Saturday, December 01, 2007

More thoughts..

Grace wrote:
bonnie, got my mag yesterday too, and was pleased to see your blog listed...about the mystery, since I don't know what the final design looks like, and I prefer a scrappy look, how about a muslin for the middle and scraps for the two sides? will that produce a distinctive design or should I choose 2 colors with the muslin instead? sounds like fun!

cityquilter grace

If you want the design to show up....and not be too muddy, I think 3 colors might be best. OR....you could do multi colors and muslin...but chose ONE SOLID (or tone on tone) color for an accent fabric...so say..if you had all multi colors and muslin...and set aside a piece of BLUE or RED or ORANGE or GREEN (or whatever to add punch)as an "accent" to tie it all together so the design doesn't get lost in the scrappiness..make sense??

Wherever you see the RED in my blocks needs to be where your accent color goes. So if you are doing scrappy....use muslin only for where you see me put "LIGHT" shirt pieces. If you see red...it needs to be that accent color (not light)that you choose.

In sewing the rail fence units, sew scrappy multi colored strips on either side of the center accent strip (red in my case.

Maybe this is a cheater mystery! If you want to ask me design questions so that you don't make a big boo-boo in your choices, I'm happy to answer (without trying to give too much info away in the process!)


  1. Hi Bonnie: I'm in!! and will try to use scraps, with a blue focus fabric. Thanks for the ideas you share with all. Found a house yet??


  2. Hi Bonnie... I am not sure if I am in or not but I wanted to wish you good luck in selling your house and finding a new one. We just moved to FL from MD 3 years ago Christmas day and it is still a nightmare to me. Hubby was here buying a house and I was there selling a house... ! Why do we have so much stuff in the house!? Smooth move to you and take some time for you as often as you can.

    Warm Wishes.. Janet in FL.

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    I'm still thinking about colors ... do you have any estimate for how long the mystery will last altogether? You usually work through your projects pretty quickly!
    Jeanne :)


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