Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Emmy Lou Be My Valentine?

I just went downstairs and found my little scaredy-cat Emmy Lou on the table..on top of the little valentine topper I put out yesterday (yes the christmas stuff is GONE, and I have moved on to the next red holiday, folks!)

Emmy is such a timid little thing. She was a rescue kitty....saved from the top of a tree when she was a kitten by a friend who's dogs had chased her up there, and continuted to terrorize her, probably waiting for her to fall and become dinner.

I adopted her on the spot. She is one of those kitties who has an automatic-touch-activated-purr-starter! All you have to do is lay a finger on her and she roars up her purr motor to beat the band. But the trick is....getting her to let you touch her in the first place. I think because she was an abused orphan kitty that she has programed herself to live a solitary protection based life! She will come in to eat, she will find a dark corner to nap for a while out of sight, and then outside she goes again. She has the most timid meow you've ever heard, almost whiney! (And very feminine) Occassionally she will feel safe enough to jump up on my bed if I am laying there, and allow herself to be petted. But that is usually short lived and out she goes again.

What makes it worse is that Oscar, our white kitty, loves to terrorize her and chase her whenever he sees her. Of course, because she won't stand up for herself...she runs as soon as she sees him, and the chasing and hissing is on. Bad Oscar. Poor Emmy. I wish she'd just ONCE stand up for herself, quit running, and fight back!

The 4 bags of clothing, shoes, purses all got dropped off at Good Will on my way to the guild get-together last night. GOOD RIDDANCE! I purposely dropped them off that soon after cleaning the closet so that I wouldn't get second thoughts and be tempted to pull stuff out of there again. GONE! Feels so good... :cD



  1. Lovely kitty & Valenting quilt. I knwo what you mean about the terrorizing. Rhapsody used to terrorize RB, but he is now the bigger terror. (She was all bark - he actually bites!)

  2. Bonnie, Just wanted to say hello, and tell you I have a brown tabby named Emma, who often is called Emma Lou as well. Mine is not the meek one, tho', in my household of two cats she is known as the 'Boss Cat', and the other one, Cleo is the 'wimp cat.'

    Geez, on to Valentine's Day already? I just put up my Christmas tree on the 24th.

    trish from Charlotte NC

  3. Love the red and white table topper..*VBS* I've actually thought I'd do that with those all reds pineapple blossoms I started a week or so ago. I'm sure I whip 16 of those up real fast..the quilting is another story! But it's still Dec, right???
    Congrats on getting those bags outta there..that's the secret!

  4. Hi Bonnie !
    Its Pat in Texas, long time no see.
    I saw a link for your web site on another blog I read, Elizabeth Q.
    How are you ? Do you miss Texas at all.
    I have a blog,so if you have time take a peek and see whats new in this neck of the woods.
    Do you ever hear from Kelley ?
    I am starting to quilt and right now looking for a quilting frame, any suggestions ?

  5. I thought I was ahead of the game since I got Christmas put away, but you have me beat...Valentine's Day already? I love the table topper and the kitty!

  6. Good for you for getting rid of them before you have 2nd thoughts! I do that also! If they sit around too long I go back in and dig!

  7. Poor little sweet kitty. Nice to see her out in the open tho - not hiding under the furniture.
    Can we see a pic of the quilt?
    Can't believe you have Christmas put away all ready, Scrooge. Of course I'm an idiot and forgot to even bring any valentine's quilts with me. sigh.


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