Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cleaning Virus on the Loose!

It's a good thing that no one is home today but me. I'm not sure if it is because this is the first day in a week and a half that I have been home alone, or if it is because Christmas is OVER and we are facing a new year, or if it is hormones and mood swings, but I've been bit by the cleaning virus! So far it's made me tackle the upstairs...all three bedrooms including reaming out my 15 yr old son Jeff's room. Toxic to say the least! (someone tell me why he had three 1/2 eatten packs of ritz crackers in his drawer?)

I've done 5 loads of laundry (two of them were Jeff's!) to get everything taken care of from the week away, and as I was putting things away in my closet this lead to cleaning OUT my closet....arranging things in there. I got rid of FOUR tall kitchen sized drawstring trash bags full of dresses, blouses, sweaters, tshirts,sweats, shorts, shoes and purses. Someone want to tell me WHY again that women have to have so many pairs of shoes that we never (or rarely) wear, and what is this thing with the "purse graveyard" shelf at the top of the closet. Am I really ever going to use any of those ever again, or will I find myself more apt to just buy a new one when I come across it?

I also discovered something...my clothes are in the colors I also like in fabrics. I guess I wear what I like to sew with! Lots of blue, all shades, some black, grey, splash of red, green and maybe a bit of purple. Very little yellow or pastels. I'd say over 60% of my closet is in one shade of denim or another....that goes for shirts,both long and short sleeved... pants, skirts, jumpers, dresses. DENIM. Or khaki!

I dress for comfort and I can usually be found in jeans in the winter with a long or short sleeved tee. Most everything (except for some workout clothes) are 'lady' type tees...I don't wear the unisex man's type tee because I don't like the neck that tight around me. I tend to go for v neck or slightly scoop neck.

In the summer it's drawstring lightweight cotton capris or walking shorts...feet are usually bare or in sandals. Winter time it's sneakers or a pair of comfortable leather clogs.

When we were in the Smokies I went shopping one night while the guys were skiing...(bought 3 new bras, I think that is what started this, because I came home and tossed three old ones that were replaced with the new ones)at a shop called "Goodies". Nice mid range price department store...I looked through everything including the sale racks. NOTHING appealed to me. NOTHING! (Other than the bras, which are all basic white and were 25% off!) There was all kinds of women's "working at the office" type fashionable clothes...but you know what? the blazers and jackets were the most hideous fabric I'd ever seen! I'm talking big bulky plaids that reminded me of bad upholstery from the 1970s. Orange and avacado green. I kid you not! Slinky fabrics, lots of 'dry clean only'.....I don't think I'd survive having to dress for work like that.

I also don't like how the pants are cut and I'm anxiously awaiting the day when they put the waistline on pants back up where it belongs...ON MY WAIST. I've bought some new pants recently that sit lower, now they aren't really "hip huggers" but they are a couple inches lower than my natural waist, so now my tee shirts aren't long enough and i get belly hang out...egad! If they are going to make the pants lower, don't you think they need to make the shirts LONGER?

I'm just a natural fiber lover I guess....in clothing as well as quilting. I'm glad I don't have a clothes fetish, I'd rather BE quilting.

I'm going to drop these 4 bags off at the Goodwill on my way to a stitch group get together tonight. It's a 'white elephant' swap, and a left over dessert sharing for the goodies. I have neither, but I can probably wrap up a stack of FQ's I'll never use that someone else might want, and I could bring some beverages instead of a dessert. It will be fun to go just for the company of WOMEN after being stranded with too much testosterone around me for so long!



  1. Funny, I was just asking DH today where to bring clothes that I clean out of the closet - I have no idea how that works in Austria.

    Anyway, I am with you - usually jeans, sometimes cords. Long sleeved V neck t's in winter with a sweater over, scoop neck or V neck t's in summer. Almost are plain with no writting. I get cold easily so have a few sweaters that I adore and if it is really cold, wrap a scarf around my neck. Shoes? More like sneakers. OK, I have maroon sneakers for Austria so I don't stand out like a sore thumb in white running sneakers. House shoes are very comfy clogs.

    Oh sure, I can dress up if the need strikes - I have a few classics, but for the most part comfort dictates.

    I like to try to keep my closets to a bare minimum. I don't like looking at a full closet and thinking - "I have nothing to wear". I keep only what I do wear. I don't think I could come up with 4 bags to get rid of and still have a pair of socks left over!

    Have fun at your swap tonight. I love coming home from vacation and settling back into my normal routine.



  2. Too funny, Bonnie! I, too, hate the belly-hang-out thing and have a purse graveyard in my closet. Happy you had a nice Christmas.

  3. Ok..send me that virus...NOW!!!

  4. Anonymous7:08 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie,
    I have had that same virus since Christmas day. DH says I am nesting. He just stands back and let's me go.

  5. Good for you doing that cleaning. If you're still in the mood once your house is clean, head to KY. I'll follow you around and talk while you clean! :)

    I also seem to buy clothes in the colors I like for quilting. Way too much lime green and purple for an old woman! :)

    Judy L.

  6. Don't let me catch that cleaning virus - I'm afraid my clean-aphobic brain would explode.
    I definitely wear the same colors that I usually quilt in. All my clothes are COMFY.
    Here's a Cairo bra story for you. An american married to an Egyptian threw away a bra that didn't fit her anymore. The next day her sister-in-law handed her LE100 - her share of the proceeds from the sale of the bra that the SiL had dug out of the trash.

  7. Can't wait for this weekend when I am going to do the same thing. As long as everything is put away for Christmas stuff I am going to clean carpets and oil wood before I put the non-xmas stuff back. But I can't agree with you about pants! The low waisted pants are the most comfy I have ever worn and I will cry when the high waisted ones come back! I have a pooch that always makes the high ones feel tight, no matter what! But I agree, having stuff hanging out isn't good, unless you're super skinny.

  8. Your resourcefulness in finding affordable fabric options and repurposing thrifted materials is inspiring. It shows that with a bit of creativity and careful planning


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