Saturday, December 10, 2005

Gotta love the bonuses!

I'm playing with all the bonus triangle squares that were left over from double-sewing the triangle corners on the Smokey Moutain Stars quilt...there were 304 little leftover 1/2 sq triangle squares...they square up to 2", and finish at 1.5".

I had to do an exchange block last night using other fabric, it was the rose bud block in 9" size, and I thought...these little triangle squares are the same sizes as my bonus squares, and my mind was off and running. I've got 9 blocks done....there are enough of those little bonus triangle squares to make 38 blocks! I'm using all plaids (yes, from good will shirts!) with the exception of the background fabric in the 1/2 sq bonus tris....that was the background of the star quilt! And I also have to cut some little 'wing' triangles to fill in one end of the pieced triangle...those are coming from light 2" strips from the 2" scrap bin.

If some of the points get chopped off, I'm not caring! I want this to look old and snuggly and like it was found in some backwoods cabin :c) Not sure how I'll set them. I do like them on point, but I'm not crazy about huge alternate plain blocks..even though I could space them that way and get a good sized quilt out of 38 to 42 blocks. Any other ideas out there? Strippy set? Zig zag set?

I have a bunch of these bonus triangle squares from the border of the crazy puss in the corner quilt too...those are all scrappy darks on one side, and a black & white shirting on the other, so they will work into something down the road too..The pain is pressing them open and squaring them..I'm doing those a handful at a time as I need them on the plaid quilt so that I can do them as needed, and it isn't so much torture!



  1. Bonnie, you are amazing! That is so cute!!

    Judy L.

  2. Wow! I think I like it even more than the original star quilt (and I liked that one a whole lot)! It's going to be gorgeous.

  3. Absolute astonished me what all you come up with! This one is really neat...as are most of yours!!
    What a great moment of inspiration last night! I really like the look of that little block(which isn't sooo little).

    Can hardly wait to see what they turn in to..*S*

  4. Oh now I love this block! My mind is racing with what I could use to make this block up in a quilt! oooooo I like it!

  5. fun, fun, fun! Love the results, Bonnie!

  6. I like the idea of a zig-zag setting - the sashing doesn't have to be all that wide and you could do fun cornerposts as well. It's gonna be great no matter what you choose.

  7. Oh, how fun, Bonnie! And *nearly* free, too.

    And like the sound of a zig-zag setting also. Or, wouldn't a strippy setting be cool if you could find some ticking-type of fabric or striped shirting for the strips between the pieced blocks?

    Keep us posted!

  8. Or, with the strippy setting, you could also use just long rectangular pieces for the strips. The fabrics could have a similar look/feel...and the viewer would have to come closer to see if it was one fabric or more. ??? Just a thought.

  9. I have triangle squares saved from two bed size stretched star quilts. I knew there was a reason to save them for such a time as this when you come up with such great ideas. I'm in awe of your talent and creativity!

  10. mmmmmmm.. I love this one too....
    You are amazing and so quick, unbelievable


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