Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Monday.....

*Singing the Mamas & The Papas* At least it is a more upbeat version than "Rainy Days & Mondays" or perhaps I should think of "Just another manic monday.." Cuz that it what it feels like!

The much painting is still going on. Things are looking pretty good and spruced up! House gets the for sale sign out front today with the realtor coming at 4pm. The Termite inspection is today at 4pm also.

And just when I am feeling overwhelmed....or maybe...plain ole just WHELMED..DHL knocks on my door and lookie what I got! A package! A HERSHEY package!!! The note on the label says:
To Bonnie-Things will get better. Enjoy! From: Hugs M

M?!?? Which M?!? Who is M? It could be anyone! The address is the Hershey Web Store! There is NO invoice inside,no note...just....whooowhoooo!! a pretty pretty package of...CHOCOLATE! :cD

OH M...you made my day! I'm thrilled with the mystery (Maybe M is for MYSTERY!?) pressie! Thank you. Who ever you are!

I was working through some paper work this morning, returning contracts to various guilds for dates I've got booked in the coming year. Marking these dates on my calendar and thinking of how many of you I'm finally going to get to meet in person! Life is crazy right now, yes...but as I look ahead at the calendar, it is going to be an awesome year!

Good going also to so many of you who have completed your 100 little rail fence blocks! AWESOME work! I love hearing about the colors and fabrics you are using. I will be posting the next installment on thursday so you can work on it over the weekend while I'll be in Winston-Salem house hunting.

I did have an email from an Aussie participant who doesn't have access to a companion angle ruler, so if you don't have that, I'll include regular cutting instructions as well, so never fear. However, if you have a chance to come upon this ruler, snatch one up! Ask Santa for one for your Christmas stocking. That one and the easy angle! I use them ALL the time. They work with the sizes of strips I keep on hand and you'll be ready to sew with me on the next mystery :c)


  1. It was sent in response to your "I need chocolate" email to me from last week. :) Enjoy.

  2. For your Australian friend: There are other companies that make a ruler very similar to the companion angle. Fons and Porter, for example, make the Half and Quarter ruler. Omnigrid also makes one - this is what I have at home, as I wasn't able to find the Companion Angle here. They work the same anyway.

  3. Shall have to look into the companion angle ruler..or the Aussie alternatives above.
    Good luck with all your inspections, Tracey


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