Friday, December 02, 2005

More Oscar Antics!

I have this wonderful little old toy sewing machine that Lucy brought me when she came from the Netherlands last spring! Along with the machine, she made this eensy teensy little quilt, handquilted it no less....to go with the machine! This sits on my low wall that is on one side of the staircase that goes down to the laundry room from up here in my quilting room....I keep lots of

nick nacks like old tins and stuff there too, kind of a fun ledge to have "stuff.".

I caught Oscar yesterday......up on the ledge....curling his feet under him and laying on top of the edge of this eensy quilt! With all the regular sized quilts and beds in this house, you think he would choose something MORE comfy than this, but he seemed to have liked his perch mighty fine. Didn't even mind me coming up on him with the camera flashing in his face! *LOL*

Crisp sunny days in SC the past couple of days. It's been brisk, but I've still been going out and trying to hike my 5 miles a day in the forest. Yesterday I went to the library down town and checked out 3 more books on CD for loading up into the MP3 player. I don't find myself having alot of time to just sit and read a book, but it is sure fun to listen!

I'm still trudging away on piecing this border for the crazy puss-in-the-corner blocks. I did end up setting them with the blue, and I've got a double sawtooth border done on the two long sides so far, now for the two short sides. One thing with pieced borders....I don't like the feeling of chopping off the points when it comes time to put the binding on, and I don't like it with all those little seams that can pop open while quilting, especially if it's going to be a long term hand quilting project...so I'm thinking it's going to need one more solid border outside the pieced one to kind of anchor everything so I don't lose points into binding, and I don't have seams popping open. Makes sense? I guess I'll come to that decision when I get there!

I hope everyone has a wonderful warm weekend with some quilting time in there somewhere!



  1. Cute cat pic! Wouldn't you like to know what goes on in their brains, sometimes? I know what you mean about the borders popping when quilting. I had a client who always stay-stitched around her quilts before she sent them- so nice!! Of course that doesn't help with the chopping off of the points... Maybe if you made bigger seam allowances... nah, add that last border! Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh Bonnie - that machine is sooo cute Lucy gave you! Oh Lucy what a perfect wonderful gift. And that itty bitty quilt is soooo cute!

    Your kitty sure has good taste!

  3. ElloBonnieItMeGin!

    And it reminded me that so many traditional authors ‘wrote what they wrote to be read and to be listened to by the reader that read it’.

    This must be so true of great American writers as with British when of bygone days, unlike today, few were literate. Just this morning listening to the radio I was captivated by the knowledge that the great Charles Dickens stories were all originally serialized in Victorian periodicals with the expectation that they would be read by those that could to those that couldn’t. And they were. And illiterate listeners were always eager for the next installment. Dickins traveled the realm making a name for himself reading from his manuscripts. He also made very notable visits to the United States where his readings were said to be so theatrically graphic listeners frequently fainted so caught up were they with the maestro’s reading style of grizzly details.

    Now in my early 60’s I fondly recall storybook after storybook read to me as a nipper including, that which utterly enthralled me, Tom Sawyer. The incredible start to Tom Sawyer explains his endeavours ‘to pull a fast one’ on an old lady by dressing as a girl in order to gain some credit or sympathy. The wise lady tosses an apple (I think) into the crafty ‘boys’ skirted lap at which his legs, as boys legs might do in such situations, swung together so that the apple could not be lost. But a real girl would not reflex like the boy knowing that the apple would land in the bowl of her dress. Thus did ‘the wise and the old’ catch out ‘the young and the crafty.’ This author’s observation to a ten year old was revelatory.

    Like many who don’t get round to reading nowadays I’ve a mind to do Like you Bonny and GitMiselACDBookThitKinRambilInMiEerAsIGoBoutMiDalyBisniss!

  4. 'Ello Obertra!

    I dunno if you will come back here and look for a reply or not, I noticed your accent fell off after your first line! *LOL*

    Do get the books on CD...if you can find a book with a great narrator, it is a lot of fun to listen. I recommend "The Davinci Code" if you haven't read it yet...the narrator does amazing voices for all the characters, it was really hard to put down, and I didn't want it to end!

    I love Charlest Dickens. I will post pictures of two of my oldest copies, The Pickwick Papers and David Copperfield, both 1883! I might have to look for them on CD too..it would be great to hear them read by a great narrator.

    Thanks for reminding me of these classics! (I also of course love Jane Austen)

    In Stitches - - -

  5. cute cat pic! Mine choose rather odd spots too....


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