Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Day in Santa Fe!

Yesterday was my “busy” day.

Susan picked me up at my hotel in Albuquerque, and we drove North to Santa Fe, about an hours' drive for a morning guild meeting that started at 9:30am.

We were there in plenty of time…and I’d rather be early than late as a general rule, mostly because I’d rather get all of the setting up done and out of the way and look cool as a cucumber when people start showing up and milling around. It sure beats the alternative of them coming in, and me arriving LATE, and looking like a frazzled chicken rushing around trying to get things sorted, set up, laid out and hung…..all while they are standing in line waiting for books to be signed, etc. I live by the “earlier is better” rule much of the time in life because I hate falling short!

The meeting was a lot of fun, and after everything was packed back up and re-loaded into the back of Susan’s car, we headed off down to the Plaza area of Santa Fe for a bit of touristy time and some lunch!

I can’t POSSIBLY post ALL of the pictures from my day in this blog post…it’s already past 10pm at night as I write this, and I have to be up at 6am to head BACK to Santa Fe for another workshop…in fact, if you are reading this past 7am Mountain time on Tuesday morning…..we are already in the car on our way!

((Yes, I’m writing this ahead of time after the Monday NIGHT guild meeting back in Albuquerque to set it to post live in the morning! Are you confused yet?))

Things I loved!

albuquerqueNM_2011 186

The view of St Francis Cathedral at the end of the street! I love this southwestern architecture!!

albuquerqueNM_2011 189

Awesome tile designs are EVERYWHERE!! This one is of a water fountain inside La Fonda ---yes, there are more pictures of cool tiles to come!

albuquerqueNM_2011 208

Chiles and MORE Chiles!

albuquerqueNM_2011 212

The color and pattern of hand woven textiles!

albuquerqueNM_2011 213

The whimsical faces of hand painted pottery suns!

albuquerqueNM_2011 214

The shiny climbing motion of hand painted lizards and frogs!

albuquerqueNM_2011 211

The rustic feel of skulls bleached by sun, sand and wind--

((No, I am not bringing one of these home!!))

albuquerqueNM_2011 205

Vibrant jewel tones of scarves, blankets, skirts and bags to catch the eye of passers by --

albuquerqueNM_2011 224

The call of wonderful aromas from the Blue Corn Café & Brewery where we stopped for lunch!

albuquerqueNM_2011 225

The chile corn soup is to DIE FOR – Thick and creamy and hot enough to make your nose run and break you out a full facial sweat --- BLISS!

albuquerqueNM_2011 226

The blue corn chips and fire roasted salsa can’t be beat and MUST be enjoyed!

albuquerqueNM_2011 227

And where Enchiladas come “Christmas Style” meaning both red AND green chile ---LOVE IT!

Seriously, the food here is nearly a sacred experience!

albuquerqueNM_2011 231

Santa Fe, where the sun shines more than 330 days a year…..where squinting into the sun is a natural unavoidable reflex, and pictures just go squinty! I loved this bronze burro…..fun, huh?

Definitely need to spend more time here…I’m thinking….LOTS would be nice!


  1. I LOVE the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area ... you did a great job showing some fine highlights ... and looking at that tortilla soup made my mouth water !!! Thinking homemade chili verde sounds really good tonite :) And I like my food fired-up too... I keep a tissue handy :) Have a great rest of the trip :))

  2. wonderful Santa Fe pics! I've only been there a few times, but it is a 'bucket list' destination!
    I miss the galleries, too, and the cantina with the live Flamenco!!!! Ole!
    Have a sopapilla while you're there!

  3. Santa Fe and Taos are my favorite places in New Mexico. I would love to live in Taos 6 months out of the year in the warmer months. The mountain air and scenery is breathtaking. Oh yes, and the food, and the architecture, and the people are so friendly.

  4. Anonymous11:48 AM EDT

    I want to go there!!!

  5. This brings back memories--haven't been there in years, but I loved it. I can see you are seeing things through your quilter's eyes!

  6. I just knew you'd love it, Bonnie.
    Have you ever experienced such BLUE SKIES????

    Fabulous that you were there to see the chiles hanging. Fall is wonderful ! ! !

    The pottery sun faces to just soooo great ! ! !
    Wouldn't one brighten up one of those January/February glooms.


  7. I love my enchiladas "Christmas" as I do my huevos rancharos (spelling?) First time I had Cherry cider was in New Mexico...good food place!

  8. gorgeous photos, so very different from new england for sure...i wouldn't mind a visit there at all!

  9. Anonymous9:01 AM EDT

    I love this area and I also have fond remembrances of the Market!
    Katell, France


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