Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello, Ontario!

It’s not quite 6am here, but this is what happens when I pass out about 8:45pm last night after several nights of go go go! I woke up at 4am, and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m just thinking about the show this week, the full schedule, the classes, the fun --yes of course the fun…the vendors mall, the quilts at the show, and friends that I’ll be seeing!

My friend Mickey arrived yesterday afternoon a couple hours after I did….and we’ve spent time catching up! She lives in the Chicago area, and this is the third quilty thing we’ve both taught at in the past year! We met at the Gulf States Quilting Association gathering in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and found out we were both teaching at the Virginia Consortium of Quilters event in Smith Mountain Lake last April. And here we are again!

While Mickey got settled in her room next to mine, I threw on the running shoes, and did myself a 5 mile power walk to get a lay-of-the-land so to speak. I can’t fully describe how WONDERFUL the sun felt! Yes, I was soaking up all the vitamin D that I could get, and I plan to do some more today when classes are over at 4:30 Island with a palm tree

The yummies you see above are what was in my teacher goodie bag when I checked into the hotel! I’m loving this hotel…the room is large, and I’ll be setting up my featherweight to do some sewing this evening as well! That chocolate quilt?? Let’s just say it’s about 1/2 the size as you see here now..LOL! ((YUMM!!))

We had a staff dinner last night and it was so great meeting with everyone!

roadtocalif2011 004

Here you see over 100 lbs of quilts ready for my classes and my lecture on Thursday night! The lecture is at a different location, so I’m going to have to bribe someone to help me get it all over there. Logistics logistics! Point A to point B. We’ll work it out! I figure I’ll make good friends with the people in my classes who have CARS! Rolling on the floor laughing

roadtocalif2011 005

Class quilts laid out and already to go! No wonder my bags were so full and heavy…all the quilts they chose were mega LARGE ONES! Maybe I should start making more place-mat sized quilts eh??

roadtocalif2011 006

THESE took up no room at all and traveled in my bag with my clothes! I’m participating in the Roundabout on Friday evening, and doing a demo on Leaders & Enders. I thought these smaller samples would be a good way to decorate my table AND show people that you can put those bonus units to good use in quick action!

It’s fun for me to look at these and realize that all of them have been hand quilted while on the road traveling place to place to place. If I EVER finish this hexagon thing, there will be more small hand quilted projects in my future. Yes…Hexie is with me too, and I hope to get another border section attached tonight!

My friend Randy is coming down from the Santa Cruz area tomorrow, and she is going to be my book table girl for my lecture and the Roundabout. A truer friend there has never been and I’m so grateful she would just pop on down to spend a couple days with me here in the southern California sunshine!

Better get going….I’m meeting Mickey for breakfast in 45 minutes! Time to pull this all TOGETHER!


  1. What fun... what a LOT of quilts! All lovely and snuggle-able!

    Love the idea for the chocolate "quilt"... was it made just for the show? Of course, I could use some chocolate about now... would go perfect with a cuppa coffee! *lol*

    Have fun and hope all goes well today!

  2. you are an inspiration.

  3. had me going there for a minute as I thought you were in Ontario, Canada somewhere! enjoy California

    1. I thought the same thing..wondering how she sneaked into Canada without us knowing!!!

  4. Isn't San Diego just beautiful?
    Makes me understand why everyone wants to live there.....that perfect weather year round.
    I tell you 3 inches of new snow here followed by freezing rain and ice yesterday now today more snow this morning...yuck.
    Yes, a walk in the sunshine of Calif. sounds mighty nice!

    Enjoy your time there......even though you are working really hard!

    Happy sewing and safe travels

  5. Glad you took a picture of the cute chocolate quilt before it disappeared. As for getting place to place, how about using the Hotel shuttle? We use one when we go to concerts and stay at a nearby hotel. The hotel takes us to the venue and picks us up when it's over. Doesn't hurt to ask.

  6. being in winter hibernation mode here in maine, i am simply drooling over your warm sunshine and the quilty fun you are having in California. What did I do? I cleaned the snow off the car!

  7. I love reading about your travels, shows, etc. and of course love seeing your quilts of all sizes. I's just praying weather doesn't keep me from making the trip from ATL area to Lexington, VA when you come to my old guild there next month! Then Vesuviusmama and I will be in heaven to actually touch some of your quilts and see you in person!

  8. thanks for taking us on your travels, Bonnie! Loving those small "quilts"!! Ohhh the patience! Have loads of fun!

  9. I love to read your blog. it is always so exciting. Shame, you travel quite a bit. I just love America, have been there 3 times,and I always went to the Amish in Pensilvania and bought lots of fabric. Have a great time. Love from South Africa

  10. Oh, shoot, for a minute I thought you were in Ontario Canada. I was thinking, what is going in in Ontario that I don't know about. But then your comment about the warm Vitamin D sun, made me realize that you are not in Ontario Canada... boo hoo.. Anyway I thought I'd drop by and tell you that I loved making your Weed Wacker quilt and I displayed the making of it and presented it on my blog today. It's a really nice pattern for many reasons such as not a lot of seams to match up, easily scalable to a different size, etc etc. Love it. Drop by if you get a minute to see it.

  11. Chocolate quilt, omg!! I challenge you to make that into a mystery quilt, LOL.

    Sounds like you're having a blast - enjoy San Diego, and don't forget us snow-bound folks here on the east coast!



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