Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Quilting Away!

I am quilting away on the stretched stars quilt! I am doing this especially to practice some designs that I have coming up on a customer quilt.....she requested pine boughs and berries for her border on her mountains quilt, and I've not done pine boughs before. I figure they couldn't be that different from feathers, but still, it helps to do a practice run before taking off on someone else's quilt! So...the stetched stars is getting pine boughs in the border as practice, and I like it! It sure uses alot of thread though! the inner border is just curling tendrils, and the inside of the quilt is an easier version of mctavishing....I don't like all the backtracking that mctavishing requires, so I just do my own thing with flames and echoed swirls for much the same effect, but no thread build up or inaccuracy that comes from backtracking over previous stitching. I think it looks like a windy swirly snow storm!

It's a frosty morning here in SC! Yesterday I did get to the forest to walk with Buddy. Man, I love those books on the mp3 player! The time flies so fast as I am hiking and listening. DH's Christmas present came a couple days ago....it's a wrist held GPS thing that also comes with a heart rate monitor...all these bells and whistles. He actually told me what he wanted, and that's great because that takes all the work out of it for me. He said we could get it for 'the both of us' but I'm not that big of a die hard in the needing to know how many miles, track my heart rate, etc....but he does this daily. So it can be his toy. I do want to borrow it just to find out how many miles this loop that I am hiking is. But once I've tracked it once...I'll know what it is and I don't see myself using that GPS thingy again unless I find another trail I want to track!

Well, that's it for me! I need to get the stretched stars finished this morning so that I can start on that one for the customer...need to deliver it to a guild mtg next monday night.....the 17th is coming quickly and there are another couple quilts I need to get finished for people before then too...because we will be GONE!



  1. Oh Bonnie! I love that pine boughs and berries! I tried to do something like that on my cardinal quilt I just posted a few days ago, but couldn't get the right pattern so gave up and ripped it out. Yours is really cute!

    And I love the snow swirl thing! Very fun. I could dod that - but it is hard to get bigger sweeps on a home machine. Ahhh if only I had a long arm.... And my friend has one but it isn't usable at the moment - long story.

  2. Love the quilting on the slanty stars! I keep saying I am going to put on a practice piece and just play around but I keep having things that have to be done NOW! I want to come spend a few days with you and have some of your talent rub off on me! Thanks as always for sharing your great quilts!


  3. Ooooh Bonnie...your Stretched Stars is looking spectacular! I love what you are quilting because it is kind of unexpected or not what you would see most quilters quilting, don't you think? Totally Maverick!

    Your pine boughs look great. I love your addition of the berries...adds lots of character.

  4. The quilting designs look fab - I love how they're not all matchy with the block pattern. Those pine boughs and berries are gonna look great on a mountainy quilt too.

  5. Bonnie: Will you show us a picture of the stretched stars once it is finished? Love the quilting.

    My McTavishing doesn't look a whole lot like Karen's either. Love the bigger version you're doing.

    Judy L.

  6. Wow I love the Plaids. I love the pattern and the quiltingpart is Amazing !!!

  7. Great job! I love the stage in quilting where I am still really, really lovin' it! The pine boughs are wonderful- hmm... think I might be able to manage that. Love the swirls, too. Thanks for the inspiration!


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