Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baton Rouge Bonanza!

Food and Quilts and Quilts and Food, is there anything else better to keep me busy? It’s a constant battle to fight re-gaining the 30+ lbs I have lost in the past two years right back, and yet at the same time I know that food—GOOD food—not junk food—is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

I’ve thought a lot about it. Why do we struggle so much with this issue? Where is the balance between living a healthy life at a maintainable weight – and still enjoying good food, good friends, good fun? Where does that scale tip?

((If I really had to answer honestly, it tips because I can’t resist!!))

I’ve tried to leave my big meals as my dinners. And because of the meeting schedule I’ve been on, it’s always been an early dinner.

However, while in California, the hotel provided a full cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes or french toast, hashbrowns, toast, bagels, muffins, fruit, etc…and because it was there ((and included)) I ate it!

Yes, I was going going going and walking as much as possible to burn it off, but I’m a bit freaked out about all the eating out!

Here in Baton Rouge, we stopped at Fresh Market to pick up a couple yogurts, fruit, and cereal bars for my breakfast since the hotel doesn’t provide breakfast, and I’m feeling a bit better about that…

Today I did salad and soup for lunch, I feel okay about that ---but we went to TJ RIBS for dinner….and started out with THIS!

louisiana 2011 063

Do you know what THIS is?! It’s eggplant spears! I’d love to pass this off as a “vegetable food group”, but who would I be fooling?!? It’s strips of eggplant battered and deep fried, topped with mozzarella and served with marinara and ranch. OMGoodness! But never fear, this platter served about 10 of us, we all shared bits and pieces just to have a taste.

And you know, I ordered CHICKEN as my entrée, but it came with a side of grilled sausage! LOL! And Squash Casserole and a bowl of Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms. Low cal meal? I think not! Oh, and don’t forget the cup of GUMBO that I had to have, because after all it IS Louisiana!

I’m setting the alarm for 6am and hitting the elliptical trainer in the fitness room before tomorrow’s workshop! I’ve been told there are plans to bring Beignets to tomorrows class, and you know what? I certainly am NOT going to turn them down! Rolling on the floor laughing

I will be amping up my gym routine as soon as I get home, but you know what? The ONLY time I want to be skin & bones is when I'm 6 ft under. Life is to enjoy ALL of the senses. It's just a balance between portion size and frequency!

Wanna see what we did today? These are the pics from the Cathedral Stars workshop!

Our lecture/trunkshow tonight was hosted by the River City Quilters of Baton Rouge, with an open invitation to all other area guilds to come attend too! We had a full house, lots of laughs, plenty of questions and a terrific evening of being together!


  1. Just had to comment on all the lovely pictures! I'm making this quilt (have been for at least a couple of years) and just love it. About half way done but use my pieces as leaders and enders between other projects - it's a great way to go!

  2. One cannot possibly resist a Cafe DuMonde beignet!
    Really enjoying seeing your class photos.

  3. I love your discipline of getting up early to work out, just so you can really enjoy the splurges of fabulous food. People who aren't 'foodies' just don't get it! Good food makes a trip wonderful....it's part of traveling and enjoying being away!

    Enjoy it all.....and walk an extra mile when you get home!

    Am loving all the quilt pics from your classes....really nice pieces!

  4. As you've written, it's good to have a healthy diet, but sometimes to achieve that we need to taste other kind of food, or at least to give us a little treat now and then. I love cycling and that's my favourite burn-out calories exercise.
    You should come to Spain and taste the Mediterranean diet.

  5. Life's a banquet... and it's all GOOD!

  6. Amen to everything you said Bonnie! My motto is everything in moderation! Add a consistent moderate exercise program and it's all good.

  7. I'm 58 and have finally stopped the fight to loose weight. Carrying the heavy "bag" of guilt every time I felt like eating.....ugh, the stress is more heavy and unhealthy. But, I do try to watch portions. I save my "fun" eating when I am socializing with family/friends or if there is a new and/or enticing food to try.

    I LOVE (and am jealous) the pictures of your quilt classes. (sigh) maybe someday I can take a class from you.....


  8. Good for you having the beignets at Cafe du Monde! Why not? Where else are you going to find them?

    Wishing you were coming to Pensacola (or at least close by) but I don't see it on your schedule. Sigh.

  9. Are you home yet? What a whirlwind for you home north to all the way southwest then east to southeast...goodness you worked your way around the entire country. The food you've been eating makes me hungry each time you post. Squash Casserol really sounds interesting. Love this workshop. I'm heading for your website to order my copy of your new book. Now you can enjoy your flannel sheets! Sandi

  10. Hola Querida Bonnie:

    Ayer pasé horas viendo todas las publicaciones de tu blog me gustó mucho♥♥♥ eres una experta y sigue compartiendo tu talento, felicidades!!!

    Your blog is beatifull, I follow you,

    You have a Costa Rican new friend ,


  11. Baton Rouge is near to my heart- GEAUX TIGERS!

  12. Loving all the cool photos of what folks are making in classes.... have fun and enjoy the food... not like you have that every day!

  13. Oh yes the age old question.....how to control ones food urges.....if you can solve this problem you'll be a billionaire. and hey what about that sleeping problem...did you come up with a solution on that one? Cause I don't sleep enough and eat too much :0)

    Happy Sewing

  14. If you did not eat a lot while visiting Louisiana I would be convinced your really are not human but a quilting machine sent from outer space....(I so love a warm beignet...)

  15. Quilts and Food just seem to go together. I name my quilts, and more often than not the are named after food! I have "the hot fudge sunday quilt", the strawberry chiffon pie quilt, the "beer" quilt!


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