Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day :c)

As it's called in all countries with ties to the crown....The day after Christmas. I was dreadfully low on groceries after being gone for a week so I had to brave the crowds this morning, which were not too bad considering. Sam's Club is not one of those places with huge return/exchange lines, and I do avoid the mall (otherwise known as the MAUL by myself and those who know me who share the same revulsion for the place) at all costs. I came home with some groceries, and two long sleeve V-neck tees that I really did need..and voila! I'm staying home the rest of the day.

Last night we went to a friend's home for desserts and company. A fun time was had, it was a great visit and cozy in their home. I came home with their leftover ham-bone because they were going to toss it...and knowing I am the official "after the holiday" soup officianado, they gave it to me! So I have simmering in the crock pot...one ham bone and bean soup fixings. Yummy.

I've quilted to a couple more old classic movies today, both black and whites that were on the TCM channel. Nice since that channel is commercial free! I've probably got 3 rows of fans left to quilt across the ohio stars and rails quilt..and the callouses are back into protecting my fingers after a couple days off duty.

I'm posting some pics of the finished "The Best Things" Quilt. It turned out way more maverick than I would have expected...It does NOT hang straight, even after washing and blocking it and trying to force it into square..*LOL* It was square WHEN I started...all I can figure is that quilting with a hoop and moving that hoop from place to place, and having LOTS of quilting can pull it right into distortion. *sigh*

Oh well....I am thinking of all the antique quilts I love seeing in books and how their corners are pulled off square, and border edges are anything but straight, and how much MORE I love them because of that human element. And though I used synthropol in the wash water..there was one place where the red did bleed a bit pink into the shirting print border. And YES, I prewashed those reds! I suppose this is much the same kind of thing our fore-quilters would have had to deal with too, and I probably would have loved their quilts just as much or more in spite of it, so phooey. And I am still a lover of that solid red...so I'll keep using it. I just might wash it twice before I piece with it in the future though!

However, I still feel like quite the maverick soul thumbing my nose at the quilt police saying that borders must all be the same width, they must hang straight with square corners and binding miters must be sewn down. HA! I happen to like my origami folded pleated binding corners. I won't stitch them shut for anyone. I think Gwen would be proud, don't you? ;c)

On the school front...I found out that somehow the transcripts that the school sent to the national certification board got LOST. Which means I still don't have a date for taking my exams to get my license. BAH HUMBUG on that. My goal was to have it done before the holidays, and then to have it done before my birthday in Jan...now who knows when they'll have all the stuff together to be able to give me a date to sit for those exams? I guess I'll be getting ALOT of quilting done!



  1. Bonnie,
    I just love your "oh well" attitude about the quilt not being square! It makes life easier that way! And darn it on the transcripts being lost...sounds like you had a great day!

  2. What a fun quilt, love the cheerfullness of it! You are very talented.

  3. Finished!!! You can be so proud! I love the quilt. It is so fun to look at. I love the orange. I love how you use your the block's as a inner border. I remeber that I saw them at your planbord last spring. You didn't know what to do with them and VOILA here they are. Great!

  4. The finished quilt looks great Bonnie..*VBS* The hand quilting is wonderful..I love everything about it. Looks like the Universe kinda took thing out of your hands, so to speak..LOL..and now "The Best Things" quilt has joined the ranks of vintage quilts everywhere...doing its own thing and making people wonder...I love it!!!
    Great new look for your blog also..love the background change and the do-dads between the links.
    Sorry to hear about the transcrips tho...that's awful..but you'll do fine when the time comes.

  5. Darling quilt, Bonnie. With the wonky lettering who cares if the borders wiggle? They look like they should!!

  6. Looks good... Happy Pre-birthday from another January Baby! (I am getting giddy at the thought just like when I was a kid....)

  7. Oh Bonnie! I absolutely love this quilt! It is so ..... inviting! I just have to do one! I love, love, love it!

    As for the bleeding. I"ve had a few fabrics that no matter how much I wash them they still bleed. But I found for most of them is the bleeding comes in when they either sit in the washing machine wet (waiting to be dried) or in the dryer if it shuts off and the quilt is still damp. I try so hard now not to let it sit in either - it makes a huge difference.

    But I still love it!

  8. It turned out really nice, just as I knew it would! It's like eye candy :)

  9. Darn it, the computer ate my post yesterday... LOVE how this quilt turned out - esp the maveriosity of its edges. Be proud - it's great. Sorry about your transcripts - take this extra time and enjoy yourself, my hard-working friend.

  10. still one of my favorite quilts
    I have to so something like this soon!


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