Wednesday, December 05, 2007

No time to quilt....whhhhhaaaaaa

I've been collecting boxes from behind stores over the past couple days. I'm boxing up extra stuff that doesn't need to be seen when they show the house. Except for the quilting room. I work here. It has to stay. I can get rid of some nick-nacks and pack up some books, but everything else needs to be accessible.

I have too much crap. I know this. But it's my crap! I am thinning some of it out and getting rid of stuff...dropping extra clothes (that can't be cut up and put into quilts!) to goodwill and throwing things away that I really don't want to move with me.

FOOD. ugh. I am under orders to everyone that we are to eat the freezer empty! *LOL* Canned goods and stuff like that will move fine, but perishables must be consumed. This could lead to some very interesting meal plans....*LOL*

Today I"ve got a house call to do at 10am for a client that can't get out, and then I have clients booked all afternoon. Pretty much a repeat from yesterday with the exception that I should be home by 6:30 instead of 9:00pm!

I had a 6pm client yesterday for a 1.5 hour appt. I was the last one in the clinic, so I had to do all the batching out and shutting down and locking up! Then I had to stop for groceries on the way home...by the time I got home it was after 9pm.....and here I go again.


  1. Moving is just the pits, huh!! Sounds like you have good plans and things well in hand. and working so hard too!! Do you do many geriatric clients? shut-ins??
    I am interested in massage for my older heart patients.


  2. Love your new look, Bonnie!

    Ah moving. Sure puts "collections" into perspective, doesn't it? You'll be fine!

    I was going to comment on Tuesday's post: If you EVER need an excuse to do some bindings while "the weather outside is frightful" (la la la)...you can always come visit me in frigid North Dakota! ;-) (BOYB: Bring your own bindings!) ;-)

  3. Moving is definitely one of my least favorite things to do, I can sympathize. I hope there's rest on the not too distant horizon... say, a nap in the car on the way to W-S? (That is if you're not doing the driving! ;)

  4. If you have a printing company nearby, you can probably get loads of paper boxes, which are great for moving.

  5. We will move in February too. So I liked to boxing extra stuff too when we showed our house for selling. But I had no time and a really big mess around every room. But we sold it, one couple didn't mind about all my stuff ;o)))

    But moving will be hard! And we try to eat the freezer empty too! *lol*

    Good wishes and a easy movement!
    Hugs from switzerland

  6. If you donate books, videos, magazines, etc. to your local library, you can get a receipt for the full amount of the item as a tax deduction.

  7. Hi Bonnie,

    I love your new "header" on your blog. I'm especially drawn to the quilt on the bottom far right side. Does it have a name?

    I love your blog. I know that everyday when I click on your name, a new entry will appear. You are AMAZING!


  8. Having recently moved, I recommend your local chain bookstore as a good source of clean empty boxes. If you ask at Borders and/or Barnes & Noble they will usually give you some.

  9. I guess that this hamster wheel existence will continue until you move now Bonnie - good luck with it and don't work yourself into the ground


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