds of hammering mallets coming from every corner of the restaurant….tap tap tap…POUND POUND POUND!! :cD Don’t expect a quiet meal if you are going crab picking!

lexingtonparkmd_2011 063

By the time we were done, this was all that was left! What a feast! We also shared orders of oysters, clams and shrimp. But never fear, we DID have some green vegetables too..

However, I must confess that since the green beans were breaded and fried, I'm really not sure that they count as a "good for you" green thing anymore!

I think I’m going to have to do lots of hiking this next weekend in Maine ((Weather and time permitting)) to work some of this crab fest OFF!

I'm on my way home this morning....it's a 7 hour drive! My plans are to throw everything in the laundry, pack it all up again, have dinner, get a good night's sleep and off I go to Maine early Wednesday morning!


  1. It was so nice seeing you (and your quilts) in person again. Blogs are good for keeping up on things, but the real thing is so much better. Safe travels.

  2. Anonymous7:59 AM EDT

    Sounds like a wonderful time for everyone! Travel safe, Bonnie!

  3. Oh, Bonnie! I can't stand seafood, and watching people eat it is even hard for me. With all the pictures on your post, I admit, I couldn't even read it :-) I guess living in the mid-west is right where I am supposed to be. You have to try hard to get seafood around here!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your crabfest....I'm gonna go have a hamburger!

  4. Yum! Looks and sounds fantastic!

  5. Never had crab this way. Looks like a very "invested" experience. And I don't think those green beans count, either! Breaded and fried green beans? Yikes!
    Hope your loved ones get to catch a glimpse of you coming or going and that you have safe journeying both ways! : )

  6. A real Maryland crab feast is a bit like a quilting bee. You savor both the food and the company for hours at a time. Of course, I am a native so I am biased. Have fun in Maine - the weather there is glorious right now.

  7. Having met a few Marylanders during my college years at High Point U, I had the opportunity do do crab bakes a few times. Good times & good food.

  8. Ahhhhhhh now I know you were in Maryland!
    I do hope you had some of the famous Maryland crabcakes too...best in the world!

    Back in the 60's when I lived there crabs were
    cheap and we could eat them all we wanted!

    Happy sewing and safe travels.....:0)

  9. Everybody needs to have Maryland blue's at least once in their life. You may leave hungry -- or if you get enough meat to be full, leave tired -- but it's worth the experience. Wish I had been there!

  10. Sounds like you had a great time. I don't do shellfish. Guess I am too lazy to work that hard to get to the food. LOL

  11. Oh that looks delicious... I don't know where you are going in Maine, but if you enjoyed a crab picking, you'll love a Lobster Shack...

    Here is a link to a map of several in Maine, the best that I've been to is the Lobster Shack at Two Lights. (www.lobstershacktwolights.com)

    Have Fun in Maine!! One of my favorite states to visit.


  12. OOPs, I didn't paste in the Link to the map of the top shacks in Maine... (just in case you're not close to two lights)

    Here it is... http://g.co/maps/n2x6w

    Have Fun!

  13. oh YUM! I love crab legs! I've never seen them served whole... is there any meat worth eating in the main body part? wonder why they don't serve them that way at Red Lobster?

    Fried Green Beans??? Really? I've never heard of such. Just a couple weeks ago I heard on KLOVE them talking about fried foods at fairs... and they mentioned fried bubble gum! YUCK!

    Have fun on your travels Bonnie! :) I don't mind another foody post... I love all of your posts. ;)

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie


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