Friday, December 02, 2005

Books on CD, etc

I'm writing this post because of Obertra who leaves comments to my posts but no way to reply back other than leave another comment to the comment! One always wonders if one leaves an answer to a comment in the comments section if it will indeed be found at some point..will the person remember to come back looking for replies?

This comment was about books on CD, and how fun it is to listen to great readers narrate the books that we know and love. I really do think the right narrator can bring that book to life, and that's what's got me hooked on books on CD, whether I listen to them in the car, or upload them onto my MP3 player, it's better than TV, and no commercials!

Obertra mentioned Charles Dickens and Tom Sawyer and it made me think of a couple of my treasured volumes that I have downstairs. I don't remember where I came across these, but these are my two Charles Dickens treasures, both dated 1883. I had hoped to read from them to my boys when they were little, but they seemed to like other things instead. Classic literature? No way! I've also collected novels by Jane Austen and a few others, not so old, but I like having them around.

Now I'm thinking these would be great to get on CD...if the narrator is right...they can bring back those stories that we know and love. Next time around at the library (after I finish the 3 books I checked out yesterday!) I think I'll shoot for some classic Charles Dickens... This way we can get our books in, and still keep our fingers busy with the quilting in the process :c)



  1. I love the old books.. special in english , the original language.

  2. I'll bet they won't be hard to find on CD. I always love the ones that James Earl Jones read. Such a voice!

  3. Are you familiar with Gutenberg's free online e-books? They have audio books online too:


    and mostly the classics, like you're talking about in this post. :)

    I've never tried the audio versions, but have dl'ed many of the e-books.



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