Friday, December 30, 2005

Nearly New Year's Eve..

I'm not sure where today went.....but I am happy to report that the 'no fabric buying' is still in force! Not because I willed it to be so, but because even with a 40% off coupon and sales going on at Joann's and a GIFT CARD...I couldn't find a single piece of fabric that interested me!

I went to Joann's with the intent to use up this gift card that I had in my wallet that was close to expiring. I looked at the books, but there was nothing there to interest me either. I bought a new soapstone pencil marker thing (used the 40% off coupon on that) some quilting needles, and some quilting thread. I also bought a leather thimble by clover that has the coiny thing on both sides. I thought I'd give that a shot as well!

There is still $1.03 left on the gift card! It will probably expire that way, because it costs more than $1.03 to drive all the way across town to Joann's anyway. (This is a good thing)

I need thimble therapy. I admit to losing my silver TJ Lane thimble :c( I don't know WHERE it went. I had a suspicion that it got swallowed up in the depths of the couch cushions, but when I looked I couldn't find it. I swear I will never pay $50 for a thimble again. It was too pretty to lose and I feel so bad about it. I think I'm better sticking with the cheapies...and then I can have extras all over the house and in my pocket, and in my purse, and in my car and not feel the least bit bad if I lose one!

I'm about to go crawl into my jammies even though it's only 6:30pm as I write this. I want to curl up with a fire in the fireplace and quilt some more fans...I'm still pushing to get this quilt finished being quilted by sunday night..that's my goal! (Heck, I only started this one clear back in march right before Lucy came to visit...i need to finish it, I don't want to drag it into another year! And if that isn't bad enough, the top was pieced shortly after 9-11!)

Then I can move on to quilting some of the littles that I basted this week.

I'm raring to head into 2006 and quilt it with a vengeance! :cD



  1. Bonnie,
    Put those jammies on and relax! You deserve it! I've had mine on since 1:00 or so...but that's cuz I'm not feeling well.

  2. Well I"m relaxin too! I still am hacking away but the dr gave me that hisstussin stuff with the codine in it so I"m very mellow!

    And yes I love your new blog - need to go check out your website now!

    It took me forever to figure out what happened with my blog when I changed it - but I finally got it! Something screwy with the title box was throwing everything else off!

  3. Anonymous9:55 PM EST

    You'll probably find your special thimble when you're looking for something else LOL. I have one that cost over $80 Australian and I'm scared to use it in case that goes missing too! It's too hot for me to handquilt at the moment anyway (just hope I don't forget where I stored it "for safety") - so enjoy relaxing in your PJs :-)

  4. Isn't t frustrating when your favorite equipment goes on a journey... Hope your thimble shows up soon for you.

  5. I really like the soapstone "pencil" marker I have - hope it works well for you. Sorry about your pretty thimble - sure it didn't become a cat toy and get batted UNDER the sofa or some other piece of furniture?
    Lotsa quilting in 2006 - I'm with ya on that one.
    Happy New Year's Eve to you.

  6. I'll second that motion..happy new years eve..let's get quilting.

    I free form fan quilted last night again, and it goes better and better as I move along. I definitely can see this on a quilt that isn't practice.

    I don't have luck quilting with anything but a coin thimble. I keep them all when I ended the shop, and still haven't had a buy more. Let me know how that two sided one goes. I only have the coin in one side ones.

    I'm so proud of you for the NO fabric needed trip to JoAnn's. Good choices on the spending you did! Do you quilt with C&C's thread?? Just curious??*VBG*

  7. I wish I could walk out of there with no fabric - LOL! And I WORK THERE!
    Next time you are in maybe I'll be working and can "help" you find some fabric to take home with you. LOL
    I have enjoyed your blog and seeing your lovely quilts.


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