Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just A Quickie!

I got beaded and tiara’d and served king cake! ((And no, I did NOT flash anything!))

Today I met with the Quilters Acadienne in Lafayette, Louisiana and boy what a fun group! They have a morning guild, and a night guild, and we did a double whammy and did a trunk show for both groups. The show and tell was AWESOME!

I especially loved all the hand pieced quilts one of the quilters showed --- her son rescued them in a box from an estate sale/auction and they were so fun to look at. We are guessing 50s-60s fabric. Lots of utility plaids and stripes, and a lot of solid red and yellow as accent/background. There is EVERYTHING in these tops, even corduroy! A quilter after my own heart!

After lunch we headed over to The Borne Quilter for a meet & greet with the customers, a bit of shopping (okay, a LOT of shopping, I hit the sale room where they were having a blow out sale..the FQs were something silly like $1.50 each. I scored more black/white backgrounds and of course, some fleur d’lis!

I want to share with you Sandra’s “Kiss In The Corner” quilt! She made it with the leftover border units from her Roll Roll Cotton Boll—atta girl, Sandra!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,
Here are a couple of my Kiss in the Corner pics. I only have a phone camera at the moment so they are a bit small and grainy. I have really enjoyed working on this quilt and even finished it before my RRBC, lol. Thank you for another great pattern.

I love the quilt in this color way Sandra! It’s GORGEOUS!

So this week I am feeling much like a football, but having much more fun. Today is a Texas Braid workshop with the Quilters Acadienne, and then I am being driven up to Baton Rouge for my meeting with them! I’m glad I only have to get in the car and trust them to take me where I need to go when I need to be there. Listening to the logistics and just seeing it all on a spread sheet that Mary handed me was enough to have my head spinning. I get the easy job. Just tell me what the class is, and I’ll teach it. Tell me when it is, and I’ll be ready to be picked up to be transported. I am your “wind up” Quilter….just give me a good night’s sleep and I’m ready to go!


  1. "Wind-up" quilter... too funny. She comes wearing beads and a tiara too.

  2. I really like Sandra's quilt. So glad she shared it.

  3. Maybe Hasbro can make the collector doll. I want the Hand quilter model with a baptist fan tutorial included, lol.
    Your looking fit. Don't know how you do it with all the traveling you do.
    Blessings :o)

  4. beautiful quilts oh I can see a few of those remade today.
    what a great find!
    safe travels

  5. Come on Bonnie...since when have you needed sleep?!

  6. Hello Bonnie, I write you from Italy, just let me tell you all my admiration! I'm simply astonished and grateful for all your work! Keep on like this! Your quilts are bright and FUN!Tiziana

  7. Oh! Love all the vintage tops!

    Shot 3: It's great how the fabrics in the center of the Lone Star are consistent, but the outer points go rogue. Fun and daring.

    Shot 4: Doesn't this look like something we'd see in a future Bonnie pattern? What a great block, and already in shirt plaids!

    Shot 6: In the royal blue block at top center, the soft ombre fabric is very effective. Thrift store quest coming up!

    Shot 7: This is so hip and fresh. Aside from the red plaid border, it looks like something the designer fabric, Amy-Butler-Moda crowd might make right now. Really fun.

    Thanks for sharing all the vintage yumminess, Bonnie! I hope you'll get a few days to rest and regroup when you get home.

  8. I am amazed at the "left-overs" from RRCB, Left over? I am still working on getting enough 1/2 sq triangles, I miss counted by 100. Today they will be done. I look forward to your post everyday. the 50's quilts are comfort food for the eyes.

  9. enjoy the warmer weather and friendly folks........it sounds like a delightful place to be right now....we're getting more snow:0)

    Happy sewing, (and you look marvelous.... all that exercise is paying off!)


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