Monday, January 24, 2011

Texas Braid Workshop, Road To California Day 4!

Oh gosh! now I’m even 2 days behind….but I guess that leaves more to look forward to, right?!

First off, before the class pictures, I have to thank the San Diego Contingency, for having this BEAUTIFUL cake waiting for me when I entered my classroom on Friday! Yes world, I somehow woke up and found myself 49!!! Now lots of you might think I’m still a baby, but since my kids think 50 is “officially” old --- I’m kind of in panic mode here. How in the world did I get to 49 so QUICKLY!? I know I must have skipped a few years somewhere, and I’d like to go back and pick them up!

No, I’m really happy where I am. Life is good---quilters are FABULOUS and I am loving every day what I am doing!

I’m even loving sitting in the airport in Houston writing this post, enjoying my layover. It was a bit of an exciting flight, one of the passengers passed out about 15 minutes after leaving Ontario, California….and the crew was right there, well trained and taking care of the situation. It really makes you appreciate what skills lay beneath the surface. The passenger was fine, and we were met at the gate in Houston by the EMTs who took the passenger off the plane to have them evaluated. Traveling as much as I do, it’s nice to know that the training goes far beyond “would you like a beverage??” Martini glass

Saturday’s class was Texas Braid! And we had such a great group, full to capacity at 26 students. I was tickled to find out that over 1/2 the class had waited up until just past midnight on the day that the classes were released just so they could get the classes they wanted, and most were sold out by the next morning! We are a bound and determined bunch!

The quilts were all beautiful, and you should have seen the assortment of fabrics!

I loved looking at how people had arranged their rectangles for easy access like this:

roadtocalif2011 151 roadtocalif2011 145

Doesn’t it just make you wanna sit right down and SEW?!?

roadtocalif2011 144

Yummy Yummy!!

So here are the rest of the photos I took in class that day!

What a great day it was! Thanks everyone for making Road such a wonderful place to teach!

My flight to Lafayette boards in 1/2 hour so I’m going to upload this quick and catch you later from Cajun Country!


  1. This all looks a lot like my sewing room these days as I've been slogging through one of these quilts for several months. I'm getting there--on braid #16 of 18!

  2. makes me want to start a braid quilt - I haven't done one in ages. Happy B. Day - I'm afraid I have 9 years on you - just don't count the years!

  3. WoW Love the containers of fabric, makes me want to quilt! I would have loved to be in this class! Happy birthday - belated!

  4. Have a wonderful time in Lafayette! It's my hometown. Your meals in Louisiana should be wonderful. Take care!

  5. it'll be even more revolting when you see how quick you get to 60.....

  6. What a nice cake. Lovely braid quilts being started here. It is always amazing to see how different all the quilts look.
    Safe travels

  7. Happy Birthday! I am 46 this year...I'm feeling your pain. Glad you are enjoying life so much and making the best out of it!

  8. Happy birthday......its my son's 35th B'd today too :0) Now how did he get older than me?

    Safe travels.....storms coming your way in LA.

    Happy Sewing, look at all those happy quilters you left behind :0)

  9. Bonnie, We so thoroughly enjoyed the photos. They will certainly help us with your workshop in Lafayette. Jennifer & Cindy (JenniferRBroussard@gmail.com)

  10. Loved seeing all the different color combinations. I makes me want to gather some scraps and make a braid or ten....
    Happy belated birthday! Also a wish for safe travels.

  11. Happy birthday, Bonnie... and safe travels! Love seeing all the fabric choices for the braids!

  12. Well, you joined the club! I turned 49 two months ago and also wonder where all that time went, especially the last five years! Happy Birthday! Wish I had been one of those peeps that got a place in your classroom, looks like a good time was had by all.

  13. I just heard you were heading our way again Bonnie. I don't think I'll have the time to jump over to Lafayette or Baton Rouge this week to catch you at one of your seminars but I do hope you have a great time and some great food. Last year's trunk show and seminar was a blast in Baton Rouge -- not to mention the fun outings with Judy and her Mom!

  14. Bonnie, This is the 7th year I had a child (my 2nd) at college at Azusa Pacific U, about 30 minutes from RTC and I finally made it to the show with my daughter on Saturday! Great show! Your quilt was great! Sorry I didn't get to meet you...maybe someday as our guild has your name on a list of possible future teachers!

  15. Van Harte Gefeliciteerd from Holland Bonnie! Love the cake!
    What an exciting flight you had...good to read it ended all well.
    The pictures make me a little bit ashamed...there is a Texas Braid asleep in a box....perhaps it should be the next project to finish...after I finished the RRCB!

  16. I just turned 49 in December, and I can't believe it either. But I'm thankful for each day! Sounds like you had a great birthday, and a great trip to California as well. I hope to get to see you sometime when you come to Illinois!

  17. Happy Birthday Bonnie! What a great way to celebrate your birthday at a Bonnie Hunter quilting class...no wait, that would be a great way for me :)
    Loved the photos of all the braids pinned to the wall!
    Have a fabulous time at the quilt show!

  18. Happy birthday! 50 isn't so bad. I hit it two years (and 10 days) ago and survived. Dear Hubby took me to Blowing Rock for the weekend, I bought a new Bernina from Sew Original in Boone and we got snowed in. Couldn't have asked for a better day. And it just keeps getting better. So just look at it as the day when you can start counting back down instead of up.


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