Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From Lincoln, NE to Lincoln Square, Chicago!

Let’s just say that from the past couple of days I’ve had --- That I have learned the value of friendship –AGAIN!!

I do know that it is always risky to plan a flying ((or sometimes even DRIVING)) trip in Jan/Feb. It just is. Weather is always an intriguing game of Russian Roulette. Sometimes I luck out, sometimes…WHAMMO!

But even through the whammo bits we experience some AMAZING things that we could have missed if the road had been less rocky!

The flights yesterday just did NOT cooperate! I’m sure you all watched the news, listened to the stories, spent some time glued to the weather channel, saw messages coming through your email and the blogosphere tracking the weather….much like tracking Santa Claus on his Christmas Eve progress!

I got to the Lincoln NE airport just as my phone was going off telling me my flight had been delayed from 2:53 to 3:55…and from there it got crazier. I won’t say “WORSE” because I am trying to be positive about this whole experience so bear with me!

The Lincoln airport is very small….there are two gates. One is Delta, One is United. They don’t even open up the security check lines until 1/2 hour before boarding, so everyone just kind of mills around in the downstairs area of the terminal. I got to talking to some people and we had a really great time! There was a snack bar upstairs for food with a TV…we had our computers, our phones, our ipods, and stories to tell of “travel days worse than this” to commiserate. But really…..what this 7 1/2 hours of delay did for us was give us a chance to SLOW DOWN --- to say “OH Well! Whatcha gonna do?!” and blame EVERYTHING on the weather. If the weather had cooperated I never would have learned these people by name, shared some food with them, laughed over stories and had a really good time just being in the moment.

And through it all I stitched HEXAGONS!

If things had gone on schedule, all of us would have crossed paths, remained as un-named strangers and thrown ourselves back into the hectic mess of weather afflicted passengers. It was a nice time out!

That 7 1/2 hours also gave me a chance to put two Quilter-Friends on alert! Thanks to the wonders of the internet, and of quilting travel adventures, I have a friend here in the Chicago area who has said repeatedly:

“If you get stuck at O’Hare, just call me. You will always have a bed!”

I also have a friend close to Washington Dulles Airport who was also on the alert…

“We have extra beds, and so does my mother in law, just let us know, we’ll come get you!”

I am the luckiest Quilter alive! Of course the question was….how far could I get last night. And I couldn’t make it any farther than Chicago, getting in finally at a bit past 9pm.

I have to thank Lynn from Klein Meisje Quilts for coming to my rescue! She pulled right up to the curb, loaded me in her car..bundled me off to her lovely home, fed me home made chicken and noodles ((with peas! My favorite!)) and bundled me off to her daughter Eve’s room – who gladly gave up her personal space for this road weary traveler! I slept like a log, snuggled under a bliss of flannel sheets ((going to get me some!)) and down comforters and covered with quilts. I slept til 8am!

lincoln_ne2011 062

This morning we headed out and decided to stop at a wonderful local place in Lincoln Square for traditional Dutch Pancakes at the Pannenkoeken CafĂ©. YUMMY!! It was a warm fragrant place, perfect for conversation, tea for me, cocoa with huge amounts of whipped cream for Lynn and Eve…..and THESE:

lincoln_ne2011 061

The one on the left had bananas, chocolate and whipped cream! The one on the right…Oooohhh! Apples, raisins, bacon and Cheese! They were so good!

I had to sneak a pic of the menu…..just get a look at some of these offerings:

lincoln_ne2011 058

And for fun, here is a pic of Eve and I with the menu….this is me…no make up..no change of clothes…everything had been checked all the way through to Greensboro, so I look pretty much like road kill, even with a shower! LOL!

lincoln_ne2011 060

So needless to say….there is MORE of this going on today:

lincoln_ne2011 056

My favorite tunes on my ipod, More hexagons to stitch together. A few more hours --- And I’ll be HOME!


  1. What a trip!!! I hope you'll give NE another chance someday. Though sometimes I wonder why any of us live here in the frozen north, dealing with sub-zero temps and the "white death" as my niece in TN calls it. Hope you make it back to your own bed tonight. Safe travels.

  2. What a grand adventure and what a great friend to come to your rescue!! I hope you get home safely today.

  3. oh how lucky to know all these people and willingly to come get you! You sound like a great traveler who keeps your cool. The last time I flew anywhere I was going out the Memphis airport to Madison WI and the flight was delayed for 4 hours in Memphis - well I tell you I got to know a lady I happened to be sitting next to in the wait area, ended up we had seats next to each other on the plane all the way to Madison - we seemed like old friends by time the plane landed!
    Hope you get back to North Carolina today :)

  4. I love it that you can call it an adventure!
    Sherry D

  5. Oh, I feel for you! After moving to MN I learned very quick to not get my hopes up about visitng my family in Chicago until we are on the road... actually until we are there. Crazy crazy weather. But it has taught me to go with the flow. Good luck getting home!

  6. Wow! What an adventure! I love how you have kept such a positive attitude! Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone could be like that? That smile makes you beautiful, even with no make up! Hope you get home okay.

  7. Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie you will never look like road kill. You could be dressed in a burlap sack, without makeup and you would look like a million bucks. You have ♥ and that is what counts. Your smile is contagious. Hope you are home safe and sound by now:)

  8. You have it right Bonnie, go with the flow, perhaps more folks will start sewing hexagons for their winter trips.
    The Dutch cafe sounds marvellous.

  9. Glad to hear you're almost home... and glad you had a warm, comfy place to spend the night!

  10. You deserve the best for keeping a light heart with all the travel troubles.
    you could never look like road kill. You have "Good bones" and as another commentor said" you have "heart" and a great smile.
    XOXOXO Subee

    Ha! The word verification is "touristpro"!

  11. Gee Bonnie, I thought you looked great in the photo! You are such a great example ....make the best of any situation! Hope you are snug at home by now.

  12. My daughter lives in Lincoln Square!! Isn't it the cutest?

  13. Well its either roll with it or make yourself miserable......so glad you are taking the high road with a smile on your face....you rock!

    I do hope you are home now in your own cozy space....resting up for your next big adventure.

    Happy sewing, safe travels

  14. You are so lucky to be living "my dream" even with layovers!

  15. Bonnie---I shared your story with hubby, and when I got to the part of how Lynn came to your rescue, he really put "you" in perspective and you absolutely need to hear this....
    "Hm. I suppose a quilter coming to the aid of Bonnie is like if suddenly I was able to help out Angelina Jolie. Bonnie is an idol of you guys afterall."

    Bonnie, Bonnie. You are a "star" to so many of us around the world! Truly, coming to your aid would be a dream for many of us.

    Your positive outlook was inspiring to read; you truly are a role model!

  16. Ah! Pannenkoeken! My favorite is ginger, pineapple and cheese! If you by chance want a recipe, I'll give it a sling and throw it to you! Separate for the dough and the filling. That filling you could by the way put together whatever you want, even with small meatballs and peanut sauce they are delicious!
    Never have bad feelings again about lay-overs!
    ;^} Irene from rainy Amsterdam

  17. I'm not surprised to hear you made the best of this situation, it's just part of who you are. And the pic...you look good...a smile on your face and the twinkle that is always in your eyes! I guess some people may have a different opinion of "look good", lol.
    Thanks for the reminder to make the most of every day given to us. I would have been a bit shyly uncomfortable calling and asking someone to put me up. I'll have to work on that!
    Blessings :o)

  18. ooh Pannenkoeken. Yes! This is a great deal to be stranded :-)


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