Tuesday, January 11, 2011

With Love From Lincoln!

What an adventure this has been!

Things were in a bit of an upheaval because generally the guild has a rule --- If schools are closed due to weather, there will be no guild meeting.

Well…I’ve flown all this way!! And everyone wanted to come to class, and they didn’t want to miss the trunk show! And you know, Quilters just come from hearty stock, so we made executive decisions and decided the show must go on!

The Scrappy Bargello workshop had been sold out for months, and even with the on-going snow storm, quilters with an agenda refuse to be way-laid! EVERYONE ((With the exception of one who was to drive from the other side of Omaha, an understandable bow-out))made it to class….Snow in the parking lot was close to 6” deep and everyone pitched in with snow shovels pushing, working up a sweat, clearing paths and side walks so we could unload all of our machines, fabrics, and everything ELSE that we MUST have for a workshop day!

We were comfortable and warm and productive all day long inside while nature continued to dump white stuff outside.

You know, everywhere I go I LOVE to soak up local places, shops and food. And I can tell you that I absolutely had a FIRST here in Lincoln! Have you ever had a RUNZA? NO? It’s kinda similar to a perogi if you’ve had those. It’s got a yummy beef, cabbage and onion filling, seasoned with lots of black pepper, all surrounded by a yummy soft bun ---the filling is baked inside the bun and when you break it open and the steam brings the aroma to your senses, oh, it was WONDERFUL!!

So this was a first for me, I’ve never had these before! Sure beats a cold tuna sandwich on a blustery snowy day!

How about some show and tell!??

You can click the thumbnails to biggie size them, or click the “view slide show” link above!

We just had so much fun…I loved the fabrics that everyone was using! Some were more color controlled, some of them wild and random, and I learned that if you live in Nebraska, and are a Nebraska Huskers Fan you also collect CORN FABRIC! One of the ladies had what appeared to be HUNDREDS of different fabrics…all about corn Rolling on the floor laughing It was SO fun to see! ((sounds Corny, I know..ha! punny!))

An amazing number of people braved the streets last night and came back out for the guild meeting. I’m SO GLAD! I was afraid it would also be canceled, but the president stood up and said that we are all grown women (and men) and that we can decide ourselves whether to brave the roads or not, and if you decide to miss a month due to weather, we’ll just see you next time!

I also learned that when you live in a wintery place like this, you don’t ask your nearby guild members how THEY are..you say things like “Hey! How’s your ROAD?” Smile with tongue out There were stories overheard about things like “My hubby finally decided to get a snow blower after I told him the reason we never needed one before was because we still had TEENAGE BOYS at home…they are gone now” Smart Man! LOL! I just love quilters, everywhere I go!

And it turns out I’ll be spending a few more hours in Lincoln that I had planned. My flight this morning has been cancelled and I do have a confirmation on a flight out around 3pm this afternoon…but my route is squirrely because they had to shuffle everyone from cancelled flights. I’m going ((get this..it’s kind of insane!)) From Lincoln to Chicago—from Chicago to Washington, Dulles ---From Washington Dulles to Greensboro. BLEH! Usually I have no problem getting a direct flight from Chicago to Greensboro, but…there is not a seat to be had so I have to fly to Dulles instead.

Thank heavens for the hexagons and the busy bag!! It’s going to be a Long, long day! My flight gets into Greensboro at 11:30pm. AUughhhrrgh.

I’ve had a WONDERFUL time here, and I’d definitely love to come back!


  1. maybe you need to pack up one of those yummy looking sandwichs for the trip...

  2. Thank God for hand piecing! That Runza looks and sounds delicious. And I gotta tell you - I'd brave the weather to get to your workshop. I just found out that our Cub Scouts have a big ceremony on the same day you are going to be here, so I had to tell them that they are just going to have to do it without me! 31 days until you get here! (not that I'm counting because that would be CREEPY!)

  3. It sounds like a great group of people to visit.

  4. I just heard you were in NE, I am from Omaha NE and you are loved by many quilters. Glad you enjoyed the RUNZA. Their hamburgers are the best also. We are so glad to have a wonderful museum. Next time I hope you come to Omaha (plenty of room). Safe travels.

  5. There's nothing like that cozy feeling of beeing holed up someplace warm and dry in a storm(preferably with friends), with nothing to do but sew, eat, drink, sew some more and chat. What a great day!! I'll have to google that runza thing -- it looks yummy.

  6. That is too funny that the quilters were willing to risk life and limb to be there! I feel the same way and I would find a way to haul my machine through the snow to not miss a class with you! The projects look great!

  7. So did you have a plain Runza or a Cheese Runza? So glad you had a wonderful time. Quilters are the best and I'm with ga447, come back again only visit Omaha, as it's closer for me! LOL Enjoy your hexagons and looking forward to seeing the next round.

  8. Going on a plane trip soon. What exactly is allowed to bring on the plane "Sewing Wise"

    Hoping to catch you on a retreat. Looking at your calendar dates and calling to see if there are any opening.

    Thanks for sharing your talent and all your work.

  9. Glad the weather didn't spoil the fun. Wish I could have driven down for the trunkshow. Come back in summer! :)

    Yep, Runzas are a regional, ethnic specialty. I'll email you a recipe.

    Safe travels home!

  10. Glad to hear the show went on.....honestly I was wondering if you were going to spend all your time in Lincoln in your hotel room!
    Well I do hope you make it home before the next snowstorm cancels flights......You are a hardy quilter!

    safe travels and Happy Sewing

  11. Looks like a fun workshop. Glad a little snow didn't put a damper on it.
    Sorry you have to zigzag home, but I know you will keep busy. Travel safe.

  12. It looks like the workshop was a big hit! Thanks for the pictures. I am working on a Scrappy Bargello now, too, and the photos are great inspiration. I have several fabric panels put together, but I'm a little nervous about cutting the strips. There's no turning back now! Safe (and warm) travels.

  13. Anonymous12:32 PM EST

    Oh man, am I homesick! I am a native Nebraskan and can tell you we all (especially quilters) need more than a little snowstorm to cramp our style! The runza looks (and is) SO delicious - I miss them terribly. Every time I go home to visit my family, I stop at the IQSC in Lincoln AND I get a runza. I've tried making them, but it isn't the same. So glad you got to know "my people" and have one of the tastiest things ever!

  14. Aren't Runzas the best? I make my own even tho we have a Runza restaurant in town. Hmmm... Husker fans like RED!!!!

  15. Safe travels home - hope you don't have any more delays. Guess it is a good thing you aren't coming thru ATL - I heard this morning that they expect to only have 20 flights out today! Looking forward to seeing you in Lexington, with Vesuviusmama, on Feb 11-12!

  16. Our guild has the same option. If schools are closed there will be no "structured" meeting. But there will always be a few diehards. Most of us have 4-wheel drive vechicles and will help clear the parking lot.
    We are currently getting massive snow today. 2-4" light fluffy blowing snow. We are warm and safe here at home with meatloaf leftovers and a wonderful view of the world from my sewing machine's window!

  17. If any of your followers want some "corn" fabric....
    I have a whole bolt of cornstalk flannel. It is in nice browns and gold. I bought it for the color not the subject. My friend washed a yard of it and it is very soft now.
    So if anyone wants some...just e-amil me!
    XOXXO Subee

  18. What fun that guild mtg looked to be... and what a great project to work on. Wish the local guild here met some other time than a weekday morning...

  19. Cheese Runzas are the best! The fries and onion rings are great, too! Hope you enjoyed your 'taste' of Nebraska winter. Next time, come in the summer, when it is nice and hot!

  20. I never heard of a Runza...share the recipe if you get one! Hope you get home safely...

  21. Nebraska is a great place. My visit last August was wonderful and the museum was fantastic. I would love to return. I would love to know about the pressing surface in photo #6. Is it purchased or self made?

  22. Brave quilters!!! Hope you finally made it home, that sounds like an extra long way to get there!

  23. Hope you finally got home!! I'm from Nebraska and agree that Runzas are sooooooo good!

  24. If you think the runzas at the restaurant you should try a homemade one, you may die from pleasure. :)
    I'm so glad you enjoyed my state. I drove all way across the state on Monday to get to Omaha for a dr's appointment only to have it cancelled just as I got there due to weather. I was a bit peeved!\


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