Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sweet Dreams!

I’m off in the morning! At least it isn’t one of those dreaded 6am flights where I have to be at the airport at 4:30am. Greensboro isn’t that big, but it gets me where I need to go and it is close!

It also helps to be on first name basis with several of the ticket counter employees! “It’s the Quilt Lady” one of them says to the other, and instructs the NEW employee on what I need, what is in the big green duffel bags, how to put the “priority” orange tags on them and how often they see me here.

I often wave to the shoe shine guy, his name is Horace and he has worked at the Greensboro airport forever! Yes, I’m on a first name basis with the shoe shine guy. Isn’t that fun? I love it when he sees me come home from a trip and says in his very deep North Carolina drawl -- “Welcome home, Miss Bonnie!” Yes, a welcome home is always welcome.

Thanks to flying often enough, I can check three bags free, and they can be up to 70 lbs each! I think I’ve filled these duffels as far as they can go. My clothing suitcase is almost packed, I’ve just gotta put the toiletry/cosmetic stuff in there after I am done using it after my morning shower.

I had to pack short sleeves for California, and long sleeves for Louisiana which is supposed to be in the mid 50s to low 60s while I’m there. I can sure use the sunshine--

I sewed most of the day! The rows are together on the quilt I’m working on ((Yes, these are for the NEXT NEXT book -- Always an exciting goal in front of me!)) And I found just the perfect border fabrics! Borders are on, backing is pieced – It will be ready to quilt when I get home. In two weeks.

I’ve packed fabrics for sewing in the hotel at night, when I get a chance, if I get a chance…we’ll see. I need about another gazillion half square triangles, and they are pretty brainless to do and don’t take up a lot of luggage space Flirt male

As to the picture above? After staying in Eve’s bed at Lynn’s house – I said I was going to find some flannel sheets and I did -- Walmart was having a SALE! Any size for $15.00 for the set? WOAH! So now all the beds in my house have flannel sheets -- They’ve been washed & dried and put on the beds.  I even thought of buying extras to use as backing for future quilts. It’s fairly good flannel, 100% cotton --- colors were limited. They had solid tan, solid navy, plaid in blue/red, green/tan and a blue/green/tan stripe.  Doesn’t this look inviting?! Let me tell you – it’s calling to me right now. It’s 10pm, and it’s kindle time!

Y’all be good now!


  1. I'm glad that someone gets to enjoy flannel sheets. My husband's skin conditions keeps me from enjoying them. I used to live under them in Upstate NY winters.

  2. Your post made me smile a huge smile!! Alot of people in the world even if they are "regulars" someplace never take the time to get the name of others around them, and then there are those like me who try to remember to take the time but can never remember the name later. I still constantly call a lady at the bus stop Mary and I don't know any Mary's! LOL :/ What a wonderful way to be "welcomed home" though!!:)
    Love the sheets! Flannel is a "homey" thing :) Of course in VT - ya kinda sometimes need that warmth! lol I took your challange of blogging/sewing and I must say I got 2 crib size quilt tops done, and allowed myself 15 minutes 4x a day for blogging/facebook too! :) It has been a great balance!! :) Thank you!

  3. Hope you have a great trip Bonnie with NO flight delays anywhere this time! Love flannel sheets. We've even taken them with us to use in a hotel in the winter.

  4. I didn't realize how much Horace touched my heart until you talked about him. Such a sweet man. I know, you are now asking yourself how a redneck Northern California gal knows about Horace. Well... a few years ago I was in the Greensboro area for the Society of American Foresters annual convention. My luggage was lost and I was alone and crying and Horace was so kind. <3 I LOVED North Carolina. LOVED LOVED LOVED. Winston-Salem was so fun! Safe travels, Bonnie!!!

  5. Have a safe trip Bonnie. I've been cutting this afternoon for my class with you next Saturday. I can't wait.

  6. flannel sheets and flannel jammies equal velcro, LOL

  7. I love me my flannel sheets!!!

  8. Sleep well and have a fun, safe trip! I loved flannel sheets when I lived in the Chicago area but in New Mexico we don't need them. Plus my husband is like a furnace so flannel is a bit too much! But I saved them, just in case plus the down comforter, bed topper and pillows. It is great you take the time to know the people at the airport. Friends are everywhere!

  9. Love the quilt on your bed, Bonnie. Which one of your patterns is it?

  10. First time I came here today, I clicked somewhere and went to a Lucy or Cindy's blog(early morning, sunday,sorry)and this quilt on Bonnie's bed was there. I would like to know too which pattern is this, please!!!

  11. I'm looking forward to doing some handwork in the basement when you get back and hearing all about your adventures! Safe travels, my friend!

  12. I love the quilt on the bed too.Can you tell me what pattern it is? I would love to make it.

    I love flannel sheets on the winter too!

  13. here I sit laughing away...you just HAD to know Bonnie, that as soon as you posted a picture of a bed with a quilt on it, everyone would have to know what pattern it is!!!


  14. LOL! I don't think I have this pattern anymore, and I don't remember what they named it though it is a traditional block you can find on block base! It was one of those moda-flyers or something that came with a fabric line. I made the sample for "Common Threads Quilting" in Waxahachie TX when I lived there as a shop sample! It eventually came home to me and I quilted it up for myself :c)


  15. Can you show us a full picture of this quilt? I think I can use some blocks from RRCB...

  16. Y'all have a safe trip Miss Bonnie and wave at my husband if you see him in the airports.

    Happy sewing

  17. Anonymous4:28 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie,
    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate 'Quiltville' and the free patterns and advice. I used the 'Scrappy Mountain majesties' pattern to make a lap quilt for my niece...link to a photo...


    I'd love you to add the photo to the gallery for that pattern,please. My e-mail is
    abm38@hotmail.co.uk but the e-mail button wouldn't work for me (sorry).
    Mandy (UK)

  18. Take good care while you're away.

    Your bed looks quite inviting however at this stage in my life I would DIE( from spontaneous combustion) on flannel sheets. I need smooth, cool, cotton!! Hopefully this STAGE won't last forever and I can snuggle in on some flannel at some time in the not too distant future.

  19. Bonnie, Love your blog and follow it regularly but its new form takes forever to load on my computer. Don't know why but it is incredibly slooooooooooooooowwwwww. Other blogs and websites are not a problem.

  20. Hi Bonnie,
    Thought you would be interested to know that your book Adventures With Leaders And Enders was Editors choice on the Bookshelf in the current edition of Australian Patchwork And Quilting. Vol 19No12. I have a quilt published in the same mag!

  21. Anonymous8:15 AM EST

    Have a good trip! We absolutely LOVE flannel sheets! Did you know they also have fleece ones now? I can't wait to try those out!


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