Sunday, January 02, 2011

Fun in the Basement!


Just me peeking in from the basement! DH and son have been SO engrossed in the football yesterday that I hid down here and finished a UFO top! YAY! Actually, it's one that was going to go in Scraps & Shirttails II, but we ran out of room and had to cut something, and this was the one that was not finished yet, so it became the target.

But it's not a problem! I love this quilt.....and now it just needs borders! So that's on the agenda for today. AND! I have a special guest interview coming up on Feb 7th with Stash Manicure, and in conjunction with that…..I’m going to upload the quilt and the pattern for you here on my blog, AND do a guest post on Stash Manicure on the SAME DAY! ((exciting!!)) So -- by leaving a post at both places, you will be entered in a drawing for Scraps & Shirttails II! I’ll be giving away two copies, drawn from the comments section of both blogs. How cool is that! Keep watching for reminders, I’ll be sure to let you know when it is time!

See the little cute vase of button flowers in the corner up there? Isn’t it so cute!!? These would be so darling and easy to make as gifts! ((Vase ala IKEA!))

Lisa brought this over on Friday when Mr & Mrs Goodneedle were here in the basement trying to help a friend see if it was her quilting MACHINE that was causing her issues, or her compu-quilter itself! We hooked her computer to my machine after much effort and near dead-ends and found out that it’s her computer, not the compu-quilter part, but the computer itself, and boy did it make MY machine run like a drunken sailor! So I hope she can get it fixed.

The occasion made the perfect opportunity for DH & Mr Goodneedle to both discover that they are Playstation Grand Tourismo (sp??) racing fanatics. Now Mrs Goodneedle and I just need to get these guys together so they can virtually purchase, race, and smash up cars so we can do Quilty-Stuff!



If you have been gone for the holidays and just joining back into blogland, check yesterday’s post for the links on where you can pre order both Scraps & Shirttails II, and Tonya’s Word Play Quilts! You can also click the TAB I’ve added to the top of the blog page, and I’ve put links in the side bars to the left <---.

I’m showing you the WHOLE cover today…including….TADA!! the comments on the back cover sent in by YOU! There wasn’t room for them all. I left it up to my editor to pick the ones that would fit the space. Click the pic to “biggie size” it and see if your comment, or the comment of someone you know is there! Still can't read it and want a bigger peak? Here is a larger PDF!

And I want to share what came in the mail on Friday!

kissinthecorner 049    kissinthecorner 050

A box from Florida!!! And look what I found when I opened the lid:  A message from Pokey! ((bite, bite, bite, bite, bite!! >^..^< )) This made me laugh out loud! Rolling on the floor laughing

What was inside the box?

kissinthecorner 051

Fabric!!!!  Tonya has been finding me BRIGHT TROPICALS in the recycled shirt department! It’s amazing what she can find down there in Florida that I can’t find up here. There are palm trees and tropical flowers and all beautiful sherbet colors!  AND!!!

kissinthecorner 052

I’ve got two copies of Word Play Quilts in my hot little hands!! One for me, and one for a GIVEAWAY!! I’m thinking how I’m going to run this yet. In the next couple of days I’ll let you know when/how we are going to do it, but I am so excited she is letting me do this! ((See those wonderful hawaiian style fabrics?!))

Dear 2011, I really have to say I like you already!


  1. Yeah!!! I'm so glad the box arrived safely. Now you can have some pink and purple in your shirty quilts! And Hurrah for the menfolk being happily entertained so that you could sew. (my brain is on some kind of strange autopilot - I first typed that as "so you could snow") So exciting your new book is almost out!

  2. Isn't it funny how different scraps are depending on where you live? I tried to collect enough flannel for a shirt quilt and thought I'd never find enough, but bright tropical colors are a breeze. Have fun with your new fabric

  3. Sounds like a fun project. Tropical shirt scraps will make a colorful quilt. What about the fabric? Some shirts are poly and some are cotton blend. I suppose the fabric will be stabilized?

  4. Mary, they are all 100% cotton! We've learned to read the labels and be descriminating on what we want to sew with before we buy :c)


  5. Looking forward to buying your newest book. I already own Leaders and Enders and can't wait to dig into my scraps to get started on one or two but need to finish a few UFO's before I can start anything new.

  6. DH has some of those tropical cotton shirts and I hate them ...... they have to be ironed and who has time for that???? I hide them in the back of the closet, but now I know what I'll do with them and that will be the last ironing they get!!! Thanks for the idea..............

  7. Thank goodness.... you're back in your basement doing wonderful quilty things to share with us, the book is finished, Pokey was still thinking outside of the box and not in it, that you have books to give away, and that you apparently got the drunken sailor out of your sewing room and sent him home for the proper evaluation, detox and treatment! So, you got rid of the sailor but you are encouraging male bonding, television domination and testosterone fueled destruction in the living room? Dang, you sound like a quilter;)

  8. Glad you have some time to play in your basement!! And with those bright colors that you have in your basement now - it will be so much fun to see what you do with them. And I laughed when I read that you didn't realize how much fabric was in a tie!! I thought - 'Uh,oh...!!"
    And yes, 2011 is being wounderful!!!!

  9. It's fun to see that my comment was on the back of your new book! I can't wait to get my own copy.
    Sherry D.

  10. Am looking forward to a copy of your latest book. Tonya's book also looks intriguing, I may have to get both soon.

  11. I love that yellow fabric in the pic with the cute vase and button flowers. Gotta make some of those flowers.

  12. Great news that the "compu" quilt software was NOT the problem. And you were brave to tempt fate and hook it up to your own equiptment.
    Love that yellow fabric and the buttons are soooo cute.
    I have kitty bites all over boxes.Why do they do that? I had a kitty years ago that loved to bite through playing cardS. Now this was way back when I played solitaire with cards!

  13. Excellent package!
    We'll be watching to see where those shirts turn up next!

    Happy sewing

  14. Congratulations on the day in the basement. Sounds like fun. Just wanted you to know I counted back from 300 three times last night with no luck. Let me know if you find the sleepless solution.

  15. I've been holed up in my basement sewing all day today, too. Yippee! Love the vase and the quilt looks awesome, just from the fabric. Thanks for sharing. You are always so kind. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

    I need to get your newest book! I have the first one. But I also need Leaders and Enders. Want them both.

  16. Anonymous7:44 PM EST

    Just popping in to say hi! You never hollered at me when you got back...then I got busy...then the holidays....we really ought to schedule a play date in advance and mark the calendar. LOL Happy New Year Bonnie!

  17. I need to see you about some books soon... maybe while the men are virtually racing?!!! Ha! Thanks again for your gracious hospitality and immense patience in helping us get that pesky problem diagnosed; we're definitely on the right track and, sorry guys, it's NOT a race track!

  18. Wow -- my testimonial is on the back cover!

  19. The kitties over here like to taste poly bags, and the soles of my shoes! The latter might be appraised LOL but the poly bags will hook them on ethylene, yikkes! And: Aunt Lucy WILL want your third book! She told me NEVER to buy a book for her again, *^}}} and in the meantime told me that the second was better than the first: a very rare experience for her.
    Can't wait to have the books over here!
    Irene from Amsterdam

  20. Can't wait to see what you do with the tropical shirts! You have a real gift for design. I am loving RRCB!!!

  21. If you're looking for a contest idea for your book giveaway, I think you should limit the entrants to male contestants... I'm always so outnumbered...


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