Monday, January 17, 2011

A Quick Hello!

First off! I just got a notice in my email that Word Play Quilts has FINALLY Shipped from Checker! The books will be waiting for me when I return from this trip on Feb 1st and I'll start mailing. It wasn't ME that delayed the shipment, I have no control over how long it took Checker to get them in stock and ship them to me. And I can't fill orders when I'm out of town. So I apologize for any delay. I'm doing all I can do--

I learned something yesterday! The plane I was flying on from Greensboro to Newark had NO row 13! Who would have guessed! Is this something that is universal, or just that plane? It went 12-14 but no 13. hmmmmm!

It was a long day yesterday, my flight leaving Newark was an hour late....we sat on the ground unable to take off. The Captain came on and said something about a "security breach" We never did find out what the security breach was..and finally we took off.

Why are plane seats SO uncomfortable?! I swear my tailbone was numb within the first 15 minutes. It was a 6 hour flight! No pillows! I did end up sitting on my sweater..

I think I've been spoiled. 757's have consoles to plug in your headphones and listen to music, or watch a movie....this was a 737 and had no movie, no music, no nothing! But I had my ipod and hexagons...6 HOURS of hexagons...I just can't sleep on a plane. It would have been hard because two guys behind me talked the whole way. Must be some well traveled guys, one of them was talking about a trip to climb Mt Everest?! Wow. I found myself with one ear bud in for music, and one out to listen to stories of mountain climbing. Who needs a movie? :cD

San Diego is beautiful to fly into at night! This is the first time I've ever been to San Diego, and I can't wait for today's adventures to begin.

Sandi suggested either WHALE WATCHING or a visit to the mission today, or BOTH! I'm game for whatever she has in store! Let's get this day going, shall we!?


  1. Hope the security breach was not your scissors Bonnie! I had mine confiscated on a flight in December from Asia to NYC = but they popped them into a security envelope and they travelled with the crew and were there at JFK for me to collect with my baggage..phew, was I relieved. Alison

  2. I believe that the no row 13 thing is universal at least in the US. I have noticed that before.

  3. Whether there is a row numbered "13" or not... there's still a 13th row... it's all perception! *lol*

  4. I have never noticed a no row 13. I do find it interesting sometimes to talk or listen to the people around me on flights but sometimes not - one time my oldest daughter and I were together and a man sharing the 3rd seat in the row of seats came from a near by city of ours and it turned out he was a cook at a nice restaurant - I'm not into cooking all that much but he and my daughter were very much into exchanging recipes - I noticed a lady ahead of us writing the recipes down :)

  5. Finnair (from Finland) is one of the few airlines in the world that actually have row 13 numbered. They are pretty down to earth those Finnish people...

  6. Hi Bonnie! We lived in SD about 14 years ago! Don't you just love that skyline!?! The buildings are all so unique, and lit in different ways....I always thought it stunning....from any angle. Your pic really shows it off well!

    Get all the mexican food you can...SD has the best! (We miss THAT the most!) The last time we were out for 2 weeks and we ate at Casa Adams (on Adams Ave.) at least 8 times! Our kids live a few blocks from there, and of all the places we could have gone, we just kept saying "let's go back there! It's the best!" It's a little mom & pop joint...nothing fancy at all (kindof scrappy!)...but fabulous food, and very reasonable! Get the fish tacos...you won't be sorry! Plus, yummy hot carrots on the table! Oh my, I'm getting really hungry now!


  7. Wow! I have a friend who's climbed Mt. Everest 3 times. Never summitted though, unfortunately. He's an amazing climber.

  8. Bonnie,

    I can't believe you are apologizing for something beyond your control!!! Whomever is the impatient one out there.... get a life!! This lady does so much for so many.... she's human just like you.

    Have fun on the left coast Bonnie!!

  9. Balboa Park is really something special to see if you get the chance.

    Enjoy the sunshine.......
    Happy Sewing

  10. Oh Bonnie the whale watching sounds so cool, but the old California missions are not to be missed. Hope you are enjoying the day whatever you do.

  11. Wow what an adventure. I love the picture you have on this post. Very pretty lights. I would like 6 hours of uninterupted sewing, how fun. It sounds like you have a big trip this time. Have a good day!

  12. So glad you are in San Diego. Your flight went right over my office on its descent (They all do!). I am very much looking forward to seeing you at Canyon guild tonight. You certainly have great weather to enjoy all the sights while you are here. I agree that you should have some Mexican food while you are here. My DH and I LOVE the chicken tacos at La Posta de Acapulco's on 3rd and Washington if you have time.

  13. Hi Bonnie,
    My bro works in Balboa Park - and check out the Natural Hist Museum, the ZOO, for sure, and the food (esp. Mex) is fantastic~!
    were you on the left side of the plane when you landed?

  14. Most planes do not have a row that is numbered 13...Lots of hotels don't have a 13th floor. It's because of the superstitions about the number 13. In other countries, they omit certain rows as well. How silly is that?????


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