Thursday, October 27, 2011

Evening Edition….Yup, a Free Kindle Book!

I’m having a wonderful day with Jason here! Having him around is forcing ME to relax a bit too.

We have plans for tonight….a visit to the local Chinese feed trough Buffet sounds just as good to me as it does to him, and I love the Mongolian wok part where you can take your own veggies and meats and have them stir fry it up for you. YUMM!

There may be a movie at the theater in our future, or we might just come back and veg in front of netflix. I’m hoping for the later, as I’ve got quilts to bind!

In the mean time….here’s one freebie that came through my searches today!

Nordic Nights is free in the Kindle store as I type this….grab it while you can! What’s free now may not be later!

Book Description:

Set in wintry Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this crisp, straight-forward mystery plunges gallery owner Alix Thorssen into the local Nordic Nights festival, which features ice carving, a parade, ski races and a startling murder.

Famous Norwegian painter Glasius Dokken, who had come to town for his show at Alix's gallery, is found stabbed with an ice pick in the hotel room of an itinerant and provocative fortune-teller.

Arrested for the killing is Alix's glumly stoic stepfather (his fingerprints were all over the crime scene), who reveres his Scandinavian heritage and has painstakingly crafted a replica of a Viking ship to be displayed in the parade.

Alix, persistent and unflappable, begins to investigate, but accidents plague her and her family: the Viking ship nearly crushes her; her mother barely escapes a hit-and-run; and Bjarne, a seductive ski-racer who has beguiled Alix, is also implicated in the murder.

McClendon works a good deal of Nordic folklore into her story. The fortune-teller is a specialist in runes, and her silver-and-wood tools quickly become a central point in the case: Are the runes museum quality? Have they been stolen?

The third entry in the McClendon's series (after The Bluejay Shaman) conjures up the icy beauty of Jackson Hole, and though the dialogue can be stilted, her agreeably feisty heroine and a hair-raising finale will keep readers entertained throughout the night, Nordic or otherwise.


  1. Anonymous5:29 PM EDT

    Thank god for buffets! Sometimes thats the only way you can afford to feed teenagers and young men!

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time with your son. Eat, relax, catch a movie and hopefully bind some quilts. Can't ask for much more than that!


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