Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eyes on the floor!

Yesterday my choir sang for a wedding....I love doing this! Of course I am very sentimental, I can get teary eyed singing at a wedding of someone I don't even know! But this wedding was just lovely. I think because of Advent, and all the Christmas greenery and the candles glowing in the evening...it was just ultra beautiful.

We have the most interesting tile floors in the chancel, and I finally remembered to bring my camera to take pictures. I have stared at these floors hundreds of times, trying to figure them out.

The Cathedral was built in the 1820's..and was spared from destruction when Sherman burned Columbia. An amazing feat in itself. I love looking at these tiles and thinking of the craftsmen that laid them.

Not all the fleur D'lis are the same! I need to go back with the camera again and get pics of the ones with variations so you can see them. I also love how the corners of the border around the fleur d'lis don't all turn the same either. They end where they end, and then they just GO! Here we spend so much time trying to figure things out just PERFECT...when it's more interesting to me if it isn't!

So..I took some time to play this morning with EQ and see if I could draft some things up from my pictures!

The fleur d'lis part is a bit odd because it is based on a shifted grid...I had to draw the grid myself..what a pain!I saved that puppy tho..I think it would be fun to play with!

And yes, I did every square a different fabric,and I would piece it as individual squares instead of rectangles, even where the color is the same because I think it adds to that mosaic feel. The colors appeal to me too..deep reds and gray on cream.

Who knows if I'll do anything with this. I am just intrigued by it! I'll miss it when I move!


  1. That is beautiful Bonnie. I see why you will miss it. I love the quilt you drafted.

  2. the fleur de lies would make a great quilt pattern -- lots of little squares, but an interesting top when done ! :-)

  3. Great job Bonnie! Wow!
    What magazine are you in? I want to purchase it but keep forgetting which magazine it is.


  4. well Im glad I'm not the only person that takes pics of old floor tiles and then plays with them till I get a quilt design VBG. We were at the Masonic Lodge in Philley 2 years ago and they had a variation of GMFG with a star around it and I made my fiorst gmfg using that design after I drafted it in EQ. Ami Simms had it on her blog watch where you step for the longest time, wonder if it's still there?
    I really like the border of your floor pics. Thanks for sharing

  5. That is the coolest floor! I'm glad it wasn't burned. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  6. Bonnie, how fabulous to put this in EQ. Love it.

  7. Oh wow, this is an awesome border design! How on earth did you draw your own graph in EQ? So happy for you that your house is sold. It must be the only one in the country! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  8. Love the design - please make it! You're not alone in photographing floors. I have done it for a long time - as well as wallpaper, sidewalk iron grids, and lots of other interesting architecture.


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