Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blue Ridge Beauty Workshop!

Well, I completely lost Day 3……or more like, we filled it so full that there was no time to write the post until NOW, which pushes everything a day late!

We filled the evening up with class, and then had to go from the Convention Center to the Double Tree next door to set up for “Roundabout!” I felt like I was on a merry-go-round that kept spinning faster and faster – People go around in groups and stop at your table and you have something like 8 minutes to give your demo, and then the bell rings and they move on to the next table and you get a new group and you start over!

I got to talking so fast and laughing so hard, I couldn’t remember where I was in my schpeel or if I was repeating myself and saying things I had already said!

But we had a great time……what you above is my set up! I brought my snazzy featherweight with me. Still thinking of a name for her, but she is such a hot number we are leaning toward Lolita! Winking smile

This pic is a bit blurry, I was trying to get a shot of how I decorated the table with leftover leaders & enders of all varieties--

roadtocalif2011 140

I had a very short photo op to get a pic with my quilt in the teacher’s exhibit! It was funny tho, I snuck under the rope, and the white glove lady came screaming..”Ma’am! Ma’am! Excuse me, you can’t be in there, step AWAY from the quilt…” Until she saw my name badge.. Surprised smile It was REALLY funny! And it was a good chance to talk to some of the quilters gathered around too!

roadtocalif2011 099

And here is the caption on the info card:

roadtocalif2011 101

Yesterday’s class was Blue Ridge Beauty, and we had green beauties, and red beauties, and autumnal beauties, and purple beauties, black and white beauties…you get the idea?!

We had a GREAT time playing with the blocks and laying them out in different ways….The very last one, the heart…whoowhooo that was my playing, and I can’t wait to make a red heart version of my own! It was so fun playing with the blocks and seeing that heart take shape..

Randy left this morning and I can’t thank her enough for coming down to help me. Thanks also to Sherry for driving me back and forth to transport heavy STUFF from the hotel to the convention center. I couldn’t have managed it without her…..and thanks to her also, I’ve finally experienced IN & OUT BURGER! Thumbs up My life will never be the same!

Oops…my wash is going in the hotel guest laundry, and it’s time to switch it from the washer to the dryer….I’ll upload this and add Texas Braid in the NEXT post!


  1. I vote for "Rosalinda" pronounced ROsaLINda. Spanish for pretty and pink! Lolita seems too young, after all that machine has sewed a few seams in her life. (wink wink nudge nudge)

    The white glove lady saving your quilt from you is funny! But, at least you know that it was well taken care of!

    I've never been to a quilt show, so I really appreciate all the photos and details you share on your blog.

  2. Stay healthy... all this running around and stress (and the hoards of people) is bound to wear you down, take good care! Love your "set up" and the Rectangle Wrangle!

  3. My son swears by by in and out burger, LOL!! I love your Blue Ridge quilts...I have one all cut out and just sitting there looking lonely...I bet it was a whirlwind teaching in fast segments like that!!

  4. I love your red featherweight. Where do people get their featherweights painted in these delicious colors? Did you have to send you machine off or did you get this done at your location? My machine is black and not in perfect paint condition I have thought of maybe getting it re-done.

  5. I did actually *lol* about your story of the quilt lady and you and your photo opp! Too funny!

    I admired those ladies at the Knoxville Quilt Show last summer for their knowledge and dedication... I learned so much from them!

  6. I love your red featherweight! I was given a friends early 1940 Singer for Christmas. It has a gorgeous wooden case and sews beautifully!
    I'm glad you had an In 'n Out experience. It's absolutely the best. I had my first visit in Oceanside, CA, and now have one about 4 miles from our house! It's my lunch spot once a week!

  7. I really do like RosaLinda - has a certain Southern appeal to it - fitting for a firey pink machine. With all that hugging and kissing I sure hope you do not pick up anything - let's face it girl, you do not have time to be sick. Have a fun rest of your January journey and let us see more fun pictures. Judy C www.judyandmartyn@nc.rr.com www.shadetreequilting.com

  8. I could get tired reading about all the things that you have to do on your list, wow! Sandi was so thrilled to have you at her home, was on cloud nine for days.
    I gave her my feather weight, but it is not as pretty as you Red Rose. Nice reading about all your trips. Stay well, BettySewNSew@aol.com

  9. LOVE all the Blue Ridge photos. It's fascinating how shots 10 and 11 are both blues/neutrals, yet they feel completely different because of the fabric styles in them.

    They're all gorgeous, but I think I see an autumn-colored one in my future!

  10. Your space at the show is so beautiful and comfortable with the scrappy quilts displayed! Lolita is a nice name but when I see your beautiful machine, I think Ruby. It is a wonderful machine and I imagine so much fun to use. When you work out the heart shape will you be doing a tutorial to show us how? That is amazing, I love the heart! Take care, stay well and keep enjoying your whirlwind trip!

  11. LOVE the design wall stuff ... how versatile. Now I'm inspired to run off to my sewing room.

  12. Well its good to know those white gloved ladies are there protecting your quilt! Its beautiful.
    I hope you are getting your rest because this all sounds exhausting to me!
    Love the pictures and updates from the West coast :0)

    Happy sewing

  13. I had to laugh at your "white glove lady" story. The same thing happened to me about ten years ago. I was looking at one of my quilts at a quilt show - pretty sure that it was hung sideways. When I stepped up to check for the hanging sleeve - a "white glove lady" said, "Oh, you can't touch that!" I told her, "It's OK - it's mine - I've touched it before."

    And sure enough, the hanging sleeve was on the left side of the quilt! (The same quilt show hung another one of my quilts sideways, too.) Guess I'm pretty good at making the sleeves "invisible", huh?? - when the quilt show people can't find them!! Gotta love it!

    And you simply amaze me at how you are able to keep up with your schedule. I'd be totally exhausted by now!!

  14. I LOVE your red FW. Wish I had one. Where did you get it? Think you should name it Rose.

  15. Bonnie,
    I saw your quilt at Road! I am fortunate to live in Ontario and made it to the show today, the last day. Is it just me, or where the entries even more amazing than ever this year?

  16. Thumb up for you and your quilt

  17. i didn't know you had a red hot featherweight!! when did you get it? I was at a show with the painted ones and wish I'd done it!

  18. I saw your quilt, too. It's gorgeous!

  19. I was at R2CA on thursday and was walking to a concession stand when in front of me comes this leggy blonde carrying a box barrelling toward me. I had about 2 seconds to realize "that's Bonnie Hunter!" and you had flown by.

    Saw your quilt, Bonnie, and it was more spectacular in person. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Rectangle Wrangle is great! I will have to look up Bargello in Plaid and try to figure out how to get to RW.


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