Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Blue Bayou!

Or that would be My Blue Heaven if you were taking the workshop any where outside of Louisiana!

But it wasn’t just Louisiana, we had a trio from Mississippi join us. They drove 2.5 hours in rain and drizzle to come play! And it was so terrific to see them here. What a fun group!

Quilters by nature are such givers, and I was gifted with some yummies in the form of a delightful bag made by “another” Bonnie ((We honestly could have been sisters, but I of course would have to be the older one!)) I love the selvages used in this bag and I’m using it right away!

I also received some delicious chocolates and some extra blue fabric strips to include in another down-the-road quilt. from the Mississippi gals. I’m SURE the chocolates will be long gone before it is time to pack my bags!

Our class went from noon to 5:30 which was perfect for a Sunday. It made it easy for the out of town gals to get here to enjoy the day, without having to leave the house at the crack of dawn to get here for a morning class.

This is the perfect class for learning to use the easy angle and companion angle rulers for 3 units we use all the time in traditional quilt making: The half square triangle, the quarter square triangle in the form of hour glass units, and the flying geese unit.

We had a LOT of ladies doing blues/neutrals so I was afraid the slide show would look all the same..but you know what? Even though the colors were similar, there were huge differences in the fabric choices, and it was so fun to see the variety!

louisiana 2011 160

I had to giggle when one of the gals took one of my suggestions from my lecture to heart! Take it from me--- if you still have MILLENIUM fabric in your stash, cut it up and CUT IT SMALL! It is not going to get any better if you keep it in the stash---it needs to GO! LOL!

We were pedal to the metal all afternoon, as you can tell by the copious amounts of dog ears falling like snow on the floor:

louisiana 2011 136

So here you go with today’s slide show!

If you have a mac, you might be asked to download a program called silverlight. It will allow you to see the slide show. It is available through apple, and you can find out more information on it HERE. It is a very small plug in….other than that, that’s all I know to help you.

A bit of Mexican for dinner, an evening typing this post and watching “The Nanny Diaries” on Lifetime while sewing some more hexagons --- A good night’s sleep --- That’s what is on the horizon for the immediate future!

We have ONE more class tomorrow: Playing With Jacks! It should be a fun one, and I’m looking forward to exploring block possibilities with more Easy Angle fun! It’s another great one for swapping strips with each other….building variety and playing with layouts!

PS…Hey!! It’s a post WITHOUT food pics!! ((Well except for the chocolates, that is!)) Rolling on the floor laughing


  1. love the bag - sounds like you are having a good trip!

  2. I am feeling like taking a class. When are you going to be in Colorado???? Jo Anna

  3. Bonnie, I really enjoy these slide shows. They show so much. Thanks.

  4. Thanks so much for the slideshows - I am really finding them a great inspiration. Everytime I see all the variations created I want to try the same pattern. Thanks again!

  5. The bag is great! What a fine present from 'the other Bonnie'!

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that bag. It is sew you!

  7. I love that bag, too! I think we all need one of those. Your slideshows are awesome! I really enjoy all the color combinations. Makes me wish I was there. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I OWN that milli fabric.. wonder where it is???

  9. I love that bag! I think I need one. That's something that might actually get me to consider keeping selvages!

  10. I sure do LOVE these slideshows! It's almost like actually being with you all, laughing, having such a good time. Thanks for the inspirations. 8-)))

  11. Sucha perfect bag for you Bonnie! ;) and like everyone else I'm lovin all these slide shows!!! ;) That one MBH in browns was a delightful surprise! :) Such rich dark chocolates it looked to me.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  12. I was looking at my y2k fabrics just yesterday and pulled the beige version of that one for a half-square triangle swap. Although I cut out pieces for a quilt from as many y2k fabrics as I could find, I have yet to sew it. I think it might be in the closet I can't get into right now.


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