Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mystery, Anyone??

Look! McCalls magazine came! Lucy and I are included in Holly's article on page 56! This has been so fun for us both! It's been a week for magazines around here!

Carrie wrote in comment to my last post:

This could become a mystery quilt!! My newly cut pile of scraps include a ton of red and blues just hankering to find a new home. I am thinking I just might cut and sew along with you... hehehe... and how wide are these little beauties? As for the twelve days of Christmas a new Quiltville mystery clue gave to me ...

I confess you have me hooked I am just loving this scrapping!

I tried to email Carrie back, but I got that no-replycomment@blogspot.com as her return address! To those of you who don't know it...if you want us to be able to reply to your comments, you need to go into your profile and make that available for us to reply to. It is a huge headache to write a reply to your comment, only to have it bounce back undeliverable because you have not included your email address in your profile.

As a side...now when I am replying...I right click on the person's name in the list of emails at the top section of my outlook express. I click on properties. If it says no-replycomment@blogger.com as the person's address..I don't even start to write a reply. What's the point?

But I digress! Carrie wants to follow along and do my current project as a mystery quilt! Is anyone else game? The units are super easy. You can use scraps for this. But because it is scraps, I'm not going to supply yardage charts. I will tell you that the quilt in my head turns out about 80"X80" which is a full size coverlet...not long enough to go over the pillows, but big enough for a bed topper.

Because my life is crazy right now...I'm not sure how often I'll post each unit, but I will tell you how many of each unit you will need and you can work along on them with me! Do you trust me? :c) Do you have time to work with me? This could be fun, I've never designed a mystery before!

You can make this quilt using any three colors as your guide. I'm doing red/neutral/blue. (You know that already) You could choose green/neutral/purple, or black/white/fuscia or brown/neutral/gold or any three colors you can come up with.

All the pieces for this quilt can be cut from 1.5" strips and 2" strips. I haven't cut for everything yet. I can't even tell you how many strips of whatever you'll need because I am cutting from shirts. I can tell you the number of units you'll need, but your strips may vary depending upon how long your strips are.

Of course the biggest challenge for you is to use STASH. And because this quilt uses 1.5" strips...you can use UGLY stash, it's cut so small, no one can tell just how ugly it is when it gets into it's finished state :c)

Drop me a comment and let me know if you want to play! Post on your blog your progress. If you haven't started a blog, now would be the time to start one! I'll hold off on posting any more parts until everyone can pull their fabrics together. If you are really fast, you can get started by making the 100 rail fence blocks I've already shown.

All I did was sew three 1.5" strips together blue/red/blue. Press AWAY from the center strip (the red one if you are using red here) and then sub-cut them into 3.5" units. Ready? Set? Sew!!


  1. bonnie, got my mag yesterday too, and was pleased to see your blog listed...about the mystery, since I don't know what the final design looks like, and I prefer a scrappy look, how about a muslin for the middle and scraps for the two sides? will that produce a distinctive design or should I choose 2 colors with the muslin instead? sounds like fun!

    cityquilter grace

  2. Assuming value should be similar? Or not so much? Mmm this should be fun!

  3. Alright, I will try to do this "mystery" w/you, but I am SURE I will not be able to keep up!

    Ps...when cutting strips, you have said that there are some sizes not worth cutting...which ones were those? I'm thinking it was NOT to cut 3" or was it 3.5"?

  4. Hi Bonnie!
    I am absolutely "in" on this mystery quilt. I would never trust anyone but you to be my guide on an adventure like this one, but I know your quilts are always gorgeous. I'm in good hands! Thanks for the really fun idea. I can't wait to get the ball rolling.

    Marie, the Happy Little Quilter

  5. Aaaah, I'm thinkin' REAL hard about this. Good judgement may not prevail ... what's another quilt project? :)
    I need to muddle about colors.

  6. Hi Bonnie,

    This does look cool. If I am looking at it correctly, the accent color (Your red) always goes in the middle of the rail. I think it will be easy to get 100 rail fence blocks done if they are done a little at a time. This would be a great project to show off at guild and introduce your style before your visit.


  7. Yes, the red always goes between the blue rails on the rail fence blocks. All the reds are scrappy and so are the blues, the only thing consistent is the color placement :c)

    You can use your own color choices, just be sure that the placement is the same throughout :c)


  8. Super Bonnie, thanks so much. I am picture black, white and red OR maybe browns and something. I'll have to dig through my stash and put this on my list...... 100 blocks..... Yes I can, yes I can.

  9. Sounds like a great and mysterious adventure. Count me in!

  10. I would love to do the mystery, but will have to watch and yearn and do it later -- my fabric and sewing machine are hidden under boxes pulled from closets while furnace replacement is being done.

  11. Congratulations on being included in the magazine! Looks like a great quilt mystery is brewing!

  12. Thanks Bonnie...I'm on my way to raidmy stash now before DH gets home:)I can't wait to get started!

  13. Ok Bonnie, I'm in. I've posted my fabric choices on my blog and will do my best to keep up with you. I totally trust you ;cD and figure if you can find time to make this during your home switch, I can too. I LOVE a good mystery!

  14. I love reading your blog and have started my own to show my dear Jane progress. I've always loved a mystery so count me in!?!


  15. I'm definately in on the mystery project also. I am wanting a bit larger quilt. I have made 120 rail fence units.

  16. I am IN and I have my 100 rail fence blocks done in reds and blues HOOOOORAY. All scrappy and all from my stash :) I am going to try not to purchase anything for this quilt top --- stash only

    On the second day of Christmas Quiltville sent another clue .... Oh--- I forgot in all my excitement I have to wait for everyone else :0)

  17. Please count me IN! I've got tons of strings that I could use. In fact, a scrappy quilt is next on my quilting list~O2bquiltn AT yahoo DOT com

  18. I'am in Bonnie - will dig out fabrics tomorrow - almost midnigth here now.

  19. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

    I just overbought fabric for a class. This might be just the thing to get me out of that excess.


    100 by Thursday? yup why not.

  20. I'd love to do a mystery quilt. Have to start after Christmas though.


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