Friday, January 28, 2011

Lafayette, Round 2!

I’m back in Lafayette for a Saturday Texas Braid workshop! I may be being passed around like a football, but as long as there is no field goal kicking, no fumble, no foul, it’s all good!

I just returned from the dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s Mardi Gras Ball for the Crewe of Victoria. I had the best time being dressed up with more beads, more bling, more bracelets, and a whole goodie bag of fun trinkets to bring home! It’s been a crash-course in parade tradition and how things are run! I learned one thing is for sure, it’s any excuse for a PARTY!

Last night’s lecture in Baton Rouge was terrific, and JoPaula sent me a link to her photo album so I could make copies of the pics. Of course, I only saved the ones where I was NOT making funny faces In love

When I look at how my quilts DO dwarf me, it’s no wonder that these two bags of quilts weight over 100 lbs! This just shows SOME of the quilts that I bring, but you get the idea here, especially on the size of the hexagon medallion as it grows!

This morning I was greeted ((Oh yes, after writing last night’s post about how I need to watch my portion control..LOL!!)) by this GORGEOUS King Cake! It had cream cheese/strawberry filling, and oh my…..there were also two bags of fresh & hot beignets to tempt me as well!

louisiana 2011 064 louisiana 2011 065

How can you say NO completely to this? It’s impossible! The beignets got me first, yummm..and the king cake was soon to follow!

Another great day sewing away! You know how it goes when you are chain piecing, and doing ANY kind of production sewing? It seems like working on multiple units at one time takes FOR.EVER. And then, it seems, all at once, everyone had multiple blocks and we were laying them out, taping them to the cabinets and the walls so we could step back and take a look at what they look like and different ways they can be set!

It was after the class that I was driven back to Lafayette, checked back into the same hotel I was in earlier in the week and promptly fell asleep for a much needed nap before going out for the Pre-Mardi-Gras activities tonight.

We ended the night at the Blue Dog CafĂ©—I guess it is Legendary in these parts! And I can see why. My opportunities for cajun food are winding down, and I went with the blackened pan seared cat fish, the crawfish ettouffe, and a corn dish I can’t remember the name of! I thought catfish filets were small, but look at this!

louisiana 2011 099

It was tender and flakey and NOT fishy at all…perfectly seasoned and oh so yum! Yes, I hate to admit it, but I am kind of developing this need to document all the yummy different foods. I’m not taking back that many souvenirs, but the pics of my meals will always stay with me! LOL! ((In other words, let’s face it – I have had little time to do ANYTHING else but teach….and EAT!))

Oh Gym, I definitely NEED to reacquaint myself with you when I return home!

It’s only 10:45, but I’m tucking in to bed. Tomorrow morning I check back out of here again, go teach the braid workshop for the Quilter’s Acadienne, and then….get this..it has been arranged to drop me off again with the ladies from Prairieville ---so the drivers only have to each drive part way only, the designated drop off station is a rest stop..Hehehe!!! I love it! Earlier they were joking about just dropping me off in some parking lot somewhere, but at least the rest stop has facilities! Oh, what an exciting life!

Night night everyone….catch you on the flip side!


  1. Hola amiga , saludos desde Costa Rica muy lindo tu post ♥, que tengas un feliz fin de semana.


  2. Bonnie - thanks for sharing! I never tire of seeing your quilts - that trunk show was great - congrats to the photographer - I felt I was THERE. Are you ever surprised you've made so many quilts? There's a HEAP of sewing in each one! Then seeing the workshop side show was such fun - I recognised fabric I had, and even saw "my" machine. I also loved seeing vintage machines - so great that they are not being forgotten....

  3. hi bonnie, think it would just be sooo much more exciting if you came over to Tasmania.....lol
    great quilts..what a wonderful trip..I am visiting in August..so going to make a point of going to the Blue Dog Cafe..cheers

  4. THANK you for the virtual trunkshow! Can't wait to see you and your quilts in February -
    hugs - travel safe

  5. Anonymous8:07 AM EST

    I loved seeing everyone's pineapple quilt blocks and the fabrics that they chose. My mouth is watering over the catfish, king cake and beignets but no pralines yet, Bonnie? LOL.

    It was great seeing the trunk show. Now I know why my RRCB quilt is bigger than my living room, lol. I think I'm going to have to buy a bigger bed.

    Gail :)

  6. Love your quilts! Beautiful!!

  7. I almost feel as if I were along for the ride with you... love all the photos... the quilts, the workshop sewing, the food, the fun...

    Safe travels!

  8. Your slide shows were great. What inspiration. After I finish the RRCB quilt I'm going to have have to try one of these quilts.

  9. Bonnie,
    I have 7 yds of binding left from my first quilt I made 2 years ago. Would you think it is wiser to cut it up and use it in a scrappy quilt like my Texas Braid or save it for a quilt?
    It looks like you are having a great time in Louisiana. We have truly enjoyed having you here and getting to know you. I have been showing off my braids. When do you travel home? I'm sure you will be glad to get home to your own house and bed.
    Cindy Brignac

  10. I haven't read any of the comments from your "whirlwind" two week teaching schedule.
    That said, I just want to say I really, really like the slide show program you are using. I get them fullscreen and drool over all the fabrics and of course all the sewing machines and work setup areas.
    Have a safe weekend and I also laugh at the thought of dropping you at a parking lot. Knowing you, you would be on first name basis with the parking attendent and cutting the plaid shirt from his back, just wanting one small piece.
    Your Hexagon has really grown since I last touched it at Shipshewanna, Indiana.
    XOXOXO Subee

  11. OK, Bonnie...you are just having too much fun, LOL!!! I am so glad for you...hey, I am going to see you in Fort Worth!

  12. You don't travel lightly, I was amazed to see how many BIG quilts you carry along with you...

    King cake and beignets, you do live a luxurious life! What are you bringing home to us?

  13. I agree with Subee - the new slide viewer is working great. And I am thoroughly enjoying all the workshop photos. Thanks for taking the time to post so many. It's been nice to see your patterns done in so many different fabric schemes, including some that I've considered trying myself. It's been great inspiration!

    Always enjoy seeing photos of your quilts, but the hexie update was a real treat!


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