Sunday, December 02, 2007

Updates, et al...

Some have asked how they will know when the new installments are up. Here are a couple answers and ideas!

I will post new updates here on my blog, as well as on the front page of my website! I also have an "announcement only" Quiltville Mailing List that you can sign up for, and you will be notified of updates via email.

If there is interest, I'm happy to start another mailing list called Quiltville Chat so those working on it can chat back and forth together with questions and ideas. Are you interested?

Now, I have one confession to make already! Be patient with me! I just went to sew the next unit, and found that I had pressed the rail fence units wrong. You need to press towards the outer two strips, AWAY from the center strip. And yes, I'm re-ironing all of mine, but they will fit better this way! This is a learning process for me to figure out all the bumps as I go, instead of waiting until the end of the quilt to post the steps!


  1. JudyL (http://judylaquidara.blogspot.com/) has a Mr Linky thing for folks to play along with her stash game, maybe it would be fun to see how others play along with Crossroads?

  2. you can subscribe to updates to the blog by going to the bottom of the blog page and clicking on the following - Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) . You will have several choices how to read them - I have igoogle.com as my home page and read all my blog updates on it.


  3. I think it would be fun to have a Quiltville Chat group :)

    I have a design question: I'm gathering piles of scraps and choosing colors. Trying to decide what will go where, amountwise. Is your quilt "mostly" blues and lights with red accents sprinkled through, or are all three colors about equal? This is really a question about fabric amounts -- do I need LOTS more of one color than the others, or similar amounts of all three? I know you're working scrappy, so I'm not looking for yardage requirements, just color proportions. Trying to use my scraps to the best advantage!

    Thanks! Jeanne

  4. Do you think a chat/yahoo list just for the Carolina Crossroads is necessary? Or can we just 'chat' on the Quiltville yahoo list? I'm game either way. Got my pieces cut today and getting ready to sew, sew, sew!!!

    Patchwork Penguin

  5. Well I answered my own question.... the other list is announcement only. So yes, I think it would be great to have a list to post messages back and forth about the Mystery Project. Hugs,



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