Friday, December 07, 2007

Happy Hanukkah!

I am blessed not only with many quilting buddies, but buddies of all different walks of life who have strengthened and broadened mine! To those I cherish with Jewish roots and traditions, I want to wish you a blessed Hanukkah!

I admit I have a hard time tracking when Jewish holidays are as they "float" *LOL* But then so does Easter and if it doesn't show up on a calendar, I can't tell you when it is either. So this is coming to you mid-way through the 8 days, but hopefully plenty of time left for me not to be too late!

I am listening to XM radio, and did you know they have a Hanukkah channel!? I am enjoying listening to it so much, even if I can't understand a word sung in Hebrew...it is so fun to listen to. For those with XM, it's channel 108.

Today we are heading out for the house hunting trip in Winston Salem. I feel really headache-y this morning and I didn't sleep well last night. I don't know if it is stress or what? The house has to be in "showing shape" when we leave this afternoon in case it will be shown this weekend.

I spent last night packing up books and extra knick-knacks trying to get realtor approval I guess. But sheesh. I really am not all that cluttered except in the quilting room. And that's to be expected.

It IS helping me go through things and weed out and toss out. This can only be a good thing, right? But still...I woke up today with a headache :c|

I plan on bringing the camera..and thought I could turn this into a feature of "the best and worst of house hunting" by photos! You want to see the absolute ugliest we were shown?? You'll get it! (maybe it won't be that bad) and the best? You'll get it.

The worst part is being married to a very tight wad accountant! If we sell this house close to what the realtor says we should sell it for..we stand to make some money on it. But DH wants to find something cheaper than what we paid for this house....?? I think we should stay around the same price range, same size range...and he is pinching pennies? Sometimes I think if he had his way we'd still be in that single-wide trailer we lived in for 10 years paying $235 a month! I look at property as an investment...he looks at it as an expense. Two different sides of the spectrum.

So hopefully in the middle we can find balance.


  1. Difficult when the two of you view this from alternate ends of the financial spectrum - just gently remind him that you are uprooting yourself and giving up established employment because of his job situation - accordingly he needs to cut you some slack and cushion that 'blow' Good luck in finding something that ticks all the boxes for you both :o)

  2. Lots of luck on your house shopping. It is a beautful area up there. We visit once a year in the Asheville area. (from Florida)
    It doesn't matter the size of house. Quilting will always make it a home.

  3. Best wishes this weekend! Naturally, we're all going to need a full report. I think men and women, generally speaking, look at housing differently-- for women it's an emotional investment and for men it's a financial one. This can be completely frustrating at times, too; when that middle ground becomes so narrow! Arrgghh... I hope you find the balance you're looking for.

  4. We have used a camera the last two times we've moved - helps to fill in the gaps left by the MLS printouts. Househunting is SO stressful ~ but maybe there's that one "just right" house that will TELL you it's the one (has happened to us twice now). Hang in there...

  5. We used our camera 3 summers ago when we moved to Texas and boy was it the best thing ever!!! In order to keep it all organized found myself taking photos of the street sign, if I could get it on the way if not no big deal... but defintely of the exterior first with house number then you will knwo what you are seeing is for that house.

    Of course we only had a 3 day paid trip to find THE HOUSE and we worked with two realators who both showed us over 50 homes each.

    Gotta love digital b/c it got overwhelming but havign the camera to take 100's of photos with really HELPED! Don't forget the battery charger too! ;)

    Have a fun and happy weekend and good luck house hunting! ~Bonnie

  6. Oh good luck! Hmm, I could leave some comments about houses and DH... mine.....

  7. I surely dont have any answers and no experience - I'm a one house wonder - but I will do this...

    ...add you to my prayer list and I'll put an extra couple in there for DH because sometimes I think they got dropped on their head and THAT'S why they aren't right!


  8. Good luck with this gigantic project - take it easy on yourself, and I wish you good vibes between you and a non-stressful trip. (Might be hard!)

  9. it's both i'd say bonnie...have fun

    i watch 'house hunter' all the time and it's interesting to see what goes for what in different parts of the country...

    cityquilter grace

  10. We're the same except I'm the penny pincher! We decided to rent for a second year here in Minneapolis. Keith can walk to work from our apartment and it's right downtown. We found a townhouse community downtown, on the river that we both agree on so I'm hoping after this next year (his office will be moving NEXT Dec.) we'll go ahead and buy. We do both agree we want to be downtown but I haven't liked ANY of the condos we've seen.

  11. Best wishes in your house hunting! The good thing is, with the housing market the way it is, you're sure to find something at a great price, which your Accountant hubby will love!

    Caron in Michigan

  12. Good luck with your house hunting trip Bonnie! Hopefully you will be able to find something that fits both of your needs! (and remember to tell him that it's an investment in your business -- you do work out of the home you know!)

  13. Hopefully you will find something to "split the difference", kind of...Good luck!! I am still praying for a full basement or reasonable alternative for you.


  14. Bonnie,
    Have you considered renting for a few months? If it's possible, it would give you a chance to adjust to the area and find something that will fit both of your needs.

    Good luck and I hope you find your new nest!

  15. My husband doesn't believe in repairing the house. I think of it as well, maybe an investment but at least if I'm living in it I don't want to see things broken or worn out. Nope. Hubby thinks it a waste of money!

    Hope your headaches will go out with the stress!


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