Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Don't Cryo For Me, Argentina.....*singing*

Pardon my spoof on songs from Evita! Andrew Lloyd Weber might consider that a very bad rendition of his song....

I had the cryo surgery this morning. It wasn't TOO bad, but still pretty uncomfortable! Though anything that happens around private body parts is not comfortable to me, even after having 3 babies it doesn't get any easier to have things stuck in me down there...

And all the while the doctor (old and bald, thank goodness, not young and handsome!) telling me to relax and let my knees fall out to the side..yeah right! I told him that we ought to freeze his prostate and see if he can "relax"?! :c)

They have to freeze your cervix for 3 to 4 minutes...and nitrus oxide is -50 degrees Celsius! I feel crampy, enough that I don't feel like doing much (I think concentrating on a customer's quilt is out of the question), but not bad enough to keep me in bed where all I do is feel it. Maybe a walk later will get my mind off the cramps. Ibuprophen has been taken, and there is this antibiotic cream that I am supposed to use at nights? Great...more goo....*LOL*

It is OVER. That is all I care about...not pleasant, but at least over! It's been almost 2 hours, and I still feel like an ice cube deep inside..*LOL*



  1. Bonnie: I've been thinking about you this morning. Sorry you're feeling uncomfortable but glad you have it done and behind you. Take care of yourself . . maybe the Ibuprophen will kick in and you could just curl up with a book and relax?? If I were your mother, I'd tell you not to go for a walk today!


  2. Oh Bonnie. I'm so glad it is over and not "too bad". You really made me laugh thinking about a frozen prostrate!

    Easy for them to say relax and spread your legs!

  3. Great to hear you "pushed through and got it done" would not have been easy for me either. I have that same allergic reaction to being touched...especially "there". You'd think by 65 they'd leave me alone wouldn't ya??

    I'm with Judy, a book, hope that the pain reliever kicks in..pamper yourself abit today. Maybe stick a movie in and snuggle under a quilt.

  4. I'm reading this later, but I sure hope you stayed off your feet and relaxed today! You deserve it! You're in my prayers for good test results and an end to your discomfort!

  5. Yick - hope you're thawed out and feeling great again.

  6. ewww! Lets hope that fixes whatever ails ya!
    You reminded me that I need to make an appointment....

    BTW My blog has big pictures today!

  7. Glad it's over. Hope you feel 100% ASAP!

  8. Glad it's over and hope you're feeling much better today.
    Better that you have an old and bald doctor -- mine is young and handsome! But he has a great sense of humor and is a top-notch surgeon - that I can attest to!

  9. I've been outta the loop for a few days and girl! you have been busy! Loved the stash posting. I'm impressed with the color coding. Way cool. I tried that, but I have a puny stash- it's all in one box, practically. So not much point in it, I suppose. Your post about how you work, was inspiring. Almost sounded like a system. Wouldn't that be nice?! And the mini basket quilt you did with Lucy... I love that and I am pretty sure I saw it in her pile of UFO's. Hope you are feeling better, today. Be careful if you're walking, your body has suffered some trauma. Take it easy! You want to be in tip top shape for your vacation! Nina

  10. Oh Bonnie. I hope by now you're feeling much better. (I'm waaay behind with my Q M friends!)

    I don't know much about the "Down There" dos and donts...but can you hot tub? Or would that be inviting infections?

    Your procedure sounds way uncomfortable. Glad you could tell your doc where to "put it!" You've got a great sense of humor! Nobody can touch that!!!


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