Sunday, December 30, 2007

Winding Down The Year!

So here I am reflecting over the past year. It's perfect weather for doing that...rainy rainy rainy....the kind where you want to stay inside, stay warm, put on a good old movie and have coffee, tea, hot chocolate, put your feet up, do some hand work. And I plan on all of the above!

It feels like the calm before the storm. Or is that the eye of the storm? The Christmas rush is over, and we have a few days of peace before the new year is in full swing.

I don't do much in the way of resolutions. Even if I did it would all be the same thing...organize the UFOs...use more fabric, cull through the unloved stuff and cut it into strips or put it in a pile by color to use as scrappy backings..

Instead of looking at all we *DIDN'T* get done, resolutions that fell through or were pushed aside, etc....let's look at all we DID accomplish! That makes me feel a lot better!I was reading on Keryn Emmerson's blog a few weeks ago about how she doesn't want to completly deplete her stash,but wants to keep it functional and usable. Enough,but not too much. That means for me, more going out than is coming IN, and I think I have accomplished that this year (as long as you don't add up all the thrift store shirt purchases! *LOL*) Just like food on grocery store shelves, it needs to rotate out before it reaches expiration date! Of course, some staples are good forever, but you get the idea.

One thing I've missed over the past 3 years since throwing myself into school and into massage practice is COOKING! I never thought I'd miss cooking, but in some ways I do. Even if it is something as simple as throwing stuff in a crock pot in the morning and having it simmer all day in anticipation for dinner that night, I miss it. Making a change, and moving to Winston Salem is going to give me the opportunity to have meal times if I am not out putting in yet another massage at 6pm, and getting home after 7:30 pm. The money might not be so free flowing as it has been the past couple years, but money can't buy you time, and I miss the TIME I had to do things before.

OK...so maybe I'm facing the fact that I CAN'T DO IT ALL! You have to have TIME to do it. So maybe this coming year is the year when I give myself the gift of time.

And since I don't like to post too many things without pics...(we all know that pics are eye catchers and if you have made it through a post of mine without pics to hold you, and made it this far, you are to be congratulated!) Here are some antique quilts I found very inspirational!

Of course you know I am in love with quilts that use the meagerest of scraps. But look at the use of color in these quilts! even with their complete wonky-ness, I see women of the past who had lives and hopes and dreams, disappointments and joys, love and laughter, lots of dirty laundry and dishes, and still found time to piece with what they had. I love the feeling this gives me. I wish I knew these women. Maybe some day, years from now....women of the future will wonder the same about us. :c)


  1. I'm thrilled to hear that you are going to slow down and give yourself more time to relax and enjoy life. That quilt with the soft pink background and partial blocks is a hoot. Great finds. Happy New Year!

  2. Absolutely marvelous antique quilts - where did you find them? Are they scanned photos or did you get to see and touch the real things in thrift and antique stores. If it's the second I don't know how you could have resisted shelling out money to bring them home - particularly the pink and blue one.

    The gift of time is the very best thing you could give yourself, Miss Bonnie. Even you cannot do it all! Time is what I'm giving myself also - and I can't wait. Only one more day of work before retirement! Then just watch me attack the UFO's and stash!

  3. I think giving yourself time is a wonderful goal for this year. Thanks so much for the mystery, patterns, techniques, and fun. You are a source of smiles to many, many quilters!

    Tracy in Virginia

  4. So, what's cooking for dinner? The quilts are great Bonnie, the gift of time may the most precious gift we can ever give ourselves.

  5. I haven't cooked much this year either. Restaurants are just too conveniently located nearby, the grocery store is NOT, Keith's schedule is unpredictable....

    I kind of miss it too.

  6. I admit...I looked a the photos first and then read your post! Is that bad?!

    thanks for the great quilt photos!

  7. Lets hear it for TIME!!!! And I love that last antique quilt! Very cool way of using small bits!


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