Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Is there such a thing as....

Too many baptist fans??

I'm pulling out small quilt tops, wall hanging size, that I would like to work on when I finish quilting the ohio stars and rails quilt. I am trying to think of fun ways to quilt these, but all I want to do is quilt fans! I just love the texture, and the quilting goes so easily...

Is it boring if I just keep quilting fans on EVERYTHING?



  1. No it's not boring, and yes, you can put baptist fans on everything if you want...*VBG*

    I've just been going through all that I have that needs quilting...ah....don't ask!

    If you are concerned about the fans tho...how about clam shells??? *VBG* Edge to edge??

  2. As far as I'm concerned, you can never have enough fans or clamshells, especially if they're handquilted on there! Have fun with it!

  3. No Bonnie, you cannot have too many fans ! You just keep on quilting just what you feel like until you are tired of it. Its such a nice design.

  4. Anonymous7:56 PM EST

    No Bonnie - baptist fans are brilliant! I love them myself although have never quilted them - must get to that on some of these tops waiting to be quilted! Fans and Feathers - they're my favourite LOL.

  5. I say if the fans fit the quilt do it! I also love them!

  6. Bonnie,
    I say if it feels good do it! LOL But I HATE doing BF's on the longarm. What is your technique?

  7. If you want to quilt fans I say go for it. My Granny quilted almost all her quilts with fans.

  8. Never too many fans - it's a wonderful, unifying pattern. And as Nancy says, lots of the old quilts were quilted that way so it's traditional as well.
    My question is, are you marking them or freehanding it?

  9. by hand or machine? (I heard that by machine might not be the best.... The starts and stops pull out?)

    I like it - especially when you don't have "open space" that calls for something more.

    You could also do SID or 1/4 inch over.... Or try to come up with really cool "pictures" like Tonya. (I want to try to hand quilt like that...)


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