Thursday, December 29, 2005

Basting Party!

Last night I got out several small wallhanging size stuff that I want to hand quilt. Yes, these are the ones I was thinking of yesterday, wondering if it is okay to hand quilt fans on EVERYTHING! I'm nearly done with quilting on my ohio stars and rails, so I needed to line up the next one so I could just move on to it... I had a basting party all by myself. Loaded those puppies on the machine, found pieces of left over batting to use in them, and did a huge big stitch (toe catcher size!) basting meander all over them....I basted 6 small quilts! Probably more than enough to keep me busy hand quilting in the evenings for the next year, but at least they are off the shelves.

I think I'm going to quilt the "Flies in the Buttermilk" Next..and yes, it will be more fans. I've got to check if I have enough brown quilting thread, or if I need to get more over the next couple days. I used brown to quilt the 6 point string star, and it really had a great primitive look to it.

I found backings out of stash..it's great when you can use yardage without having to piece it because the quilt is small! I used up some funky stuff too.....One of the amish littles has a black with neon turquoise print! And one of the other amish ones has a black with a kind of mod red/grey ropey thing in it. Definately makes these more of a Bon-ish instead of Amish look!

I'm coloring my hair today. It just looked so drab and the highlights I had gotten in October were pretty far grown out. Time for a perk-me-up.



  1. Love every one of them!! Am totally "ga-ga" over your Flies in the Buttermilk"..it's wonderful!! What a great thing to have those basted and ready to pick up and quilt!

    I have a similar goal, but no machine to load them onto..darn!

  2. You are an inspiration Bonnie ! I just love your choices in color and design

  3. OH MY GOSH Bonnie! These are sooo adorable! I have to figure out how to make those crumb blocks! Every time I see a quilt where you have them in they are so cute! I tend to make mine too even and symetrical.

    I LOVE your Buttermilk quilt - I remember seeing that one before and loving it. But I also really love the top one - is it called Sugar Dish block or something like that I think.

    Oh these are to die for! Now you have me inspired to finally go try Tonya's free hand fans - I told her yesterday it was ready to go - just had to make myself do it. I think you just got me off my butt to go do it!

  4. Anonymous4:06 PM EST

    How pretty. I had a stitching party.LOL We must of been on the same wave lenght. I got another block stitched. I mailed the instructions to you today. Have fun. Thanks for sharing.My dd ride the MS 150 here. His company is the sponser of it.

  5. love them all Bonnie- maybe this coming year I will have a go at doing a quilt with lettering- too much fun!

  6. Bonnie,
    Those quilts are just TOO much fun!

  7. Wow, wow, wow. Have to admit the top one (Jacob's Ladder???) doesn't do much for me, but all the others??? So incredible. The cheddar just brightens those quilts up,even where it's just little sparks.

    Glad you're doing your shoo fly next - try the free-hand fans even where it'll show - this kinda quilt won't care. I bet you'll have these done before the end of the year if you keep up with your hand quilting every morning (which I hope you get a chance to do).


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