Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh yeah! It's THURSDAY!!

Thursdays are not usually an exciting day. It's not a Friday, it's not the week-end....around here the only thing I usually have to remember for Thursday is to put the trash at the curb. Half the time I forget even that!

But Thursday has become MYSTERY-DAY around here too!

I have put up the THIRD INSTALLMENT of the Carolina Crossroads Mystery Quilt! For those of you panicking, never fear. This is the LAST installment until after Christmas. You will have 2 weeks to do these, and use the extra time to get caught up if you are behind.

Yes....more 9 patches! I'm sorry to those who don't like doing 9 patches! If you are thinking, "Oh, it's only a 9 patch"...you could well be mistaken!

And those who think they have the mystery solved? Well let me remind you that these are just units, and they can be arranged in at least a dozen ways! All you smarty-pants quilters out there, just wait and see! Part of the fun of a mystery is not knowing what will go where, and the results just might surprise you! *heheheh*

For this step you need to make 80 of these "dark in the corners and center" 9 patches from 1.5" dark (in my case blue..in your case, you will use whatever you are putting in place of blue in my blocks) strips and neutral (background) strips.

We made an offer on the house in Winston Salem yesterday. Now we are playing the waiting game to see if they counter back at us or accept it. I hate this part! So I'll just go play with fabric and put it out of my mind.

Yesterday I got off work about 1 1/2 hours before Choir practice...There wasn't enough time to want to drive all the way home and then back to choir...so I went to the library, took my quilting tote bag with me, found a comfy chair at the audio visual area and quilted two more sets of fans! Only one hoop's worth left to go and I will have gone all the way around the outside edges! I'm making progress anyway..it's just not as interesting to show you pics of how I have moved over 12"or so :c) So it's slower progress.

I also HAD to go to the $1 a pound goodwill. Just HAD to. I won't have one in Winston Salem you know....I HAVE to stock up, right? I figure if I just fold it all tightly and pack it in a box and lable it (FABRIC) that it will just get moved with all the other stuff and I can worry about what to do with it later. Recycling is the best kind of therapy, isn't it? ;c) 25 POUNDS of shirts for $25.00. Weeeeeeee!


  1. Although I am not ready for the third clue it is nice to know it is there and I have a few weeks to get it done:)

    I think you should take advantage of the Goodwill center while you still can... what is one more box? Or two?

    Thanks for joining the Mystery Quilters webring. I love your image!

  2. I love nine patches and am glad this quilt has them in it in some fashion. I'm also glad I will have time to catch up. I haven't even started step 2 yet.

  3. Even though I haven't finished part 2 yet, I'm loving these little 9 patches :)

  4. There ARE Goodwill stores in W-S, just so you'll know... best wishes on the house deal, keep us posted!

  5. Ok, I have just got to stop looking. I'm having such fun looking at your mystery and have started even thinking of possible color combos in my stash. Eeekk! Not until after the holidays at the earliest!

  6. Bonnie, your quilts are amazing and I love your blog! (That "double-wide on stilts" cracked me up! LOL)

    Wishing you all the best with the offer on the new house. I'll keep you in my prayers. It's nice and as an added bonus, it doesn't look like it will blow over in a strong wind. ;)

  7. Bonnie, thanks for the mystery. I still haven't started. :(
    I remember hearing of someone who used their fabric to wrap glasses, etc for moving. Sounds like a good idea to me! Go get more shirts! :)

  8. $1 a pound shirts! I don't know how many shirts it takes to make a pound, but the going thrift rate here is $5/shirt. And this is NOT an upscale community. Yes, I might be making frequent visits to Good Will, too. Carry the boxes in your car so you don't have to pay moving fees on them. ;-) Finished piecing my 2 priority tops, so now I can get going on step #2 & 3. In between quilting the 2 tops. This is such a fun thing to do in the midst of the holiday chaos. Really! Thank you, Bonnie. Merry Christmas! --and happy moving day!
    Linda H

  9. Ohhh my goodness! I'm so pleased we've got a little time to work on the third step - I was just thinking I'd caught up!

  10. Quilting in the library -- that's a great idea!


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