Thursday, January 06, 2011

Show and Tell Thursday!

Well, yesterday didn’t go as I planned! If you read the PS on yesterday’s post you’ll remember that I hopped in the car, put the key in the ignition, and…click click…rrrrrrrr…nada!

It’s a good thing that DH works only 6 miles away (A big reason we bought this house, we wanted a close commute!) and was able to come jump-start the car. It drove fine for the rest of the day, but I got a bit of a late start, and by the time I was done running my errands, and headed home, it was near 5pm! Still, it was so great to meet up with Nane and pick up the display quilts, and meet Karen for lunch and a quilt shuffle, giving her display quilt back to her..the big pass off! ((This is as close to football as I get!))

I’ve also got a weird thing going on. Around lunch time my eyes started feeling itchy. A couple hours later they were puffy, gritty and red and narrowed to little slits Sleepy smile I don’t know if this is an allergic reaction, but my first thought was “Benedryl”. We ate dinner, I got in my jammies, and I went to BED by 8:30pm because the light from the TV really was too bright for my poor eyes.

I slept 12 hours! And they are still sticky and puffy this morning, but not as bad I don’t think. Kind of a fluke thing.

SO! Due to lack of ANYTHING quilty yesterday, and no stitching going on in the basement today---I want to do a Trunk Show Thursday!

I received a lovely email from Claire with some photos of quilts she’s made! She writes:

Dear Bonnie,

I wanted to write and say how much I have enjoyed your website and your book Scraps and Shirttails.  This year, I whipped up a Sister's Choice for a wedding gift.  It came out great.  I recently finished 2 quilts from your book.  My father passed away last December, and I made these quilts from shirts (some his, some not) as Christmas gifts for my mother and my brother in his honor.  Everyone loves the blue and white one, especially my husband--I may have to make another one for him!  I am really hooked on "shirt-quilting" and plan to make at least 2 more of your patterns.

I am attaching photos.  Your website and techniques are really popular among the ladies in our guild--thanks for bringing us so many fun quilt ideas!

Claire, Common Threads Quilt Guild, Columbus, OH.

Claire! Thanks so much for sending the photos! they are just BEAUTIFUL and I love what you have done with them!

Sisters Choice  Shirttails

Click these to biggie size them!

I love the springy colors she used for her sister’s choice quilt….this pattern is one of my faves! We’ve all got 6” 9 patch blocks we’ve swapped either on the net, or via our guilds, and they are the perfect starting point for this quilt. Super simple block, but it looks so great when the quilt is set together! I don’t even think some quilts need borders, and I like how she just bound this one when it was the size she needed!


The other two Awesome!! I love the “Swing Your Partner” with the red border, and the “Union Square” quilt is made with the center block from the “Shirttails” quilt. Both of these are from “Scraps & Shirttails I”. I LOVE the red accent cornerstones in the Union Square, and see how effective that red stripe inner border is? It’s just a bit of a hint of a color, and wow…what a nice finish! And look! She’s used the buttons in the center of each red cornerstone!

Brooks Brothers

Here is the center of this block with the “Brooks Brothers” label plainly visible! Crisp blues and whites with a hint of red….I just love this!

Claire, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful quilts with me. It’s wonderful to get a glimpse into your world, and find out just where these quilts end up!

Tomorrow –Friday!—Be ready for the LAST INSTALLMENT of Roll Roll Cotton Boll! I’m sure by now you have all figured out what we are doing with those pieced parallelograms….but this is the big finale!


  1. Wow, those quilts are beautiful... I wish I had the "get up and go" that you girls seem to have! I like the new look of your blog page too!

  2. Heck no I haven't figured it out!
    Its been a great mystery....I have enjoyed it throughly, I have started two and they will get finished in time for Christmas 2011..one for each of my kids. Yhanks Bonnie for all you give :0).

    don't ya want to get those eyes checked?
    I'm just saying......

  3. Beautiful quilts, I love seeing what other people make! I gives me more ideas. Hope you are feeling better soon. It really slows everything down when you can't see well and don't feel good.

  4. Anonymous11:21 AM EST

    Bonnie thanks for showing us these quilts they are absolutely lovely I also love your website and blog this helps me feel contected to quilters as I don't drive and can't get to classes and such. Cheers Linda

  5. Bonnie I have a jump box, which is basically a battery with jumper cables attached, that I keep in my van because I always seem to have problems with my battery. Claire's quilts are BEAUTIFUL!!

  6. Beautiful quilts! I am sure they will be cherished for a long time!

  7. I love the idea of "quilt show Thursday", as I love your patterns and enjoy seeing how others use their fabrics in the designs. I also really like the story behind the quilt - probably my most favorite part. Thanks for doing this.

  8. Nope I haven't yet figured out the finish to RRCB. I'm looking forward to it though. I love the shirt tail quilts. I love blue and white quilts.

  9. Now THOSE quilts are beauties!
    Wish they were coming from my "cave" where I try to tidy up some things... distracted by the blocks of the rrcb I already have and those that I have prepared for putting together.
    Your eyes "sound" allergic, maybe spruce? Famous in wintertime!
    Trunkshow Thursday! Like the idea! Looking forward to Friday - RRCB Yihaa! - and next Thursday: other trunks to show ^o^

  10. Anonymous4:25 PM EST

    I hope your eyes get better really quickly! Love those quilts. I'm going to get two of your books this week! I'll get the others next month. I don't know how the RRCB borders are going to fit together but I know it will be gorgeous. I love borderless quilts too - I'm doing them more and more. At first I thought I was just being lazy (maybe I am), but I do love the look of them.

  11. Those quilts are beautiful. And I do not know what the RRCB finish will be. Course I like surprises so I really didn't try to figure it out either. :)

  12. Hi Bonnie, sure hope your eyes are feeling better! I know how life is with eyes that don't cooperate!

    I've really enjoyed watching the progress pics on the RRCB.

  13. Beautiful quilts. Sorry you aren't well. Hope the conjunctivitis clears up. I hate having that. Feel better soon!

  14. Hope you are feeling better Bonnie. Claire has some beautiful quilts. Great job on the blue, white and red quilt. Sandi in San Diego

  15. Beautiful quilts. Take care of your eyes..and I hope they heal quickly.


  16. Nice quilts...I can always count on your blog for inspiration.
    Your eyes sound like you got an allergic reaction.

  17. So, are your eyes back to normal today? Hope so! Thanks for sharing Claire's goodies. I know those of us in our guild who have begun some of your quilts are rushing to finish them up before you come in February. Well, finish the piecing anyway... :)

  18. Your eyes sound like cedar fever. This is the time of the year I take medication for this. Despite the name, I believe the tree is technically a juniper. It's a big problem in my area. You can see the trees actually puff out pollen in a cloud. Hope this helps.

  19. Thanks for sharing these as I love seeing the different variations people make of your patterns :)


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