Saturday, December 03, 2005

Wavy Borders & All!

Today I made myself sit down and stitch the last border together and add it on. It's the top and bottom borders that are more flarey than the side borders I think. I can't figure out why, I measured measured measured, made sure seam allowance was good, etc. It is what it is. Pieced borders just have so much give to them I guess.

Right now the top measures 73X82 so it's a good size already. Do I figure this is one that is just giong to "QUILT OUT?" I could add another border to make it behave, but I don't think it needs it. Yes, the binding may chop off points on the outside diamonds when it comes time to bind it, but do I really mind? Not really, but I do mind more about the flaring because that can be a quilting nightmare.

I've got two other projects in the hand quilting stage both partially quilted already, and that is what I was thinking for this one, so I guess for now it gets relegated to the 'waiting for quilting' pile!



  1. Bonnie -

    I love the blue alternate blocks - they make the whole quilt pop! Good job sticking it out with those borders. They look great.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. I don't think it needs another border either BUT when I first looked at the picture I thought you'd already added that rust color - think that would look good if you choose that option.
    yeah, cut off those points - it won't detract at ALL from this quilt - look at those wild center blocks.

  3. Beautiful!!! This is so much fun. Inspired again. Thank you. Catherine

  4. Oh my, Bonnie! Your Crazy Puss-in-the-Corner is so eyecatching!!! I love the blocks against the blue setting squares/triangles. And that border!!! Wow!

    You probably know this already...but spray sizing/pressing can help control the waves. And maybe a wool batting would help to "fill" those problem areas in when quilting?

    Good luck!!!

  5. love how the border makes the whole quilt seem to move!


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