Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mystery Woman!

I am having so much fun with this idea! I hope everyone loves their quilts and the process as much as I am...just reading your comments and emails about what colors and fabrics you plan to use...This is awesome!

The Quilt has a name! I have Christened it "Carolina Crossroads" Because I am in limbo between North and South Carolina right now!! It just seemed to be perfect, and because *I*know what the finished quilt looks like, the name suits!

When you have completed your 100 rail fence blocks, those with blogs, please post to your blog and let me know you have posted!

I'm already thinking I need to make a second version and sew along with everyone on that one too..I must be nuts! *LOL* I'm going to resist for now...and just persevere with my blue/red/neutral version.

If I give it until thursday....do you think that's enough time for everyone to get their fabrics together and get their 100 rail fence blocks done? They are super easy and fast...just sew sew sew and whack whack whack??

I have also added the 1st step to my website and will put it in the side bar here on my blog when I have a chance. It will make it easier for people to follow so they don't have to scroll backwards all the time to get to the previous steps :)


  1. I surely must be insane, also. I haven't done a mystery in years -- but I'm going to jump in with both feet. Haven't decided on color yet -- I'll just check the stash.

  2. Bonnie I have read your website for years. I'm so glad I found your blog and mystery quilt. I don't know that I can play along but will follow the others progress. Good luck on your move.

    Freda Henderson

  3. Oh my gosh, I miss a few posts and it truly IS a mystery... I had to back WAY up to get caught up to speed, although I'm not sure I could ever get caught up to your speed! Have fun with this, Carolina Crossroads is a great name!

  4. Bonnie, I would love to play! Count me in.



  5. Bonnie I've just finished my rail blocks (red and green)....can't wait for Thursday!


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