Monday, October 03, 2011

And In Rolls October!

Are you feeling it in the air? That change of seasons? ((Yes, and that goes for you “down unda” folks too, I know your spring is just beginning!))

Temps must have easily dropped 20 degrees between Friday and Saturday. And there I was in 52 degree weather with nothing but a denim overshirt for warmth. WHAT was I thinking? I guess I was hoping that just a bit more of that South Easternly Indian Summer would stick around!

While shopping in Cordova, Alaska I treated myself to a couple lovely items from “Copper River Fleece” ---I just love how the vests and jackets are bordered with really unique trims, something that is DISTINCTLY Cordova! ((Yeah, I wish I could have treated myself to at least one of the models on the Copper River Fleece home page too! LOL! Okay, well, maybe in an EARLIER life time!)) and needless to say, I thought it would be a few weeks yet until it was cool enough down south here to wear my new fleecy wear –but I was wishing that I had brought them WITH me!

((And as a side note, yes….I’m still posting things about my Alaska trip in between other things because there hasn’t been time to go through all the pics yet!))


I was signing books in my Copper River Fleece vest when Terri snapped this photo…

cordova_AK2011 358

Not a great pic either, but I love this thing! And I think the reason why I love it so much is the whole story of how Copper River Fleece started as a small business, by a woman who had a dream, and took it all the way up to where it is now.

And this business owner has hired kids who have taken home-ec classes at the junior high/high school, taught by Terri --- and given them jobs of sewing on all the trim. These kids have skills! And they are learning that if you work hard toward your dream, whatever it is, you can achieve it.

cordova_AK2011 218

So many trims to choose from! You can take any item, choose the trim you want, and they will sew it on for you! ((Yes, I have visions now of buying loads of trim at Mary Jo’s and adorning all my outer wear with it..LOL! Probably will never happen due to time restraints, but hey….FUN!))

cordova_AK2011 220

Look at all these fun trims! I just loved the whole display for all the color splash it gave!

cordova_AK2011 219

These trims showcase Native Alaskan designs drawn by a local artisan. ((I hope I got that info right!)) They were GORGEOUS on the jackets!

cordova_AK2011 221

Even MORE to choose from! Terri and I were also encouraged to go upstairs to where the trim was being added to the items:

cordova_AK2011 225

Everything is done up here in the loft….with 3 machines and a serger!

cordova_AK2011 223

Here’s a jacket in the process of having its trim added. The young gal working this day was one of Terri’s former students!

cordova_AK2011 224

I’ve been told you can spot Copper River Fleece due to the distinctive trims. I believe it! See how the native trim design just gives this jacket a punch?

cordova_AK2011 222

Two more jackets with their trim added!

cordova_AK2011 360

This is the jacket that came home with me!

cordova_AK2011 361

I LOVE the design on the trim!

And with these cooler fall temps in full force, I know that my Copper River Fleece will be with me on my drive up to Maryland for my visit with the Pax River Quilt Guild this coming weekend!

I plan to be a sewing fiend today --- music up loud in my basement studio, working away on our November Mystery! Oh, it’s coming together just GREAT! I’ve received emails asking when the yardage lists, etc will be posted. Look for those around Nov 1st.

I’m teaching on a cruise with Pat Sloan early November, and returning from that trip on Nov 13. I’m thinking our first clue will go live Nov 18th! Sound good?

Happy Monday!


  1. I'll be looking forward to seeing you next weekend Bonnie. I know everyone is very excited. I'll be bringing a Star Struck top that I made the last time you taught us. Yeah, I know it's still just a top...my husband reminds me on a regular basis, lol.

  2. No, no, not the mystery! How do people do these at holiday time? Even with Mrs. Goodneedle's organizational skills I don't think I could get my Christmas projects done and make a mystery quilt along the way. I will be strong. I.Can.Resist!

  3. Oh Yeah a new mystery!
    I have my two RRCB to finish binding for
    Christmas gifts, now I will get them done before the start of the new mystery and start with a clean slate! I can proudly say I have done all your mysteries and finished all of them too!

    thanks again Bonnie for all the hours
    of quilting bliss you share for FREE.

    Happy sewing and safe travels

  4. I love the jacket and vest. I hope they are in business for a long time! What a great story!!

  5. November 18th I'll be coming home from Meeting Jennifer Chiaverini and reading her new Book, The Wedding Quilt. The results of the McCall's Design Star will be done and over so I could maybe do this one... I have plenty of Scraps to use, so I'll be looking for the sizes to cut November 1st.

  6. Anonymous12:45 PM EDT

    Love the fleeces. They will feel good in Maine next week. Can't wait.
    Exciting news about a new mystery quilt from Bonnie! Can't wait for that either.
    See you soon.
    Maryella in Maine

  7. A new mystery?? How exciting! Maybe I'll be able to follow this one :-) I really hope so!
    I just got my longarm qm this weekend, so I need a lot of quilts to finish this winter ;o)
    Love the fleeces! And the ribbons are just so gorgeous!
    Happy sewing,

  8. Love the story!!! Could have used a fleece last night. LOL. I think fall is here and I am not ready.

  9. That means I really have to work hard the last week of October to finish last year's mystery....

  10. I'll definitely be ready in November to start your new mystery. I have loved every one that you have done. They are a lot of work, a lot of little pieces - exactly what I like!
    I am putting the binding on my RRCB and should be sending a picture soon.
    Linda in Southern Illinois

  11. Really cool fleeces. I'm a trim girl so these are fabulous!!!


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