Sunday, December 16, 2007

The second fleur d'Lis

This was the other variation of the tile pattern...it's only slightly different, but just enough to make it interesting!

I keep thinking about this design! Thing is, it doesn't make a square block. It's 11 units wide X 13 units tall, and the rows are offset.. On the tile floor, the fleurs ended just whever the border needed to go, so some of them run off, and some don't. It's just so FUN to look at this thing!

I must be nuts. It's got to stay as an idea, I've got too many irons in the fire!

DH leaves in a bit, starting his new job in Winston Salem tomorrow. he'll be home friday night. Jeff and I will be sharing a vehicle, so that means I have to rearrange my client hours to allow me to be home to drop him off at work. It's a circus around here, but hopefully only for a few weeks!


  1. Your hooked on this idea Bonnie. When will you start it?

  2. Neat, I had to look a couple of times to see what the change was in the design. Do you think there were actually two (or more) men working on it, and each one did them 'their' way?

    I like the edge best as a border - and you AREN'T thinking of making that a border on our mystery, ARE you? The people who don't like the nine patches would just die if you added another 32 blocks of 49 little one inch squares... :D

    And btw, congrats on reaching 1000 mystery participants!

  3. If it is a rectangle (11 x 13 units) why not do it fairly large(even quilt size) using 11 blocks by 13 blocks. Pieced blocks, like rail fences for the neutrals and something still monochromatic but a little more intricate for the fleur de lis?
    Whatever you do, it would make a nice memory of the choir.

  4. very cool. that picture of the whole floor already looks like a quilt. I'm with you - love the fact that they just end where they end, no fussing around. fingers crossed for Dave and his first day at work - hope he loves it.

  5. I love the border design. In my design file, I have one based on some old linoleum I saw at the Shaker Village in Canterbury NH. It's amazing where you see quilt designs.

    Hope Dave enjoys the new job!

  6. I love this idea for a quilt block! If anyone can figure it out it is you:)

  7. You are so creative. Very cute idea.

  8. i have taken numerous photos of all sorts of mosaic floors and walls from my travels thrugh italy and france. it is amazing the designs that were made centuries ago. i have always wanted to covert them to quilt patterns and designs.


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