Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Waiting Game.....

We received a counter-offer on our offer on the house in Winston Salem. It was expected, but it sure throws a stress-wrench into things! We have now countered back, 1/2 way in between what we offered, and what they listed the house at, thinking if we "split the difference" they may be apt to accept it.

Like I mentioned earlier, this house has been on the market for almost 500 days now. That's close to 1 1/2 years. They have had 3 offers fall through. It is a divorce situation with the ex-wife living in Miami, the ex-husband somewhere else, and the house is rented to a single gentleman who is barely there. You would think they would want to close the deal and unload the albatross and get on with their separate lives, but??!? Why is it men can haggle and haggle over a few thousand dollars?!?!?!?!

DH swears that if they don't accept our re-counter offer that we will walk. But that puts us back out at square one, and I just want to be DONE with it..so I say take the lowest offer they give us and just MOVE US for Pete's sake! We've seen everything on the market out there. If we don't take this one, it's going to take us months and months to see if something else comparable comes on the market and who knows when I'll get to move?!

Stress like this affects my sleep patterns! I went to bed Monday night at midnight, woke 4 hours later at 4am..bright as day, mind whirling, unable to get back to sleep. So what did I do? I pieced crumbs! I couldn't think much on anything else, so I just opened my drawer of crumbs and had at it! 5 hours later..*ahem* I had this!

The star points came from bonus triangles that were "donated" to my by quilters in my workshops who didn't think that double sewing the seams so they would have bonus triangles was any fun!! *LOL* So..I was showered with triangle confetti on several occasions,and it is so fun to include their cast-offs in my projects! Brings back fond memories of all the places I've been and all the wonderful people I've met over the past year!

I just paired a dark triangle with a light triangle, and let it be as un-square as it could be! No trimming allowed! Amazingly, these didn't turn out as wonky as I thought they would, only slightly so, which adds to the fun I think. Some points got chopped off, and that is freeing too! I surrounded each block log-cabin-style with strings from the string bin. At first I thought I would do light on one side, and dark on the other, traditional log cabin style,but it was too much light, so I went with all darks and squared them up at 8.5". It's wonky! And I don't know how it will end up yet, but I'd rather focus on things like this than worry about the stupid house situation! (*&@#$(*&@#$(*&@#$(*&!

Holly Jolly Me!


  1. I am in a similar boat with you. My DH is off in Florida (I'm in Alabama) starting his new job. Me and DS will remain here for 6 months until he finishes school. Right now DH is in a hotel, but we drive down the day after Christmas to look for an apartment that we can afford ontop of the house payment. Keeping my sanity depends on sewing time.

  2. We've been going through this since June. I'll still in our unsold house and my husband is in an apartment in the new location, weekdays, until we sell. Good luck to you, Bonnie. I think there's a big club of us out here.

  3. I feel your stress - your style and mine are the same while your DH and my DH seem to share the "I'll walk" gene. Hang in there... glad you have your quilting to help you through the waiting!!

  4. These blocks are fabulous Bonnie - so much life to them. glad you can forget your woes by piecing!

  5. These blocks are so you Bonnie - something from nothing as usual - go girl!

  6. I love your wonky star blocks and congrats on getting the house.


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