Thursday, January 27, 2011

Laffin it up in Lafayette!

Don't you love this shirt slogan? One of the quilters came walking in with this and it just cracked me up! It is the story of my life -- I couldn't resist taking a picture, but how do you ask some one "Do you mind standing still so I can get a picture of your chest?" I did it anyway!

Yesterday’s Texas Braid Workshop in Lafayette was just a ball! I love the regional differences of teaching in different areas. I learned such things today as “There is a huge difference between Northern Louisiana and Southern Louisiana, it’s like a different country.” Really? I never knew this before, but when I asked where the dividing line was, several ladies popped up at the same time to chime “ALEXANDRIA!!” I just NEVER knew! I guess it is akin to South Carolina thinking that North Carolina is too far north, and not really considered SOUTH at all Winking smile It was all in good fun, and no one from Alexandria was around to defend themselves…

And there was a FIRST for me….

louisiana 2011 028

This, my friends, is a Louisiana Oyster Po’ Boy! I’d never had one before! And..it was REALLY good. So good in fact, that I told myself that it was good I only ordered the half size, because had the full size showed up, I would have eaten every bit of it too!

One of the fun things for me in teaching classes is to get to see the nifty items that quilters bring to haul their stuff around. I want you to get a look at this adorable featherweight case cover!

This was just the cutest thing! Supposedly the pattern was in a 2010 issue of Quilters Home magazine. I stopped getting the magazine after Mark Lipinski wasn’t writing for them anymore, so I missed this issue. I just thought it was so CUTE and would protect the vintage case inside. I could see it loaded with pockets on the sides to also help carry notions, etc….and if I were to make it, I can see adding a heavy duty handle or shoulder strap. Those featherweight case handles can break off on old cases, and I’d rather not be swinging my machine around by that handle if I was still hauling it around in the case.

My preferred method of featherweight hauling is in a soft sided cooler! And look what I found wandering around the Walmart near my hotel in Baton Rouge:

See that purple cooler on the far right?! Yep..that would fit a featherweight, and show your team spirit! I love being places where school team spirit is really strong, and I believe everyone out here bleeds purple and gold Rolling on the floor laughing

Some other fun things from class today:

louisiana 2011 033 louisiana 2011 034

One of the gals had this ADORABLE folksy purse that she had rug-hooked! There is a horse, a tiger, a rooster, a bunny, a deer, a cat and a dog! I WANT ONE OF THESE!! But I don’t think I want it bad enough to start a new hobby that would also require me to have a whole ‘nuther stash to make it Winking smile Isn’t it great?

Here are the pics from today, even though it is a repeat of the braid class I taught just a few days ago, I can’t resist posting more --- the ladies were So enthusiastic and we had such a super time sewing!

After yesterday’s workshop I was driven to Baton Rouge, thanks to my chauffer Charlene and her granddaughter! I’m so glad they are taking care of my transport from place to place. I just sat in the front seat and sewed hexagons, looked out at the scenery ((Today was filled with sunshine and blue skies!)) and enjoyed the music on the radio.

Today I am meeting with the River City Quilters of Baton Rouge, for a Cathedral Stars Workshop, and an evening lecture/trunkshow! Tomorrow will be filled with a Pineapple Blossom workshop, two of my favorites to teach. Time is flying fast, and I’m counting the days until I can be home again ---


  1. What a great t-shirt slogan!

    I've noted the black-and-white fabrics you've been acquiring. Should we be surveying our stashes and stocking up in anticipation of a new pattern? (Aren't we well-trained?)

  2. The t-shirt was GREAT! Sometimes i just feel like my brain is a triangle short!.

    The Featherweight case - I've never thought about making a cover for the case. What a cool cover!

    Looks like you are haveing a great time!


  3. I agree about not trusting the handles on the old Featherweight cases. I carry mine in a canvas boat tote that I bought from L.L. Bean 10 years ago when I visited friends in Maine.

  4. Sammie and I enjoyed being your drivers this week. See you on Saturday. Remember to rest during all your "fun" in BR.

  5. Looks like you are truly living a dream!!! Enjoy! I Love, love, love the folksy purse the girl made!!!

  6. Happy that you are having a good ole time in Louisiana. I will see you Sunday. I am so excited!!

  7. Love your blog Bonnie but have a question for you. Back in December you mentioned using Windows Live Writer and I have been using it off and on for my blog and wondered if you were still using it. The reason I wonder is I love how you overlap your photos and I can't seem to do that in Blogger or Live Writer. If you have time please let me know if you are using something else as I like the way it looks to be able to arrange the photos that way.

  8. What fun you're having! Visiting other parts of the country is fun but I can imagine it is MORE fun when you have quilters to show you around.

  9. Funny T-shirt. I saw one at a quilt shop near here that said....Touch my fabric and I'll rip your seams. I thought that was cute too.

  10. Your class was a great show and tell. Love that hooked rug handbag, quilters sure put a lot of effort and time into their projects, thanks for sharing.

  11. That handbag is wonderful! You wear me out just reading your post about your day....

  12. You just keep finding good things.....and spreading happiness and kindness where ever you go.
    Nice job :0)

    Happy sewing and safe travels

  13. Over the years I've purchased several soft-sided coolers that appeared from the measurements would work for my featherweight, but when I got them home, they didn't work. Any advice about brands or any other hints about finding one that really fits?

    Oh, enjoy that regional food!


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